Fashion Illustration

Fashion Gods Art Series

The gallery of the fashion gods art series by visual artist Kenal Louis. The series of fashion gods and goddesses exemplify beauty and luxury in fashion. The fashion gods and fashion goddess illustrations were inspired by the gestures and figures models often express on the runway.

The art series represents glory, style and majesty. Creating each piece take a lot of time and discipline with much passion for the idea of fashion.

The First 3 Fashion Goddesses Available For Print

Each of the fashion goddess illustrations are available for purchase in print. Prints can be purchased on canvas, paper, acrylic, and paper.

Purchase:Fashion Goddess No. 1
Purchase:Fashion Goddess No. 2
Purchase:Fashion Goddess No. 3
Purchase: Fashion Goddess No. 4

Fashion Gods Art Series

Fashion require creative direction, great vision, innovative thoughts as well as purpose. With this art series, I hope to capture each of these aspects as the series continue to expand and develop over time.

Fashion dates back to the beginning of human civilization; as centuries past we as humans had pioneers along the way that had ideas that sparked specific styles in separate cultures due to their environments and personal experiences. If you think about it, every piece of clothing we wear the person that came up with the idea had a vision in order to bring it to life.

Every day we wear someone else’s vision and experience the world through their gifts. A lot of time people decipher others based on their style of clothing… I guess in a way judging character and what sort of individual one is from their appearance in whole.