60 Line Art Pieces & Illustrations For Modern Living Spaces

The following line art drawing illustrations are 60 drawings of many that I created over the past 3 years. All of the drawings are line art and compositions that many would consider contemporary art. I cannot argue with the fact that all of the artworks you will see in this post art are a product of post-modern art.

Creating each artwork came either subconsciously with no mapped direction or pre-planning. In other words… I simply picked up my felt-pen or sharpie markers and begin to draw. A lot of passion, time and dedication went into creating each art piece… So please, if you decide to share individual images on your social networks don’t forget to tag @kenalsworld or @kenallouis. I hope you enjoy each artwork that you will be seeing in this post!

The Tools Used To Create The Line Drawings:

The materials that were used to created these drawings are listed below.
• Faber-Castell pens
• Permanent Sharpie Markers
• Bristol Board Paper

At the end of the post, you will find my Instagram account, which has several progressions of these artworks I created over time. This collection of line drawing artworks is one of the many series I’ve developed among various styles of art.

The 60 Line Art Pieces and Illustrations

1. The “Zodiacs” Line Art Piece

Zodiacs Line Drawing

Zodiacs Line Drawing

“Zodiacs” was inspired by the twelve zodiac signs. Hence, the reason for the title being “Zodiacs”. The artwork is a face with many complexities. In the center of the line art piece, there is a couple. An Afrocentric male figure holding a woman. This represents the beginning of conception, which then produced many fruits. I guess you could say 12 fruits in total.

The twelve zodiac signs are specific to each month of the year and in this artwork, the representation and symbolism can be interpreted however the viewer chooses to interpret it. The story to this line drawing could have been; for every month, the two figures created.

They created 12 different individuals who would inhabit the earth and out of this sparked billions to trillions of human beings, who have lived and departed from the earth.

2. The “Unicorn Goblet” Line Art Piece

The Unicorn Goblet Line Art Piece

Creating the “Unicorn Goblet” came from my subtle fascination with the mystical creature. Some people actually believe these creatures exist, while others view it as a mere myth. I’ve always thought that during the medieval and Viking eras , that whatever patterns and designs that they had engraved in the Celtic cultures were very symbolic as well as spiritual.

In creating this art piece I used a chalice as a boundary for the line artwork’s direction and container. I wanted the piece to be also symbolic as well as emphasize a bit of spiritual element. The “Unicorn Goblet” is the only unicorn line drawing or painting that I’ve ever created.

3. The Dancing Free Line Art Piece

Dancing Free

“Dancing Free” was created combining my love for fashion, beauty, and obsession with line movement. This piece is a high heel composition with a few combined imagery to produce the final result in its appearance. The eyes used in the drawing are of a Persian beauty.

I’ve been fascinated with the Persian representation of makeup for a while. In their culture, both men and women wear mascara because it means strength to them. The butterfly wing and the ballet dancer in this art piece express my direction and implication of movement. I was also listening to Michael Jackson’s “Butterfly” when I created this artwork.

4. The “King Solomon and Lion of Judah” Circle Line Art Piece

King Solomon and Lion of Judah

This drawing is an interpretation of the wisest king to have been said to walk the earth. This is probably the most religious piece for the line drawing series. There has been the talk of many cults developing over the past 2,000 years following his death; which says a lot of about his impact in the world as a king. To think that even thousands of years later his name still carries weight. The lion in this piece is a representation of his God; somewhat fantasy.

This drawing is an interpretation of the wisest king to have been said to walk the earth. This is probably the most religious piece for the line drawing series. There has been the talk of many cults developing over the past 2,000 years following his death; which says a lot of about his impact in the world as a king. To think that even thousands of years later his name still carries weight. The lion in this piece is a representation of his God; somewhat fantasy.

5. The “Chanel Abstract” Line Art Piece

Chanel Abstract

The Chanel brand is a fashion brand highly respected and recognized by all who follow fashion and have a love for fashion design. Coco Chanel was famous for her unique quotes as well as her innovative vision for fashion design. Below are 10 Famous quotes by the fashion designer and creator of the Chanel brand.

10 Famous Quotes From Coco Chanel

• A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
• In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
• The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
• I don’t do fashion I am fashion.
• Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
• Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
• Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
• Women who don’t wear perfume has no future.
• Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.
• Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

6. The “Amphora of Cleopatra and Nefertiti” Line Art Piece

Amphora of Cleopatra and Nefertiti Line Drawing

Creating this Amphora, I wanted it to be an original concept that I created. After taking a course for an Introduction to art history at the local community college in Omaha, NE. I found an interest in Egyptian culture and Egyptian art styles. It was fascinating to study the Greek, Roman and Egyptian advancements in the subject of art history. The piece of the two profoundly most recognized Egyptian queens.

7. The “Beauty On The Rose” Line Art Piece

Beauty On The Rose Line Art Piece

At the time I was creating this drawing of the Beauty On The Rose, I was studying nude forms. The woman’s figure and anatomy. Within the wide collection of line drawings I’ve done, I also created a sub-series of line drawing nudes. However, each piece was accompanied by abstract lines, patterns, and shapes that made the artworks even more appealing as well as fun.

Leading the viewers eyes is something all of the line drawings do, without much structure in thought or pre-meditated planning. I believe creating art should be random and without boundaries sometimes.

8. The “Afrocentric Escape” Line Art Piece

The "Afrocentric Escape" Line Art Piece

The line drawing “Afrocentric Escape” is a drawing I created inspired out of urban beauty and the Afrocentric women. In this piece, I also include elements inspired by Japanese art and culture. My favorite Japanese artist is Katsushika Hokusai. Ever since first discovering his waves paintings series, I have been fascinated by the Japanese artist’s works. His perspective, point of view and subject matters were all aspects of his works I admired.

9. The “Fashion In A Bottle” Line Art Piece

Fashion In A Bottle

“Fashion In A Bottle” was created for my first art exhibition and a solo show in the fall of 2014. This line drawing is 1 of the 40 drawings I created for the art showing. Creating this artwork, I wanted it to be apparent that the shape was a wine bottle. I thought of creating something classy and still fashion inspired for me. Since I am a guy and I have an appreciation for the art form of fashion; this piece was necessary at the time I was creating to complete and produce.

10. The Day of The Dead “Esmeralda” Line Art Piece


The Day of The Dead is a holiday celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico during Winter on November 1st and 2nd. I’ve always found this a fascinating holiday; not because I celebrated it, but because of the visual elements and designs the Mexican people used in creating their Sugar Skulls and Day of The Dead face painting.

“Esmeralda” is a beauty I drew with some facial designs illustrating her as a character who could participate in a Day of The Dead festival. Dia De Los Muertos is the name of the holiday in Spanish. Dia De Los Muertos Face Art by Letty Llerenas on Pinterest is a board I found online, that I used for reference to help me understand the movement/flow of the designs in this specific style of face art.

11.The “Huda Kattan Contour” Line Art Piece

Huda Kattan Contour

Huda Kattan Contour Line Drawing

Huda Kattan is the top beauty influencer on Instagram and Beauty Blogger and creator of Huda Beauty; a makeup line for nails, lashes and more beauty products. I stumbled upon her page on Instagram after posting a photograph I captured with the Hashtag #beauty. With millions of followers on Instagram, that’s pretty much celebrity status for a makeup artist and makeup designer.

The line drawing of Huda Kattan took 12-16 hours to created. The line drawing illustrated Dubai, makeup and beauty materials as well as Arabic and Persian culture. It is one of my most intricate drawings when it comes to detail line artwork.

12. The “Geometric Heart” Line Art Piece

Geometric Heart

The “Geometric Heart” is one of many heart drawings and line art illustrations I’ve created. I can’t think of what exactly lead me to start this series of heart drawings, but the human heart is truly fascinating. Below are some fun facts about the human heart and how complex it is.

5 Fun Facts About The Human Heart

1. The man’s heart beats at an average of 70 times per minute versus the woman’s 78 times per minute
2. Blood is actually tissue
3. Blood tissue can move from the brain to the toes in only 16 seconds
4. The human heart begins beating at four weeks after conception.
5. The human heart beats about 100,000 times in a single day

13. The “Chaussure Abstract” Line Art Piece

Chaussure Abstract

Chaussure Abstract

“Chaussure Abstract” is a line I created after taking an introduction to drawing course at the local college. Although I have been drawing for several years and since I was a toddler, I’ve always found exercises at school a way to push yourself to develop as an artist.

I do not hold a master in fine arts… nor do I believe one needs a masters degree to be an artist or simply creative. I believe it is up to the individual to want to learn and develop their skills as an artist. This line drawing was the beginning of my obsession with high heels. The way high heels are structured is a beautiful thing. Lately, I find myself on Pinterest re-pinning a lot of fashion illustration drawings and beautiful high heels.

14. The “Horus-Ankh” Line Art Piece



Egyptian culture and symbols have been very influential in my drawings and artworks lately. I recently started this digital painting series entitled The Royalty Series, where I illustrated Celebrities and popular figures as Kings and Queens… Or in the Egyptian terms Pharaohs and Queens.

15. The “Goddess Vase” Line Art Piece

Goddess Vase

The “Goddess Vase” was created following a course I took studying ancient to gothic art history. Learning about terracotta vase creations during the Greek’s innovative and golden art era. There was a time the Greek were who the world looked at to learn about art and borrowed from, in order to develop their own cultures art styles.

Understanding that terracotta vases were using for storytelling and documenting events in history, I wanted to create a line drawing in a way to represent a similar idea. In the middle of this art piece, I have a lady figure. One could say represents Eve or the universal woman. The human race would not be where it is today without the existence of women.

16. The “Lost Beauty” Line Art Piece

Lost Beauty

Lost Beauty

This line drawing of the “Lost Beauty” is another variation of the “Esmeralda” drawing I created in honor and representation of the Day of The Dead holiday. Upon first glance, not everyone notices the complete facial structure and figure in this drawing. In a way, the curved lines make the drawing almost a puzzle and adds mystery to the artwork.

17. The “Drips” Line Art Piece



“Drips” is a drawing I created at a co-work space in Council Bluffs, Iowa. At the time, I drew this line drawing I was residing at an artist residency called the Harvester Artspace Lofts. The building was an old factory renovated to be a living space for artists of all kinds. Whether you are a musician, visual artist, photographer or even hair stylist all artists were welcome.

Drips is a commercial space that was attached to the residence building; Tres Johnson the founder and creator of Drips, would serve coffee or tea for donations and allow artists to come network, showcase their art with monthly art themes and DJ some good music in the space. I was sitting at Drips one day and brought my drawing paper and book; this is the drawing I created one of the days I stopped by at Drips.

18. The “Dolphin Over The Moon” Line Art Piece

Dolphin Over The Moon

“Dolphin Over the Moon”… I am not entirely sure how and what sparked this idea to create this art piece. Looking at it, I can only guess that I was inspired by motion and the dolphin’s movement. I believe I started drawing the dolphin first in its curved position and following that the crescent moon below it. After drawing those two elements I just let my pen guide my hand in the direction that it wanted to.

19. The “Pondering Beauty” Line Art Piece

Pondering Beauty

The “Pondering Beauty” line drawing was created with the same mindset I had when I was creating “Afrocentric Escape” and the “Zodiacs” art pieces. As a Haitian artist, I have to find beauty in the black woman. For a long time, I didn’t really draw black figures because it wasn’t something I thought of. Growing up as a child in Haiti, I never knew that skin color separated or categorized people.

It wasn’t until I came to America at an early age, that I realized how important of a role demographics played in American society. Nevertheless, “Pondering Beauty” was created to show a woman in the moment of thinking/pondering. She is also surrounded by beauty and like Coco Chanel; she is fashion and she is a beauty.

20. The “Light Heart” Line Art Piece

Light Heart

The light heart was the 3rd or 4th drawing in my abstract line art series of the human heart. I wanted the line drawing of the human heart to be complex in its movement and line work. I created “Precious Heart”, “Cool Heart”, and “Coffee Heart” to each represent different forms of the heart in different manners.

21. The “Strings” Line Art Piece


“Strings” was inspired by electronic violin musician Kaitlyn Hova. Kaitlyn is also a very talented graphic designer, web developer, neuroscientist and more. I found the shape of the electronic violin that she plays to be very interesting and created a musical interpretation of it visually.
[list Electronic Violins]

22. The “Weaving Styles” Line Art Piece

Weaving Styles

As a blogger, visual artist, designer, and photographer I have many creative colleagues. Some of them are hair stylists, makeup artists, and fashion designers. “Weaving Styles” was created influenced by the fashion designers I surrounded myself with.

Doing some fashion photography and beauty photography because something I did as a hobby in Omaha, Nebraska. Maybe if I resided in New York City or Los Angeles at the time I created this artwork, I would still be doing commercial photography for fashion and beauty.

23. The “Wave Of thoughts” Line Art Piece

Wave Of thoughts

“Wave Of Thoughts” is the first drawing from a 3 piece series I created with random thoughts, with no pre-planning and allowed the lines to curve however they wanted to. This was an expression of a bunch of thoughts with no specific order; this is the reasoning behind the name “Wave Of Thoughts”.

24. The “High Heel Balance” Line Art Piece

High Heel Balance

“High Heel Balance” is 1 of 1,000 circular drawings I am creating. I do not have a specific deadline or pace to this collection or circular line drawing series. Each circle drawing I create are done at the spur of the moment and depends on my emotion at the time I create each line art drawing.

25. The “Nefertiti and The Moon” Line Art Piece

Nefertiti and The Moon

“Nefertiti and The Moon” was also created around the same time I created “Horus-Ankh” and the ” Amphora of Cleopatra and Nefertiti “. This piece, however, is a lot more asymmetrical than the amphora drawing I created. Again, in this drawing you can see the waves inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

26. The “Egyptian Warrior Goddess Solaire” Line Art Piece

Egyptian Warrior Goddess Solaire

“Egyptian Warrior Goddess Solaire” is a very symbolic rich art piece from my 1,000 circles drawing series. The artwork required some research on my part as an artist; this was a challenge to myself to create more than just a drawing, but to create something visually strong in expressing the depth of symbolism in this piece.

Her name “Solaire” is a variation of Soleil, which means the sun in french. This was my creative play on the word to produce an original name for the female character in this line drawing.

27. The “Circle of Taste” Line Art Piece

Circle of Taste

“Circle of Taste” came from the ideas of taste. Simple enough right? This drawing is a bit whimsical, but not completely the same level as the “Drips” drawings. This was something I drew purely for fun. My favorite flavor of Ice Cream is Caramel and Hazelnut Ice Cream… My favorite brand of Ice Cream is Haagen-Dazs by Reuben Mattus.

28. The “Goddess And The Purple Butterfly” Line Art Piece

Goddess And The Purple Butterfly

Creating “Goddess and The Purple Butterfly” drawing made me realize that I have several obsessions. One of which is with Nefertiti. This is another artwork filled with symbolism and represents metamorphosis.

29. The “Wise Owl And Ageless Skull” Line Art Piece

Wise Owl And Ageless Skull

The following line drawing “Wise Owl and Ageless Skull” is an art piece created to represent wisdom and immortality. The artwork is balanced through contrast and is something mystical as well as spiritual. If you love owls and you love skulls, what can be better? The illustrations is an artwork of enlightenment, but some may find it slightly strange.

However it is perceived is fine because art is not meant to be one specific way. Although there are principals to design and elements in art that I do recommend every artist to continue to practice as well as studying on their own.

30. The “Lost Flamingo” Line Art Piece

Lost Flamingo

Lost Flamingo

“Los Flamingo” was created after I drew an illustration for my favorite indie rock and live music band in the Omaha area called Pancho and The Contraband. The flamingo is a beautiful creature and in this line artwork, I wanted to make it the primary focus, without making it to contrast to where the flamingo stood out too much.

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28 Line Drawings

28 Line Drawings

31. The Locked Mystery Line Art Piece

Locked Mystery

This nude drawing was fun to create. The artwork was intended to produce a natural feel for the viewers experience. The female body and figure is such a beautiful sight to gaze at because of the line movement and curves, similar to a flower. Flowers are shaped in so many ways that you could say each flower if a creation of beauty itself.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say I think flowers are ugly or unattractive. Although I guess the woman is a living organism with lungs and blood, but why should a woman be viewed any less than the beauty a flower carries. In a way, this was a poetic thought and vision painted visually through line art.

32. The Misunderstood Butterfly Line Art Piece

Misunderstood Butterfly

The “Misunderstood Butterfly” is imperfect. This butterfly drawing was done free-hand with no ruler or measurement tool other than plain eyesight. Therefore, the drawing is not perfect; I thought I would give it the name “Misunderstood Butterfly” because it is not perfectly symmetrical and is full of flaws in its creation by its creator.


33. The “Line Tease” Line Art Piece

Line Tease

“Line Tease” was created around the same time as “Locked Mystery”. For a short period, I created many small nude art pieces. In a way, I was binge drawing nudes. Growing up as a child another thing I kept my eyes away from was nudity and thought even nude art was uncomfortable to look at. Of course growing up and experiencing the world your mind develops and expands.

It’s crazy to think that some people will look at this drawing even as adults and still feel the way I felt as a child…uncomfortable. However, art has no limits and art is an expression. Art is beauty; the human body is a thing of beauty.

34. The Kinky Toes Heel Line Art Piece

Kinky Toes Heel

Kinky Toes Heel

Creating “Kinky Toes Heel” I wanted the art piece to be as whimsical as possible. I believe this was the birth of my Seven Cats art series. Something mature, fun and comical in a sense.

35. Seven Cats in Tokyo Line Art Piece

35. Seven Cats in tokyo

As I mentioned earlier, upon first gazing at iconic artist Hokusai Katsushika’s Wave paintings series. My inspiration came from the famed Japanese artist since I started to learn about art history a few years back. In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that art is interpreted through the creator and beauty is defined by the creator as well as the viewers.

A Brief About Katsushika Hokusai

The Japanese artist became increasingly famous over the next decade, both due to his artwork and his talent for self-promotion. During a Tokyo festival in 1804, he created a portrait of the Buddhist priest Daruma said to be 600 feet (180 m) long using a broom and buckets full of ink. Another story places him in the court of the Shogun Iyenari, invited there to compete with another artist who practiced more traditional brush stroke painting. Hokusai’s painting, created in front of the Shogun, consisted of painting a blue curve on paper, then chasing a chicken across it whose feet had been dipped in red paint. He described the painting to the Shogun as a landscape showing the Tatsuta River with red maple leaves floating in it, winning the competition.
Via: (www.katsushikahokusai.org)

36. Seven Cats in Paris Line Art Piece

Seven Cats in Paris

Seven Cats in Paris

Cats other than man’s best friend, the dog are among the cutest pets we can have. They have also been around since the Ancient Egyptian rulers still dwell on the earth. Humans have been good at domesticating animals since inhabiting the earth.

Truly, there is a natural order to things. I don’t suppose there will ever be a time where the creatures of the world domesticate us or become our masters. Unless, you believe in some sort of apocalypse or alien invasion… Now, this is up for debate.”Seven Cats in Paris” is a variation of the “Seven Cats in Tokyo” line art piece.

37. The Deep Thoughts Line Art Piece

Deep Thoughts Line Art

“Deep Thoughts” is an implied nude art piece I created in between the period I was drawing a lot of nude line drawings. In the drawing, the female character and figure is in deep meditation and is surrounded by nature as well as chaos. Something’s need to be unlocked, but they can only be unlocked to prayer and meditation.

38. The Fertility Line Art Piece


The whole is naturally fertile. “Fertility” represents a small part of a process, which is required in conception. I was not a hundred percent sure on this drawing because I felt like it was weirdly balanced.

39. The Light Heart No.2 Line Art Piece

Light Heart No.2

I created “Light Heart No.2” before “Light Heart No.1″… I just named the first line drawing of the heart number two because I liked the overall look of the second light heart drawing more. Although there are some elements and aspects I thought I drew a lot better in this piece, I like the fact that the second drawing of the light heart had more length vertically.

40.The Locked Heart Surrounded by Roses Line Art Piece

Locked Heart Surrounded by Roses

The “Locked Heart Surrounded by Roses” line drawing was inspired by one of my sister in laws. She thought the heart shape would make a cool artwork in the style that I created these drawings. I combined crystallized elements, a diamond, and roses as well as leaves in the overall composition to make it something cool.

41. The KB 24 Forever Line Art Piece

KB 24 Forever

Kobe Bryant is the greatest Los Angeles Laker basketball player ever. I believe right next to Michael Jordan he is the best shooting guard to ever play the game relentlessly. I created this drawing the day after watching his final game on TV.

This “KB 24” Kobe Bryant drawing is a tribute to the basketball star and the greatest guard to ever play in his era. After 20 years of playing with his full heart, he completes his journey and retires as a Laker. I thought it was only fitting as a Kobe fan to draw his signature sneaker, memorable numbers, and symbol.

42. The Korean Goddess Black and White Line Art Piece

Korean Goddess

I’ve had an interest in learning the Korean language for a while. I find myself starting and stopping because of all of the things life throw at you sometimes. This line drawing is part of my 1,000 circles series, which is an ongoing series.

I wanted the character to have a veil for purity shielding her beauty. Surrounded by magic and the universe, my goal was to make her a goddess. These were some of the thoughts behind this circle line drawing.

43. The Art Circle Vans Line Art Piece

Art Circle Vans

2015 was the first year I bought my first pair of Vans shoes. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, especially when needing something comfy to take to work with you all day. Also a part of my 1,000 circles drawing series. “Art Circle Vans” was created shortly after I bought these Vans shoes. The inspiration came from my purchase of the shoes. I have hopes to one day design a shoe for a major shoe company like Vans, Nike, and Converse.

44. The Circle of Strings Line Art Piece

Circle of Strings

“Circle of Strings” is another render of my original “Strings” drawing, but instead of the electronic violin, I decided to keep the violin traditional. The value of music is truly priceless, although we as consumers will spend money on a music streaming service like Spotify, by music on Amazon and iTunes.

I wanted to express the richness of classical music, that is not the most popular form of music widely playing on the radio. Music is universal and to be honest, I am not sure what life would be like if we did not have music to use as a form of therapy and for entertainment.

45. The Dancing To Human Nature Line Art Piece

Dancing To Human Nature

In this drawing ” Dancing To Human Nature ” was inspired by music and the art of dancing. The art piece illustrates a ballet dancer dancing to the music notes of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”. In the background, the eyes of the king of pop watch over her as she moves to the sound of his music. The drawing was intended to illustrate the balance between music and dancing for the ballet dancer.

Michael Jackson left the world with many musical gifts. He was one of the most controversial figures, but also the most loved musician in the world internationally. Michael’s music sparked a lot of change in the world. His dancing also inspired many to want to dance and be like Mike. This artwork is a symbol of all of this.

46. The Beauty of Lines Line Art Piece

Beauty of Lines

“Beauty of Lines” like “Weaving Styles” was inspired by my circle of hairstylists and beauty specialists. For roughly 3 years I started to dive into learning fashion and beauty photography. However, it wasn’t something I could do as a living in Omaha. I figured it would have been best to relocate to a city like Los Angeles or New York City, in order to be successful and gain commercial work as an editorial/fashion/beauty photographer.

Although that’s not the path I chose as a career I still have hopes that one day I will pick up my camera to create some fabulous photographs again. Doing beauty shoots and fashion shoots are fun because you get to collaborate with gorgeous models, talented makeup artists and incredible hairstylists. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder; in my art, I am the beholder and director of the work that I choose to create.

I believe clients, consumers, and customers will support your business if they like your point of view. Your point of view being your vision; I once learned from a fashion photographer that people will come to you out of everyone else only because they prefer your point of view… your style and creative vision.

47. The Transparent Heart Line Art Piece

Transparent Heart “Transparent Heart” is one of the many heart line drawings I’ve created from my heart drawing series. The illustration contains many different directions in line work. There are not many subject matters or elements incorporated in the drawing, but because of the diverse weight and line directions, it appears to be quite detailed.

48. The Zendaya’s Neverland Line Art Piece

Zendaya's Neverland

Zendaya Neverland Drawing Illustration

Growing up Peter Pan was one of my favorite films to watch with Robin Williams. Something about the story plot and concept of a fairytale land for children was purely magical. Zendaya was chosen to perform a song for the Neverland Soundtrack and performed the main feature song for the broadway music soundtrack. Her performance of the song reminded me of my good childhood memories and moved me to draw this neverland drawing. I would later share the complete artwork on Instagram, where Zendaya liked the drawing.

The Neverland Music Video

A Source of inspiration.

49. The Queen Zendaya Line Art Piece

Queen Zendaya

Following the “Zendaya’s Neverland” artwork I created this illustration of Zendaya as a queen. The following drawing and Illustration of Zendaya was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, her song “Something New” with Chris Brown and a bit of creative vision.

The Zendaya Instagram drawing Reached 1,900 Likes after she liked the artwork. Zendaya is a beauty and after listening to Neverland, I was inspired to create the following artworks of the remarkable talent and beauty. Zendaya is fashion, she is music, she is art. You can view the full-color version of the Zendaya illustration by searching the Kenalsworld blog.

50. The Queen Taylor Swift Line Art Piece

Queen Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is probably the biggest star on the planet right now. I thought after creating a unique drawing of Zendaya it was only suitable to create one of the Pop music stars. I am a fan of her music and to follow her success as a fan a far is cool. I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift’s music since she I heard her first album. I can recall I a lot of people making fun of Country Pop, but she made it work and she truly made it more popular. It’s amazing to witness some of these musicians musical journey.

The Line Drawings In Color

51. The Justin Bieber In Lines Line Art Piece

Justin Bieber In Lines

In 2011, I developed this style of abstract line drawing with colors. I went on a rampage to create a lot of artworks in the style with vibrant colors. The following “Justin Bieber Drawing” is the second drawing I have composed of the following musician Justin Bieber. A child star that has developed to a grown musician; though the spotlight has not died and continue to latch on to Justin, he still works to create hit music. I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber; I never got why people will follow others and the media based on their opinions and assumptions about celebrities and public figures.

52. The Malcolm X Drawing In Line Art Piece

Malcolm X Drawing

The Malcolm X Drawing

The “Malcolm X In Lines” drawing was created using a very similar style. The Malcolm X drawing is the second drawing I have ever created of a civil rights activist. The first artwork I created of an activist was in 2007 while I was still in high school of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have so much respect for the African American males that left their marks in history; who are still recognized and remembered still in the current day and age. As a Haitian black male, I believe they did not only pave the way for African American, but for all black nations around the world as the iconic leaders of the past.

53. The Koi of Balance Line Art Piece

Koi of Balance

The “Koi of Balance” is another illustration I created inspired by Eastern culture. At first, I was not planning to color this piece, but experimented with the colors and found a combination that I liked. Keeping the drawing in the golden realm was the main objective after completing the line art. I found a nice balance between the red tones to balance the artworks color versus its black and white contrast.

The Koi Fish Symbolism

It is said that the koi fish has a powerful and vibrant life force, because of the creature’s ability to swim against currents and to travel upstream. Some of the characteristics associated with the koi fish from the Japanese culture are listed below:

It is said that the koi fish has a powerful and vibrant life force, because of the creature’s ability to swim against currents and to travel upstream. Some of the characteristics associated with the koi fish from the Japanese culture are listed below:

• Good fortune
• Success
• Prosperity
• Longevity
• Courage
• Ambition
• Perseverance

54. The Prism Prison Line Art Piece

Prism Prison

The “Prism Prison” drawing was creative during my participation in a public art project at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE. The public art project was called the Flock House project by an installation and environmental artist name Mary Mattingly. I spent hours for 3 days in this small house built right outside of the art center.

The objective would have been to eat, sleep and wake up to create in this prism shaped box. However, it was extremely humid during the summer and also rainy some of the days during the weekend that I signed up to participate in the project. Out of my time there for the three day weekend, I created two art pieces. “Prism Prison” was one of the artworks I produced in the outdoor living space, which felt like a prism prison.

Photos of The Prism Shaped Workspace

55. The I Love You Drawing Line Art Piece

I Love You

This may just be my assumption, but I believe every artist at some point in their life have created some “I Love You” art… unless they are very gloomy and have had a very miserable upbringing and negative lifestyle. I have created several “I Love You” drawings in the past, but not quite so simple nor clean in design. Not fully sure what inspired me to draw this artwork, but it was created out of the thought of love.

56. The Lady In Red Line Art Piece

Lady In Red

The line drawing of the “Lady In Red” was the first artwork I created to start the year of 2015 after moving to Louisiana for a year. I spent 8-10 weeks training for a job at the time to where I could not create art as freely as I wanted to. Once all of the training was complete and I finished moving, the first thing I worked on was this large drawing of the “Lady In Red”.

I used a variety of different types of patterns to frame the beauty of the female figure in this art piece. Finding a balance is not always the easiest thing to do with an artwork unless it is completely symmetrical, but finding it within an asymmetrical composition is even more difficult sometimes. After a few hours of focus, I completed this artwork to my liking.

57. The Red Wave Of Thoughts Line Art Piece

Red Wave Of Thoughts

“Red Wave of Thoughts” is one of the waves of thoughts artworks I created subconsciously guided by my hands. Creating these type of line drawings was completely random in direction and movement. I have had viewers who saw the art pieces and mentioned that there was a lot of movement in the drawings. I have to agree they are right; my purpose was not to make the eye move around as much in the drawings, but the final product definitely has that impact on the viewer.

58. The Golden Eye In Wave Of Thoughts Line Art Piece

Golden Eye In Wave Of Thoughts

The “Golden Eye In Wave of Thoughts” is a different variation of the “Red Wave of Thoughts”. In a previous blog, I talk about the “Wave Of Thoughts” and how it derives from the stream of consciousness I have as a creative person. Wherever my hand moves on a canvas or paper my mind also follows. With an open mind to what shapes and textures are formed from my drawing at the moment. In poetry or music, the words written sometimes carry subliminal messages and purposes are not always obvious. This is also something I have adopted as an artist in order to leave viewers to their own interpretation of my art.

Pieces From The High Heels Art Series

59. The High Heels Abstraction Dripping Line Art Piece

High Heels Abstraction

This abstract line drawing was the first in another series I created of high heels art. I created 12-14 different artworks of high heels. I envisioned them as dripping stilettos or melting stilettos. Visually I thought it was interesting combining the colors and scribble line style. I’ve created several drawings in this style, which can be found in the portfolio section of Kenalsworld.

60. The Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction Line Art Piece

Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction

Dripping Stilettos & Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction | Line Art Drawing In Vibrant Hues.

“High Heels Gold Abstraction” is my personal favorite from the high heels artworks that I’ve composed in this style of drawing. The high heels artworks are suitable for offices, fashion boutiques and fashion lovers like me. This was a visual poem illustrated with line art and colors.

Modern Living Spaces

Modern living spaces are the most sleep and beautiful form of architecture. Freshome is website and company that write about contemporary homes and their style of architecture. Their website features creative interior design, unique architecture, and the most beautiful modern home designs. This style of architecture and home design is something I admire as an artist because it’s a minimal approach to design. Some of the best graphic designs for brands are very simplistic and sleek. A logo for example in today’s day and age is the most simplistic style of design necessary to create a memorable brand identity.

modern living space
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The 60 Line Art Pieces & Illustrations by Kenal Louis

What did it take to create all of these drawings? I took find key things and factors as an artist.

  1. A lot of Discipline
  2. A lot of Love
  3. A lot of Passion
  4. A lot of Creativity
  5. A lot of Time.

How Much Time Did It Take To Create These Art Pieces?

Each line drawing took an average of four hours to complete. If you take that number multiplied by the number of pieces in this article, it would be an equivalent of 240 hours over the past three years. As a visual artist and graphic designer, I believe it is very important to pay attention to detail and put your best effort in whatever it is you create. The true value of your work is determined by the energy and effort you put into your craft.

I was four-years-old when I fell in love with art. Again, I did not go to school to study visual arts. However, every year and even still today I make it a personal goal to get better as an artist.

Being creative and skillful required time as well as self-development. Once I understood those two things, I saw my art progress over time. So far what I’ve been passionate about have lead me many wonderful places; it hasn’t made me millions yet because it was never about the business aspect of it. I always focused on just creating and doing my best to produce the most beautiful art I had the capability of creating.

Although, business or service is important to live as an artist. Over the past years, I’ve worked in retail as manager to have a sustainable income, but also, provide freelance graphic design services for independent musicians and small business owners. In the portfolio section of Kenalsworld, you will find some of my editorial photography, photo-manipulation designs, digital paintings and more.

This Is The Conclusion of The 60 Line Art Pieces

All of the Line art pieces are available for purchase in the art store section of Kenalsworld. Prints are available of matter paper, canvas, metal and more materials. The art store features over 150 of my original artworks for sale and counting. The store contains some of my original acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and  digital paintings. There are many subject base art and abstract non-subjective artworks available as well for purchase.

27 Line Drawings

27 Line Art Drawings

If you’ve enjoyed this post and like the artwork, please feel free to share the article, website, and art. The only request I have is that you please credit me as the artist.


Follow Me On Social MediaI am an Instagram lover because it’s one of the most visual social networks other than Pinterest. The use of the two different social networks and applications are different. I use Instagram to share a lot of the work I create and that are in process. I will also tweet and share work progressions on my facebook page. Links are listed below.

I am an Instagram lover because it’s one of the most visual social networks other than Pinterest. The use of the two different social networks and applications are different. I use Instagram to share a lot of the work I create and that are in process. I will also tweet and share work progressions on my facebook page. The links to my profiles and pages are listed below.

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