Beauty Queen Tia – The 1st Of Many Beautiful Illustrations

"Beauty Queen Tia" is the 1st of many beautiful illustrations created as a part of digital painting art series. Each painting is painted by visual artist Kenal Louis.

Beauty Queen Tia Illustration of Model Tia Dawson

This illustration is the first digital painting I’ve created in this series. The artwork is the first of many beautiful illustrations I will be creating of models I have been graced to shoot and capture. I’ve known Tia Dawson for over three years now. When we shot together, I was heavily involved with producing photographs as I developed Kenalsworld as a portfolio.

I had this passion and fire to capture photographs I believed to be beautiful as well as with the direction of editorial photography. We managed to get our very first photo-shoot together published in the Midwest Black Hair Magazine shortly after that. Our last photoshoot together was a series of photographs with complimentary colors, which can be seen below.

Capturing the Beauty Queen

Below are photos from our past shoots together.

Tia Dawson
Tia Dawson
Tia Dawson
Tia Dawson


Photos captured by Kenal Louis

Makeup by AJ Torres / The Brow Bee

Jewelry by Cheryl Martin Design Studio

Model Tia Dawson

Styled by Crystal Ellis

Beauty Queen Tia

The Creative Team

The stylist for the shoot was Crystal Ellis, Makeup was doing by AJ Torres of Brow Bee, and the jewelry was provided by designer Cheryl Martin. Together we made the shoot fun and unique visually.

The day we shot the photographs we were at my apartment at the time when I had a lot of space to create art. We spent maybe 2 hours on the makeup and 2-3 hours on the shoot trying different styles, jewelry and looks to create the best image we could collectively.

Coordinating for photoshoots and actually shooting after all the planning can also be very tiring. Even though the satisfaction that comes out of being proud of creating something unique is always worth it. The shoot did not land us the cover of Ebony magazine or anything as prestigious as that regarding publication, but it was something collectively we produced and were pleased with.

I have always believed in Tia Dawson as a model and as an individual. Everyone who contributed to the photoshoot also made the moment very special.

Planning For The Shoot

Before doing this photoshoot, I had a vision of using complimentary colors to compose something that would be visually appealing. I invested some money in buying colored matte background paper for the photoshoot. The colors I chose were blue, orange, magenta, yellow and purple. In this shoot, I used only the orange and purple because I thought they were the most suitable colors we could use during the time of the shoot.


The camera I used for the shoot was a camera that is considered as an entry level camera; the Canon Rebel T3i. It was all I needed to capture the frames and pick the photographs I found the most appealing from. I am a firm believer that you can have the most expensive tool, but if you don't know how to use it it's worthless.

Beauty Queen Tia

Collaborations with the Beauty

I remember meeting Tia at an art festival called the LOVEM art festivals.

She was sitting with an aunt and cousin when I friend convinced me to walk up to her and ask her if she would be interested in shooting together. From there on we collaborated and had kept in touch.

Beauty Queen Tia

Although, I’ve stopped thinking about doing photography as a career and may eventually pick up my camera again. As an artist who admires traditional forms or visual art, I also love multi-media and believe we unlimited beings.

With an educational background in digital arts, I find it more convenient to be able to bring my visions to life on the digital platform. Digital painting is an art form that is slowly becoming more acceptable to scholars of art. Even though many are becoming more receptive of the art form, the value of traditional painting and traditional art is still much higher.

This illustration of the beauty queen Tia came from the thought of creating something original. Portraits are painted all of the time and drawn all of the time by visual artists of public figures, entertainers, models and their close friends.

Beauty Queen Tia

Creating the Beauty Queen Illustration

Even though the illustration I create of Tia is a personal project I still wanted it to represent the idea of beauty.

The illustrations is an evolution to the collaborative shoot we had together. I have a handful of other models I will be illustrating that I also had the opportunity to work with.

What Is Beauty?

Webster defines beauty as “the quality of being physically attractive”, “a beautiful woman”, and “the qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.”

Of course, Webster’s definition is not the universal meaning of the term beauty for everyone. In every culture, people see and define beauty differently. Fashion and the aesthetics in incorporating the makeup people use makeup what most think of beauty in today’s day in age.

To a little town in Haiti or Africa, it could be how much hair one have, the tone of their skin or how many piercings they have on their body. Nevertheless, in today’s society fashion/beauty is mostly elegant.

Creating the Beauty Queen Illustration

Very seldom I create thumbnail sketches of the paintings and digital paintings I plan on creating. Often the artwork I produce contain a lot of detail as well as symbolism and thought.

Beauty Queen Tia

Beauty In Different Cultures

Travel & Beauty Photographer Mihaela Noroc

Mihaela Noroc is a travel photographer who captures beauty throughout the world. She is also the creator of Atlas of Beauty, the brand in which she shares the diversity in the beauty of women all over the globe. Her work has been featured in Elle magazine along with many other acclaimed publications.

Her photographs which the beauty behind a lot of women and how each differ. Whether the individuals she captures are young, old, darker skin or fair skin she captures beautiful visuals of these women who pose for her shots. She captures each subject's beauty externally as well as their essence in character.

All of the photographs are also shot in the environment these women are used to.

Growing up I always admired beauty in various forms. As time is passing by I understand even more how people perceive beauty differently and how broad the idea can be.

In this new art series, which is an extension of my royalty art series. I hope to illustrate beauty through art from the photographs I captured of the wonderful women I had the opportunity to capture. I never thought I would lean in this direction with my art illustrations.

Who Gets To Define Beauty?

Really, who gets to decide what beauty is or who is beautiful? The answer is cliche, but I believe it still holds to be true that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Yes, advertisement on billboards, magazines, on the television paints a picture for us subliminally of what major editors in the beauty/fashion industry put in front of us.

Do you as a consumer agree that you have to look like a Vogue model to be beautiful? Or do you believe that beauty is defined by the viewer's perception?


Beauty Queen Tia

The 1st Final Beauty Queen Art Piece

This style as well as visual look is inspired by Alphonse Mucha's Art Nouveau era and contribution in art history.

Art Nouveau is sometimes confused with Art Deco, but both styles are highly elegant and decorative visually. The portrait illustration I created with the intent to make it also luxurious in its direction along with its tone.

As mentioned before this beauty illustration "Beauty Queen Tia" is the first of the art series I am working on. Please leave a comment, like and share the post. Prints are also available of the digital painting on the Kenalsworld Fine Art America contemporary art store.