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November 7, 2016

How Creatives Use Art and Literature To Express Their Emotions

Art and Literature From The Beginning

Art and literature are both used by many creatives to express their emotions. Growing up and having to go through life, one have to find a creative outlet.

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Nov 7, 2016

by: AudriWrites

I begged my mom to buy me a journal in elementary school.  I was super excited the day she did, and I’ve kept a journal ever since.  Which I was, and will always be, grateful for because at that time in my life I felt the most understood.

Imagine being a very intelligent child, with so many unanswered questions and no adult willing to answer them.  Growing up in the 90s we didn’t have the internet.  We gained information from books, therefore I read a lot growing up.  I remember being in high school finishing my classwork and homework with 30 minutes or so to spare.  So I would bring books to read just so that I was not sleepy or bored for the duration of the class.

Because there was so much left unanswered for me, my first journal entry was about just that.  Questions and thoughts of wonders I would often have.  When I would write my questions it freed more space in my brain for something new.  Writing provides clarity of my emotions and is my way of visualizing them so that I can find ways to address them.

When you are a creative person, and that’s not explained to you as a child, it’s foreign to you.  And as a child you can’t comprehend how to articulate your notions in general, so quite naturally you don’t understand how to articulate your feelings outside of being creative.

Expressing Yourself through Art and Literature

As a creative, you have the options of expressing yourself through art and literature as well as many other forms of art.  And when you don’t get the opportunity to do that, it hinders your growth and negatively impacts your emotional development.

I remember the first time I wrote a poem.  It was of course under the instruction of my English teacher at the time, while I was in middle school, so I was forced to find inspiration.

I sat for a while, and then I thought about my Grandmother.  Domestic violence was something my sisters and I would witness when we would go to over to her house. So I channeled what I witness and formed my first poem.

Channeling Your Writing and Your Experience

art-and-literature-8I should have been scared right, but for this being my first poem I didn’t think about perception.  I didn’t consider the notion that my peers and teacher may think the things I spoke of actually happened to me.  I just thought about doing the assignment and writing about something that was familiar to me.

[(except for painting) The painting your see was later composed with broken/tattered love in mind.  It is personal for me because it displays all of the dysfunction of love I have witnessed throughout my life…]

I remember taking my seat as the poem was well received, and it shocked me.  But I realized that poetry was then and would always have to be personal to me so that my feelings would accurately come across.

I felt relieved that poetry was my voice.  I was able to talk about what I had witnessed and release it.  Not forget it, but release the emotion surrounding that experience.  And that’s when I came to understand that writing poetry was definitely something that I should continue to do moving forward.

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I don’t just write, I paint too!

After returning from London I experienced a great deal of emotions surrounded by my abrupt departure.  During my Fall Semester, my mom fell ill.  I remember my sisters would Skype me from the hospital and I would talk to the doctor’s via Skype before her surgeries.  It was depressing for me to be miles away while my mom was going through this, so I concluded the semester and returned home.

Being Expressive In Both Art and Literature 

I went to hobby lobby upon my return from London and got a few cheap paint brushes, the on sale canvases, some charcoal, and a small easel.  And I painted how I felt.

Art and Literature Work TogetherWhen I finished that very first painting I took a step back and took it all in.  What I saw were things that I thought I was over presented in that painting.  I had to come to terms with the fact that I was in a space that I was broken and still hurt from previous relationships.  And at that point, I realized that painting was another form of expression that was necessary for me.

Art and Literature Work Together

The painting you see to the left is titled “Blue”.  It is one of my favorite paintings because it is about peace for me.  I wanted something to resemble where I felt most calm (the beach), and the chaos of my mind that needs to embody that calm.

This painting is me.  It gives me solace whenever things were uncontrollable.  I found my peace here.

I began to realize that the more I experienced in life, the more colorful or dramatic my art would become.  The more I used color, the more I spoke.

Painting Art and Literature- My Visual Voice

My voice, in my paintings, would be in shades of neon, or reds and oranges.  And the color blue I would use to balance my pieces.  Where the color blue was present, for me, I had overcome the situation or experience by releasing it.

And when my life experiences were few, I attempted to paint still life.  Which I have always been able to draw a little, but I realized after attempting still life that I prefer my work to be abstract.

Why abstract?

Because abstract art/painting allows for me to clear my mind.  I don’t have to think about where the painting is going.  When I paint abstractly it’s about releasing emotions or stress that I didn’t really know was still nagging me.  The release is necessary for me to clear my head for space to let the words flow in, as my paintings have inspired and been inspired by some of my poetry, novels or literature.

Painting “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”


The painting photographed above, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”, is a piece that inspired a novel idea about love and relationships.  And the trials of battling your conscious in those relationships.  So this painting depicts the battle between the heart and the mind.

Abstract Painting “King”

Creating Visual Poetry by Combining Art and Literature


Finding Healing Through Both Art and Literature

The painting you see above, “King”, not only was pivotal in my healing process from losing my child, but it inspired me to write a book about dealing with emotions. “King” is particularly special because it was my first time giving birth to a son, that I named King, who I could not save.  This painting accurately expresses the joy of having him in my world, the pain of no longer sharing my world with him, and my ability to accept that he will forever be my guardian angel.  Because of all the emotion I experienced with this loss, this painting was just one stepping stone of my healing process.  And afforded me the idea to develop a literary work (a self-help book) that stands to be a handbook on how to deal with emotions for unemotional individuals.

Art and Literature Working Together

audriI’ve always loved art, but before 4 years ago I had never used art to assist with visualizing and releasing my emotions.  But I have realized how important it is to use creative expressions (literature and art) to truly express myself and accurately convey all of my emotions.  My literature and art are now one voice.

My art depict life and my words depict art.

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Audreyanna, born and raised in Houston, Texas, has managed to establish and maintain the title of poet, blogger, published author and writer, self-publishing a fiction novel, three poetry collages and a self-help book, all while acquiring two masters degrees. Audreyanna currently contributes to her blog, Truth Speak, a lifestyle blog that discusses topics of love, life, relationships, race, politics, perception, and loss. Audreyanna continues to work on literary projects while contributing pieces to various blogs and magazines.

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