Top Record Album Cover Art Designs Completed In 2013

Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

 Top Record Album Cover Art For Indie Artists

The following are the top record album cover art designs completed in 2013 by visual artist and graphic designer Pierre Kenal Louis (myself). Music has always been a very important media and aspect in my life. Since a child I have enjoyed sound with melody and tunes. I would like to think growing up I developed a special place in my heart for a wide variety of music because I grew up in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as a child. Everyone in my household had a different ear and favored style of music that they all preferred to listen to.

I had an Uncle who loved listening to Bachata whenever he would come visit his sister (my mom) the entire time of his stay he would play music and smoke cigarettes. He was a very cool very, dressed super-fly and always had big black shades on. My uncle had a great sense in musical style because his playing of Bachata and Latin music inspired my older brothers and myself to fall in love with a genre we would probably not have experienced much of it wasn’t for him. So my roots in music go music back. My appreciation for art also travel just as far back. I feel like I have written this over a hundred times, but I’ve been drawing since the age of four. Since then I have also had a passion for visual arts, which led to me working as a graphic designer both freelance and for a sculpting artist today.

Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

The following is a digital EP cover design I did for a Trance producer by the name of N Pa called “Unorthodox”

Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

In 2013 I only designed four single & record album cover art designs for independent artists. These artists were all musicians in different genres and have a unique persona they were taking on in attempt to portray and showcase their creative ability. These artists contacted me to design the album and single covers. Whenever a person approach me to do graphic design work for them I generally assume there will be trust that I will deliver something captivating and unique to their style to them… If not why bother to contact me, but I also make sure that they do take a lot at my portfolio if they overlooked my work just because they saw an ad and have several needs to get the best graphic design for their album cover or single cover they can for a reasonable price.

Most independent musicians that I know and have worked with do not have a ton of money and generally little to no budget for advertisement, so my rate for design is fairly reasonable in comparison to the amount of time as well as effort that I put into designing the album cover art for the musicians.

Top Record Album Cover Art Completed In 2013

Record Album Cover Art Designs

Record Album Cover Art Designs

History of The Top Record Album Cover Art  Designs

Record Album Cover Art Designs

Among My Top Record Album Cover Art Designs in 2013

Some of the top record album cover art designs date back to vinyls from iconic and music legends such as Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Bee Gee’s and The Beatles. Some albums were photographs of artwork, photos and traditional print media. To the evolution in design have gone so far and that the quality as well as precision in executing an album cover design for a client to match his or her exact vision is more possibly because of the invention of software and hardware like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter and the digital stylus for the computer tablet such as the Wacom tablets.

Record Album Cover Art Designs

A detail shot of the album cover artwork for the hip-hop artist J.Clancy soon to be release; the artwork was completed digitally in a style I developed in 2012.

Record Album Cover Art Designs

Album Cover Art I Completed In 2013 With a Stylus

Recognizable Top Record Album Cover Art Designs From Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson release over 10 solo albums during his career as a musician not counting the albums he had with The Jackson 5. Michael was a patron of the arts, he is one of the most colorful figures in entertainment history. If there is ever a published book or a school course entitled Entertainment History, Michael could definitely have an entire chapter dedicated to his contribution to music in a both musical and artistic manner.

Although he was not renown for his own personal artwork, he did have a in interest in cartoons and drawing as a child and growing up. Doodles and drawings by Michael today are worth a lot of money even though he was predominantly known for his major impact on music. Below are a few designs and record album cover art pieces that were created for some of the iconic musicians musical works.

Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

Michael Jackson's Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

Michael Jackson’s Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

The Top Record Album Cover Art Designs From Jay-Z

Jay-Z is another musicians who is still producing, writing and creating today is a total opposite to who Michael Jackson was as a persona/character. His taste in art is also admired by me and many because he is a visionary and innovator in business, music, style and brings much creativity to Hip-Hop. Nothing Jay-Z does is unoriginal; in fact some of the work he have release have come across as controversial similar to the impact certain artworks created by artists in the Pop Art movement and prior art periods.

jayz Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

Jay-z Top Record Album Cover Art Designs

watch the throne album cover art

Among Hip-Hop’s Top Record Album Cover Art

album cover art design


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Top Record Album Cover Art Completed In 2013

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