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Creative Artist For Hire  – Illustrator & Designer Kenal Louis

Hey! I’m Kenal Louis an artist who creates illustrations and designs. I practice a wide range of mediums in the arts from digital painting, traditional drawing, and photo-manipulation. I create art series inspired by fashion, music, and black culture. In 2011 Kenalsworld was born, which has gone through several changes in identity over the years. Today the site is one of the most creative visual art blogs online. Much of my artwork process is visually documented on Instagram.

Graphic Artist For Hire – Kenal Louis

To me, Art is equivalent to life. Every day I make it an objective to create art in some way, shape and form. Once in a while, I take upon doing a daily sketchbook journal, but lately, I’ve been developing art series after art series. The main reason behind this is to purely express myself and my creative visions.

Art has always been the number one thing I aspire to do since I was a child. I’ve been drawing for years and every year since I started I’ve improved my creative arts skills.

The Artist Mission

In 2016 decided art would become my business. I’m an artist with a lifelong dream and vision of waking up every day solely to create art as an artist. However, I want to create art and be successful at it.

Since I made the decision this was the path I wanted to go I’ve been fortunate to land some awesome features for my art online.

One the about page of Kenalsworld you will find that I created Kenalsworld in 2010; since developing the site, I’ve been the creator/author of “”. I am an illustrator, traditional media artist,  and more.

The Goal of Kenalsworld

My goal and purpose for Kenalsworld are to create an art source were many can come explore my art, receive art-related advice, creative insight and to be inspired by the works I create. Through this, as an artist for hire, I also plan to provide quality and original art for visitors interested in commissioning an artwork.

My Creative Process

The approach I take in creative art is very diverse and open minded. I believe firmly that nothing is new underneath the sun. In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to create something that hasn’t already been done. However, creativity allows us to produce art in our own direction. Regardless whether something has been done before, a person can still create something uniqueAs an artist I am always open to creating art in new styles and combining styles. In recent years from the many art series I’ve developed, I’ve adopted styles I call my own. One is abstract impressionism, Afrofuturism, digital painting, and contemporary line art.

High Quality Album Art & Design for Musicians – Album Art Service

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer. During that time I’ve done a wide number of album cover art for independent musicians and many companies, logos designs for brands.


Artist For Hire | The Best Creative Artist You Need to Hire

An artist is an expressive being. Most other artists I encounter are not very articulate or are shy from an interaction. I believe as an artist it is important to speak up and be also expressive vocally regarding the art that you create. People cannot always interpret your art or your thoughts by simply studying your work.

I’ve found that some people who see my abstract art or art that I create with symbolism confusing. This being the case, they then ask me a long list of questions, which I do my best to explain. Now, sometimes this brings me to the point where even I start to wonder why I didn’t come up with certain things regarding the piece.

Digital Illustration of Winnie Harlow in Silver and Gold

What Is An Artist For Hire?

An artist for hire is someone who takes on commission work for the visual arts. This could be a traditional visual artist who specializes in portraiture, a contemporary abstract artist, digital illustrator, and so on.

Artists have been getting hired since the Renaissance period and even in the 21st century, there are still art connoisseurs and collectors who support artists.

The world’s top 2 richest artists Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons have sold more than$500 million worth of art.

Artist For Hire Services

The following list of services is a few of the creative art services I offer as a freelance artist. With over 8 years experience in graphic design, I ‘ve created a very diverse design and art portfolio.

High Quality Album Cover Art  For Musicians

A Creative Artist For Hire

The range of my imagination is unlimited and the range of my skillset as far as bringing a vision to life is also unlimited. From album covers to monumental sculpture rendered presentations, I’ve done a variety of work creatively.

Hire Me by Visiting The Contact Page

Contact Me An Artist For Hire

If you are looking for an artist to hire contact me Kenal Louis to discuss possibly doing a project together. If you are looking to contract an artist for a big project like a project presentation for a corporation in a specific field feels free to email me.

I specialize in….

  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo-Manipulation
  • Drawing

Are You Looking For A Visual Artist or Graphic Artist For Hire?

Again I ask, looking for a graphic artist for hire? Here are some reasons and key factors why you should hire me for the project.

The Artist For Hire Who Is Excellent At Communication

Communication is the primary reason graphic design was created. At the time referred to as graphic communications. Today it is still very relevant and is the key thing people are looking for when they are looking for a designer or artist they can work with on a project.

  1. Clear communication regarding the direction of the project and overall goal.
  2. Communication in respect to being able to reach whoever they hire. Some people prefer email messaging, some still prefer to hear a voice, and others want someone locally.

Unless you are located in Omaha, Nebraska chances are you are not close to me. However, I’ve spent the last 8 years working with clients all over the United States on projects. From Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and many other major cities. You can take a look at my diverse portfolio to see the wide amount of works that I’ve done as a freelance artist and designer.

The Artist For Hire For Reliable and Consistent Delivery

These two key attributes are also very important for clients. Initially, when I take on a project I ask the clients what is their deadline and goal timeframe to get completed. If I am unavailable or know for certain that I will be unable to complete the project I do two things. I either let them know what timeframe I can realistically complete the project for them or I tell them I cannot take on the project because of workload.[/one_third]

Being consistent in follow-ups and sending messages to update or doing phone calls is also an active part of me being successful in my freelance work.

This in return builds credibility and makes me a reliable person for the job. Conscience wise I know with confidence that I am also the right designer and artist for hire.

The Artist For Hire For The Need of A Creative Expert

The reason I am an expert is because of my ability to communicate well as well as drawing information regarding projects before taking them on. Along with this, I am dependable and consistent with my work. I also stay updated with current trends in the graphic design world and studied Electronic Imaging and Media Arts.

The hours I spend creating art daily also improves my creativity and every year I see progress in my skills. My eagerness and zeal to learn the things pertaining to art allow me to develop yearly. I bring my personal visions to life and practice this diligently. Therefore, I know I can bring my clients visions to life as long as they can effectively communicate with me regarding their ideas and goals.

Contact Me Kenal Louis | Creative Artist For Hire

If you are looking to get a creative illustration or cool drawing for a project visit the contact page and send me a message. You are also free to give me a call and leave a message regarding your inquiry if I am unavailable to answer at the exact moment you call.


Kenal Louis – My Story & Background

I created Kenalsworld in 2010; since developing the site, I’ve been the creator/author of “”. I am an illustrator, traditional media artist,  and more. I have over eight years experience in graphic design and have been creating art since I learned what art was.

Kenalsworld was built originally as a portfolio site, which later turned into a creative arts blog. The vision is to establish an online presence in the arts field and build a source that will be credible along with share knowledge about art.

Thank you for visiting Kenalsworld; I do hope that you find both my art, designs and photography captivating along with the other very talented creative individuals that have been featured on Kenalsworld for their talents as well.

Brief Background

I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in the Caribbean grew up there until the age of 7 when my family emigrated to the United States. My siblings were all skilled at drawing detailed pencil artwork as well as my mother Enide Louis. My mother went to school for sewing; she tailored designing clothes for almost everyone that lived in our neighborhood when I was younger. Some of the very clothes I wore she designed and sewed for me to go to school as well as church. I should assume that my creativity and passion for art comes from her.

Some of my favorite visual artists are Hokusai Katsushika, Alphonse Mucha, and Jackson Pollock. Inspirations in photography include Irving Penn, Gordon Parks, Herb Ritts, and Melvin Sokolsky.

What Inspire The Art I Create?

Various things. My love for music, utilizing art as therapy, and the joy of being able to share my creativity with the world.

Not That Hard To Reach

If you would like to know anything else send me an email at the information provided on the contact page. For inquiries regarding commission art piece or press/media features also send me an email.


Palm Beach Lakes Community High School | 2005 – 2008

West Palm Beach, Florida

Metropolitan Community College | 2009 – 2014

Omaha, Nebraska

Electronic Imaging and Media Arts

Publication Credits: | 2016
Royalty Art Series

BASIC Magazine | 2016
Royalty Art Series
Beverly Hills Publication

Aesthetica Magazine
“Red Heart of Light”
Issue 66 August/September 2015
Page 157

More features and credits can be found on the Publications Media page.

Kenal Louis – Artist for Hire Skills:

Technical: Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Collage, Photography, Photo Retouching, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Digital Painting, Storyboarding

Software:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Corel Painter, Maya 3D

Hardware: Wacom Tablets, Digital SLR Camera

Language: English, French, Haitian Creole

Other Skills: Audio recording, Audio mixing, film photography, HTML/CSS, Pro Tools, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Flash

Creative Art Work History:

Kenalsworld | 2/2010  – Present

Omaha, Nebraska

Owner of Sole-proprietary | Artist

  • Design and conduct marketing and advertising services with products
  • Collaborate with other independent companies to complete lengthy projects
  • Close projects and increase sales
  • Album cover concept designs
  • Poster, Brochures Business Cards and Flyer Designs
  • Photo manipulation and blending
  • Photo-retouching
  • Content marketing
  • Video editing and composition through Premier Pro and After Effects
  • Search engine optimizing
  • Analytics and Niche Ad-targeting
  • Database entry in MySQL/Apache
  • Audio tracking and sound mixing

Placzek Studios | 4/2013 – 11/2014
Omaha, Nebraska

Graphic and Website Designer

  • Illustrate project concepts
  • Build and maintain website
  • Digital and print design work. Including presentation preparations with file management.
  • Sculpture Photography and photo editing
  • Landscape Photography and photo manipulation
  • Print advertising via postal mail
  • Newsletter, brochure and online content marketing
  • Sculpture transportation
  • 3D-modeling construction and rendering