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African Art For Sale - The Most Beautiful Tribal Art Prints

A collection of African art for sale inspired by African masks, African culture, and African tribal art. Own the most unique and beautiful African art prints. The African artwork were created with pen and ink on paper and later processed into Photoshop as paintings.

Love African culture? Take a look at these beautiful African artworks by visual artist Kenal Louis. Inspired by African tribal mask art. The African art pieces are available for sale.

The African mask were created to be symbolic of mystery, beauty, magic, and to be empowering. Take a look at the artworks and if they speak to you hopefully I have can your support to continue to create more of these African masks.

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Creating Beautiful African Art

Whenever I am creating art works ultimately my goal is to produce something that is beautiful. My goal is to create works that are appealing.

I’ve also learned in almost all media if you want to excel and make it in your industry you have to innovate. Something that you will do for the rest of your life you must appeal to your audience if you want to live off of it. I am not in marketing guru or sales person, I am just an artist who creates.

There are a lot of creative works that I have produced not yet shared with the world and hope to. You can browse through Kenalsworld find many of my digital art, drawings, and even some photography.

African Digital Art Prints Inspired by African Tribal Art

African Artwork

My journey as a creative artist is a lifelong one. I do hope that after it’s all said and done that I would have accomplish my purpose, which is to be an artist. Enjoy the African tribal artworks below.

African Mask Artworks

100 African Masks Art Series

Ideally I would like to create a collection of 100 African masks trough traditional line art. Further down the page you will see the original line art I created for the African art pieces. So far 14 and all have been completed in Pen and ink on Bristol board paper.

Although, the original African mask drawings are not for sale, you can contact me if really interested in owning an original piece. I do have to say that my intention is not to sell any of the mask drawings until I have reached 100 and curate an art exhibition to showcase the drawings.

African culture is rich in its history, but much of it still remains a mystery. That is unless you reside in the village in Africa where you have stories and knowledge that has been passed on to you who your family.

Truthfully, It is evident that not everything has been documented regarding the culture of Africa. After the African Diaspora the culture to the Western world has been lost. Today some individuals refer to them as African-American or some other Western black origin.

A Haitian Artist Creating African Art

Recently came to my enlightenment that if you are black you are African. There is no other way around and you excepting that you are African allow you to be free and to grow. Hopefully, this also brings a desire to learn more about culture and history. Whether it is the African food, music, fashion, or stories of fascinate you. I do hope that you will look more into your heritage.

Being an artist who was born in the Caribbean on an island called Haiti I was always exposed to African art. Haitians were Africans brought over from West Africa to have worked as slaves on the island of Hispaniola, which today serve as the island and homer for both the Dominican republic and Haiti.

Walking home from school as a child in Haiti seeing what is referred to as he should metal art. Sometimes when I would see none have to be honest I thought they were creepy and I did not quite understand them. There was something very mystical and magical about the artworks, I did not understand. Like some European folktales Haitians have passed on stories who their families about mermaids and suiting creatures living under the sea.  

The Haitian African Descendent

I have done an ancestry analysis of my route origins, but I know that I am not 100% African because of my complexion. I also had grandparents who were Mulattos, pretty much white Haitians.

The reason I believe this to be is because I pay grandparents conceived children with a French man. Nevertheless, I believe the African part of me and my heritage have led me to the point today where I am creating the style of art that I do.

The inspiration comes from within to creative pieces. There is also this idea that we are in were intended to be gods and goddesses walking on the earth. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of that and we’re also programmed culturally didn’t see ourselves as so.

I have always been proud to be Haitian specially Knowing in history that we were the first black nation in the western route to free ourselves from Slavery. We revolted against the French and won our freedom.

Line Art of the African Mask Drawings

The Very First Mask

The First Mask Line Drawing

Gold Version of The First Drawing

Gold African Mask Artwork

First Masks "Centuraka" and "Decadak"

Even after becoming first black country to be free from slavery Haiti could never establish a sustaining government. Much of the governmental history of Haiti is full of corruption and betrayal, which occurred even at the very beginning after the country was liberated.

The masks seen in gold were created with the technique of digital painting. I had this idea to create the first African mask “Centuraka” in white with gold lining. After I share the artwork on Instagram people reacted really well to it. A few months after, I created second “Decadak” piece to also compliment the first one.

A Haitian Artist's Point of View

The mask represents mystery African culture. There is much I don’t and today’s black children don’t know about African history. Yesterday we are at the living in the Western world; America specifically is African American history is full of sadness, tragedy, hate, and oppression.

There is something mysterious Africa. I am not referring just to the many tribes that have been explored, but I am referring to something mystical.

Some believe their ancestors had supernatural power and letters believe they had African guards. The question I have asked myself recently is where it comes in to play with all the other gods from cultures all around the world.  

I believe the ancestors were at a place spiritually in closer to the creator of life then we are today. This connection they had with the creator allowed them to tap into a supernatural power.

Maybe some of their sources were deities and fallen angels who governed over Africa as a whole. They were able to tap into an unlimited source, which was powered so. I believe in God and I also believe the gospel of Jesus being the son of God. Mankind came from Adam and eve that were created by the most high.

It is my belief because of what I experience and I know growing in Haiti. My ancestors and we have worshiped Beings they saw as gods, but I have the freedom today to believe in whatever I want to choose.

It is a matter of choice today and whatever we are doing in life. We can choose to except something or we can choose not to, but I will leave when should also have love and respect for others regardless of their differences.

Mystery of The Artworks

The masks are mysterious because of the unknown truth behind them. I have this belief that the origin the mask carvings and Art came from the inspiration of fallen angels.

In the Christian Bible in revelations Angel visually describe to not look human. When you look at the African tribal mask, they are not necessarily human in their characteristics.

There is a lot of Deformation and features regarding their head shape which makes them different.Truly, this could very much be the mystery and ultimate symbolism behind the mask.

In Asian culture they have mask which have been cursed for centuries and millenniums demons in the past.

They even have a mask that they have carved created of dragons in their history. If you look at history and its home almost every route nation has their own gods. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, but I believe all of it leads to one truth.

African Canvas Art For Sale

Beautiful African Canvas Art For Sale

African Canvas Art For Sale

African Canvas Art For Sale

African Canvas Art For Sale

More African Mask Art To Come

Do you like the artwork? Support the art series by ordering a print through my art store on Pixels. The African digital art are available as prints on paper, metal, wood and canvas. If you can't order a print right now, please share the page 🙂 Thank you in advance.

The Artist: Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis

Practice of Art

Hello there, I am Kenal Louis I practice art. I create a lot of line drawings, illustration art, and in various other mediums. Out of all the mediums that I create artwork son I love drawing.

Almost every day in my life consist of me drawing something, whether it is in art journal that I have or complete original artworks.

My style of art is inspired by Pablo Picasso, Hokusai Katsushika’s, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Jackson Pollock. I believe art is all about expression and thoughts.

Me Drawing When I Was 4

Me Drawing When I Was 4

Artists produce art through thoughts visually in some form by manifesting what they’re thinking about on a canvas or some other type of surface.

I’ve been drawing since I was four years old and this is what I want to for the rest of my life. In my quest to one day open an art studio, I am learning a lot about the master artist before me.

I’m always fascinated by their stories, regarding how they came to be recognized as master artists. 

Today it’s getting even more difficult to be a pioneer of a genre in art. Nevertheless, you are only limited by yourself. I don’t believe anyone of us know our full potential or ever will. So, I just choose to create without limits creatively.