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April 7, 2017

Art Series | What Is An Art Series and Why Must Artists Create Art Series?

Art Series Defined: An art series can be described as more than one piece of artwork, in a collection of similar style and or composition.

As an artist, it is very important to develop art series with your style or in the style of art you’ve adopted. An instructor I once had while I was at the local college taking an introduction course to illustration gave me this advice. I will never forget it.

He said “all of the great artists in the past created art series. If you are going into the art field as an illustrator or artist looking to make a living by selling your art, you are going to need to develop series.”

It didn’t’ take me long to understand the value in what he told me along with the rest of the class. I understood the importance of developing an art series and even then it took me some time before I started creating my own.

Below are a few points that provide the various things that are essential to answering “What is An Art Series?”

Thoughts on Making an Art Series

The 3 Core Focus of This Post

  1. A Collection of Art Pieces Makes An Art Series
  2. An Art Series Should Be Uniformed in Style
  3. Why You Should Be Creating Art Series If You Are an Artist

What is An Art Series? A Collection of Art Pieces

A collection of artworks and art pieces make up an art series. A set of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and even photographs create what can be called an art series. Almost all mediums of the arts can be developed into a series.

Since art itself has opened up to dancing/choreography, sound recording, and even motion pictures, there is no limit to what can be labeled as an art series. My only guess is that whoever creates the series themselves should be an artist.

The process can take a few days, weeks, and even years to create. The timeframe as to how long it should take to develop an art series depends on the artist producing it.

Remembering Pablo Picasso

I often refer to Pablo Picasso’s Rose period, which consisted of hues of red, pink, orange, and earth tones. A selected body of work he created for about two years from 1904 to 1906.Prior to creating the art series, when he produced for his Rose Period, He spent three years working on the Blue Period.

One of his most recognized works is The Old Guitarist, which he created in 1903. His blue period is said to be a reflection of his financial situation suffered along with his battle with depression.

Artists express themselves through their art subconsciously sometimes without ever knowing that they are doing so.

What Creating An Art Series Can Do For You

I know for me as an artist art is a way of escape. Although I am always evolving as an artist and I know countless of others are as well. Creating an art series, which is done out of repetition is a great way to relieve yourself of stress and of worries.

Let’s Get Back To What An Art Series Is

Uniformed Style of Art

The Blue ​Period by Picasso inspired a series of blue paintings I created when  I was in middle school. During my middle school years I discovered and learned much about art. This drove my passion to want to become a better artist. Every year I made it a goal to learn more about art as well as learn knew techniques.

Growing as an artist require a lot of self-development and practice. Both of these things require a lot of time. The improvement Iin the art I created I saw over time.

I don’t recall every experiencing an art series where I saw multiple art pieces in a collection that were not of similar style and uninformed. Below are some examples again from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period.

Picasso's Blue Period

In 2016 I myself commenced an art series entitled the Royalty Art series. The collection of artwork was inspired by Art Nouveau, pop culture, Egyptian symbols, Afrofuturism, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I had an idea of what I wanted to convey in the series. With each piece I created, I expressed the idea that we are all kings and queens. In each artwork, I implied certain symbolic elements to make each one specific to each figure that was illustrated in the art series.

The Royalty Art Series

Below is the Royalty Art Series.

Answering What Is an Art Series

Now I think you have a good idea of what an art series is.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating Art Series

Well, if you are an artist or getting ready to enter the art industry wherever you are, it’s going to be a great way to build a brand and identity.

In a later post, I will be sharing a few reasons why and how you can build your brand as well as identity as an artist.

Get People Familiarized With Your Art

An art series is a great way to get an audience to become familiarized with your art style or art content. Creating one piece may not resonate with the viewers until they are digging deep into your work and studying your art. Most people who are not artists and even those who are artists don’t go to an art show, exhibition or museum to necessarily study the artwork they see.

The majority of people are looking for inspiration. This inspiration could be for their own artworks, projects or life in general.

You should create an art series for the following reasons.

Create for Branding:

Again, people won’t become familiar with your art by you just creating one painting or drawing… Not to say that one image cannot go viral and cause you become a famed artist.

With today’s technology and social media, anything is possible if you have the right strategy and plan to achieve your goal.

However, people will become more familiar with your style and brand as an artist if you have a style you are branding or message you are promoting through the visual representation of your work.

So create an art series to help build your identity as an artist.

Produce for Inspiration:

Create an art series to inspire others through your point of view. I learned once from a photographer that people hire photographers for their point of view.

Seriously, think about it. There are thousands of professional photographers. In your town or city alone there are at 50-200 businesses that could possibly offer the same thing you are. What separates you from your competitor regardless of what niche or field you are in?


It’s your point of view. As an artist or creative person, you have a distinct point of view. Whatever you create, know that whether you want to or not it’s going to inspire someone.

I believe art should provoke an idea from whoever is seeing it or encounter it.

Create for Expression:

Create art as a form of expression. If you studied art history or have ever taken an introduction class to art, you are somewhat familiar with the Impressionism movement, the renaissance period, Greek and Roman art history.

It’s very important that you have some direction with your art whether it is subjective or non-subjective.

I am an artist and I’ve always loved art. I’ve always wanted to create art in my own direction, but I’ve learned that if you just create art solely for yourself and based only on how you feel there is a strong possibility you will die as a starving artist.

Create Art for Others

Your work may never be known and no one may ever get to be touched or inspired by your visual story and expression.

So creating art as a form of expression for you is good, but also creating art out of expression that others can relate to. When I go to art shows or participate in art fairs I always look to see what other artists are creating. I also look to see what reaction I get for my art, which one appeals to people the most.

An Art Series Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

It is an excuse if you say that it is boring, repetitive, and confiding. Maybe you lack creativity and inspiration yourself and need to be inspired.

I’ve completed many series over the years and some of them are ongoing. Creating multiple series can be tiring depending on how many hours of work you are putting into your art, but this is one way to keep it always exciting.

Two More Examples of Art Series

Here are two examples of two other art series I’ve created out of many. Remember, if you feel like you are confined to one style of art in the development of a series, create multiple art series.

The Circle Drawing Series

The Human Heart Drawing Series

Don’t let the fear of being stuck creating one style of art keep you from being successful and living your dream as an artist who makes a living from his or her art.

What is An Art Series and Why Must Artists Create Art Series?

Here Are 3 Tips to Create a Killer Series

Plan Ahead for Your Art Series

Plan ahead of what you are going to create. Maybe create a few thumbnail sketches.

Do Your Research before Starting Your Art Series

Research what people love and want. People love sports, music, dancing, animals and money. These are just basic examples. Maybe do a local art fair or exhibit do a few drawings or paintings and when you have people come to your booth or table ask them what they like, what they think, and if they feel anything from the art they see.

Work on Many Series

If you are truly afraid of getting bored create multiple series. Take a break from one specific type of art series and produce two or three more different ones in different styles.

*This is also a key contributing factor that has helped me grow as an artist of the years.

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