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African American Fashion Models

African American Fashion Models Who Are Famous

Tyra banks sports illustrated coverAt The Top African American Fashion Models Stands Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks was not the girl that did beauty pageants and enrolled in fashion programs since youth, but she was a young lady who did not start modeling until after high school. Having been first discovered by a popular agent she found her way walking the runways of Paris and landed many booking opportunities, but this did not last for long because a very popular model during the time of her uprising made a way to hinder her career. Naomi Campbell preyed on Tyra Banks to make sure that she would not be accepted at a certain event and take hold of other opportunities. To think that another model of the same ethnicity did not want her to excel is somewhat a shame.

What Did Tyra Banks Accomplish As A Model?

Today Banks is more business woman than model; going from being also a first black woman to land the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She would also begin a career acting similar to Grace Jones, but her spark for business led her to becoming the host of America’s Next Top Model, followed by her own daytime talk show and much more. Tyra Banks took advantage of the benefits of being a well recognized model as she should be. She is said to have a net worth of nearly $90 million double the size of Naomi Campbell’s purse.

Tyra Banks’s Makeup Line Products

Tyra Bank's Makeup Line

Tyra Bank's Makeup Line

International Black Fashion Models

grace jones

Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Although Grace is said to have started her infamous and famous career with music, which would eventually lead into fashion and acting she is a living icon the world had a chance to experience. She was the most talked about model and public figure during her time for her peculiar look as well as style in music as well as fashion. “Trendsetting” is not a proper word to describe what Jones was able to accomplish throughout her lifetime. Born in Jamaica an iconic figure, musician, actress and model.

British Fashion Models | Naomi Campbell

British Fashion Models | Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Having began modeling at a very young age Naomi Campbell was the first African American model to land the cover of  at only 18 years of age as well as the first black model to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. Two huge accomplishments early in her life along with many others.  According to Biography in addition to modeling, Campbell launched a singing career and a perfume line. Campbell headlined in the news for some luxurious trip, stirring news or striking images produced from the world’s most famous photographers. This British ebony model is also of Jamaican descent similar to Grace Jones. It seems that the islands have the reputation of creating globally known figures.

Among Top African American Fashion Models To Watch
African American Fashion Models

African American Fashion Models

Tia Dawson is among the most beautiful young women I captured in 2013. African American fashion models should be alert because she is a modern day queen soon to rise. The young lady is also quite intelligent, talented and also have a great sense of fashion as well as style. She have a unique persona that can gel with almost anyone if she is even around you.

African American Fashion Models

African American Fashion Models

African American Fashion Models | Tia Dawson

Tia Dawson

I first met Tia at an Art Festival I was a part of called the LOVEM Art and Music Festival in Omaha, Nebraska.  I had no idea of the treasure that was sitting just a few meters away from me until a photographer also in Omaha by the name of Michael Pysh pointed out “you should shoot that girl over there with the big hair.” I took his advice and fearlessly approached Tia to first introduce myself as a local creative artist and Omaha photographer. I showed her as well as her mother my work, gave her my number and a few months later we made it happen.


What compelled me to even walk to the beautiful lady sitting down was not only her hair, skin or figure… Someone can have great qualities in all of these areas, but not a potential or ideal model. Tia in fact moved me with her smile; something as simple as her smile drew me to her as a person and not only a photographer. When she smiled I was convinced.

Although Tia does not smile in any of these photographs, I know when we do re-shoot something that is more fun rather than strong she will move the viewers of the images to also feel influenced to also smile.

African American Fashion Models

Top African American Fashion Models Shot by Kenal

I have no doubt that Tia have the potential to be among the top African American fashion models in the fashion industry someday. She is young, with very good skin, strong and humble personality. She is stunning, but she does not have a diva attitude that I can sense. Having worked with Tia was a pleasure and I am hoping to shoot something even more phenomenal with her in the future because she have a very bright future ahead of her.

There are many benefits to becoming a very well known model. Having a face that is recognizable every corner one turn have no other definition than fame. Being a famous model included expensive luxurious trips, receiving lavish gifts from celebrity friends, working with the best in the fashion industry and being a target by brands. Even with all these good things that can come with being a very successful fashion model there are also non-glamorous moments. Pressure and negative media may be the fine print, but this is something that comes with any abundant level of success.

top African American Fashion Models

Among The Most Beautiful African American Fashion Models

The Fashion Models Brand Is Important

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African American Fashion Models

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