Hi, I'm Kenal Louis!
I am an artist who draw a lot and create digital illustrations.
I am a traditional visual artist
and digital illustrator.

I was created to be an artist and I want to spark a change in the world through art. 

I create drawings everyday and work on art projects weekly. Truly, I cannot imagine doing something else other than being an artist for the rest of my life.

A Creative World For Art Curated by Drawing Artist and Illustrator Kenal Louis

Creative Workspace

It's All About The Process Of Creating

Pushing myself to creative a diverse artistic portfolio is a progressive challenge.

The following are ongoing drawing collections I am working on. Drawings inspired by African culture, pride, romance, the human heart and more.

Browse through a collection of artistic drawings and creative illustration art series.

LGBT Pride Heart Drawings

LGBT Pride Heart Drawings

Romantic Drawings

Romantic Drawings

Swan Drawings

Swan Drawings

Mission Statement

Kenal Louis

Creating art is what I do best and it is my purpose in this life I’ve been given to be an artist. Daily I strive to bring my thoughts to life visually. I complete one illustration and then move on to create the next. Through my own life and journey I hope to inspire other artists to also grow.

I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I will open an art studio, which will also be a gallery that creative’s and art patrons can come to in order to be inspired.

My life's journey is to spark hope in the hopeless. To inspire those who feel that they have no purpose or have been rejected the possibility of making their dreams a reality.

My most important future contribution to others will be belief to never give up. We have faced many obstacles before in our lives and overcame them.

I will love; I will remain genuine and as well as encourage everyone who is open to it.

I will be open to the impossible. I will find my way. Through my art I will leave a legacy for my family and friends. Through art I will help guide other artists who are as lost as was when I first begin my creative journey.

A Creative Passionate About Art

Early Days

Coloring a fashion illustration
at 4 years-old. Though I was a young artist then.

Hey there! I’m Kenal LouisI illustrate creative visions and bring them to life through art. Kenalsworld is not a ordinary art site, it is a diverse art blog.

My Goal With Art

I want my art to convey hope, inspire boldness and represent beauty.
Art changes the world, it transforms us from the inside out.

With my experience creating artworks and illustrations over the years, I've organized everything on the site by sections relating to the different types of art I create.I am passionate about art & everyday I draw or paint Something.You can follow my art process @Kenallouis on Instagram or Pinterest. On my instagram page I share daily stories and frequent posts of illustrations, drawings, and digital paintings I created through some speed painting videos.If you are looking for a creative drawing artist or digital illustrator to hire.

Get in touch with me on Instagram.

Present Day

This is me now with some of my paintings in the background. Today I draw more than I paint, but I look forward to start painting again.

Digital Art Work Space

8 Years In Graphic Design 

For over 8 years I have created album art, book covers, posters, logos, websites and provided many other creative services for clients.

I believe in growth and every year I make it a goal to grow as an artist. I hope you enjoy the website and find it as a creative source of inspiration and art space to explore.

Kenalsworld Feature Art Blogs, Digital Art, Drawing Tutorials and  Drawing Ideas 

The Site have different sections pertaining to different forms of art. Below are a view of the categories you can visit that may interest you depending on what type of art you enjoy.

Art Blogs 

In this section of the site, you will find art blogs curated by visual artist and illustrator Kenal Louis. These posts include tips, ticks, and advice surrounding the topic of art. What is new in art, art events Kenal participates in, art insight and guest posts from other artists.

How To Draw

Want To Learn How to draw?

In this section of the Kenalsworld art blog you will find updated how to draw blogs written and put together to simplify drawing certain subjects and objects.

Digital Art

Interested in digital art?

Are you looking to find digital art inspirations?

The digital art form is a growing art form. This section features digital art projects created by Kenal Louis that you can see in sequence.


In this section of the blog, you will find articles about different types of drawings. Most of the drawing ideas in this category also serve as a source of inspiration.

Enjoy the drawing articles and posts on Kenalsworld!

If you like my artworks and the blog follow me on Instagram @kenallouis. I post artworks in progress and new art on there daily.