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April 2, 2019

Best Camera For Fashion Photography 2019 | Fashion Blogger Camera

Best Camera For Fashion Photography 2019 | Fashion Blogger Camera

What is the best camera for fashion photography? Which is the most recommended camera for fashion photography industry work? Are you looking for the best camera to start shooting fashion editorial work?

Here is an in-depth guide to some of the cameras that are considered the best for fashion and beauty photography work. The cameras listed are fashion photography cameras used to capture the photographs also shared in reference below.

What is the best camera for fashion blogging photography?

Short Answer: The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is the best camera for fashion photography for aspiring fashion photographers.

In 2012 I embarked on a journey to pursue fashion photography. Since the time it’s been a learning process all of the things that entail fashion photography. Being a fashion photographer require a certain mindset, vision, a goal, and the drive to continue to learn.

After I started doing fashion photography I tested and experimented with the three cameras I will be sharing with you on this page.

I found that the Canon 7D Mark II was the overall best camera for the fashion photography work I did. It is the best value you will get for a full frame camera equipped with complete HD video options for the money.

The Canon 7D Mark II starts at $1499 for the body and $1,849 with the kit lens 18-1335 mm. Two other options which are more affordable but not considered full frame cameras are the Canon 7D and Canon Rebel.

The Fashion Geisha Shoot Team

Omar Rodriguez – Stylist and Owner of OSTYLES
Raechel Dennis - Creative Coordinater & Freelance Designer
Nancy Pham – Fashion and Beauty Model
Kenal Louis – Photographer
MUA/Hair Assistants - Samantha Joleen and Rachel Irika

If you own a blog of site and share this image, please be sure to link back to Kenalsworld.com as the source for the image. Thank you.

The Avant Garde Geisha

Best Camera For Fashion Photography

The Best Digital Camera For Fashion Photography

Best camera for fashion photography 2019 | The best fashion photography camera, fashion blogger camera, best camera for fashion blogging.

Top Fashion Photography Camera Recommended

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review 

The best camera for fashion photography industry work

It comes with dynamic features, a 20.2 Megapixel sensor and an insane ISO range from 100-16000. Oh I can't forget the 65-point auto focus system to help you automatically get your photographs in focus, for a smaller margin or error while shooting. 

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II - Is Among The Best Fashion Photography Cameras

Canon refer to this camera as one to fuel your creative vision. It is the best investment you can make if you are diving into the realm of fashion. For a while I shot with a Canon Rebel and it's amazing how much of a difference if makes to shoot with a Mark II on your work.

The camera provides a flexible range for you to capture your subjects in a creative way along with your artistic vision. It opens a wide range of opportunities in options for your to capture your frames.

Trusted Brand: Canon is a Japanese company founded in Tokyo, Japan. With their slogans "See Impossible" and "Make it possible with Canon", the brand truly has been delivering quality cameras since 1937. Their cameras have evolved much over the years as they have work to create a collection of camera from film to digital for the creative photographer. 

canon eos 70d fashion photography

Canon EOS 70D Fashion Photography

The best camera for fashion blogging

An Affordable Camera For Fashion Photography

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

The next best digital SLR Camera for following the Mark EOS 7D II

This digital camera have the same amount of megapixels at the Mark II, but the technology is a slightly less advance. You have about 40 less focus points and a shorter ISO range from 100-1280, but it still makes for a great choice for a quality camera under $1,000. 

The frame per second is also neck and neck with the Mark III, if you by any chance will be shooting live action with this camera. To be honest in my experience that is enough for fashion photography because even capturing runway events you wouldn't need that much. The only occurrence I can think  of you needed something that captured more frames per second is in sports photography.

Kenal Louis Digital Photographer

Kenal Louis Digital Photographer

Kenal Louis

Primary Camera: Canon 70D Mark II
Secondary Camera: Canon Rebel T3i

Photography Niche: Fashion Photography, Beauty Photography, and Portrait Photography

Software: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Experienced Editorial Photographer and Portrait Photographer

Fashion Photography to me is art. I first began to find interest in photography after I took a introduction to digital photography course at the local college. We were assigned to choose a photography niche such as landscape, portrait, fashion, and fine art photography..

Needless to say I chose fashion photography as the niche Photography focused that I wanted for my assignment. Part of the assignment objective was that I needed to attend a event and in 2012 I chose to go to fashion event hosted by Omaha fashion week.

This would be the first fashion show that I would attend, which would pave the way for the mini photo shoots and collaborations that I would be working on later.

Shooting Fashion Week

So, I bought a ticket attended Omaha fashion week and captured the models walking on the runway. However, I did not stop there I created a few blogs on Kenalsworld at the time and wrote about my experience at the fashion show.

I highlighted the event talking about the fashion designers, and models along with the styles showcased. After sharing the blog post on my Facebook page, people started reacting well to the blog.

I want on to build an audience on the page and would cover more fashion shows from Omaha fashion week. For about three years I took photos at Omaha fashion week, and would write about models and specific designers that I found intriguing.

Discovery Fashion Blog

One of the blogs even was discovered by fashion director in orange county, California and reached out to me regarding some of our local designers in Omaha. I connected the director with a few designers and one of them ended up traveling to Los Angeles and Orange County for fashion week events.

Kenalsworld no longer feature articles about fashion week, but depending on the growth of the site and the art direction maybe one day I will start covering fashion events again. 

For now the site primarily focuses on art, because majority of what I do today is digital art and traditional drawings. However, I still have my digital camera and I often reminisce about shooting and miss doing fashion editorial photography.

Canon T6

Canon T6

The Cheapest Canon Digital SLR Camera

The Canon Rebel T6 - #1 Best Seller

Looking for  the best entry-level digital SLR Canon camera for less than $500. Canon's Rebel series provide you enough dynamic features to produce quality photographs for a wide range of subjects.

The best dslr for fashion photography beginners and aspiring fashion photographers.

fashion photography camera, best camera for fashion photography, good camera for fashion photography, best dslr camera for fashion photography, best fashion camera

Fashion and Photography Questions Answered

The camera you invest in initially is one of the first steps to your journey as a fashion photographer. Knowledge of the fashion industry as well as your fashion resources are the next most important things. Establishing yourself as a fashion photographer comes through time and I the development of your portfolio.

I heard from a great fashion photographer once where he said that people hire you for your vision. This idea I have also taken in applied to the visual art that I create. As an artist I always think I am creating art to express myself, but I also create art to appeal to the viewer. In fashion photography creating killer concepts, which are original or of high-quality is something that industry pros value.

Creating a fashion shoot require an excellent team. How do you build a great team of individuals who can bring your vision to life as a photographer? Where do you meet hairstylist in models? These are all questions that I’ve been asked in the past from other photographers interested in starting fashion photography.

Creative Projects

I will be elaborating more on these thoughts in a later post, but for now the short answer is at fashion events. This could be a red carpet event at a local jeweler or it could be a small fashion show hosted by a local designer. Normally, I found that these types of events attractive models or aspiring models along with hairstylists and make up artists.

Much of what I do today purely involves art. I work with independent musicians as well as self publishing authors to create cover art for their business. Occasionally I will do some photo retouching work, and graphic design related work for clients who request it.

Fashion Photography Cameras Samples: Captured With A Rebel

Fashion Photography Shoot

Fashion Photography Shoot

Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography

What Is Your Creative Photography Goal

Whether it is a model that you are looking forward to collaborating with or an agency you would like to work with you have to build your own photography portfolio. The portfolio that you build must also be amazing.

Some photographers never touched their own works and will hire a professional photo retoucher. This is great if you are looking to build a portfolio that is going to stand apart from your competition. However, this can be quite costly because some retouchers charge $50 per hour and those are normally the best ones as well as the ones you would like to work with. Photos will take 3 to 8 hours to retouch so imagine you would be paying $200-$400 per photo.

I will go ahead and say that it is worth it, but starting out you doesn’t always have enough money to pay that much for one photo to be retouched professionally. My advice is to seek the knowledge that you need in retouching and correspondence to other fashion photography techniques. Knowing about fashion photography in its history, will help you become a better photographer.

The camera you buy is only going to do so much because at the end of the day you are the art director. That is unless you’re working for a firm as an intern or for a local fashion designer. Even then, you can still find time to put your own projects together and create a captivating portfolio. Your portfolio will be the thing that attracts people to want to work with you.

The Canon 7D Mark II Vs. The Canon Rebel

Which digital camera for professional photographers interested in shooting fashion?

Like everything you are looking to invest in as far as gadgets and tools, this comes down to your budget and goal with the camera. I you are going to be doing portrait photography, fashion photography, live music, and or live action you will need a camera best suitable for that. However, I recommend the  Mark EOS 7D II for all around professional use. If you are looking to spend half of that you can get the Canon Rebel T6 for just under $500.

Why You Should Trust My Fashion Photography Camera Reviews

Magazine Feature

Fashion Photography Magazine Feature

Fashion Photography Magazine Feature

As a freelance artist I have the responsibility to photograph my own work. Learning fashion photography of the years has allowed me to learn a lot about lighting as well as my camera.

Currently I am on a hiatus where I am not doing any photo shoot right now. The main reason is because I reside in Omaha Nebraska, and in the Midwest there is not as much paid work for fashion and beauty photography as there is on the east or west coast.

Prior to doing Photography I work for seven years as a freelance graphic designer. My most recognize graphic work would be the single cover that I design for the song Friday by Rebecca black. Yes, the viral song that a lot of people did not like and ridicule.

Other than that one project with Ark Music Factory The label that was responsible for that viral song I have created book cover art and various album cover art works for musicians.

Working on album cover art Is one of the things that I enjoy the most. Above that I enjoyed creating my own personal artworks, which I sell prints of.

Celebrities Like My Art and Publishers Like My Fashion Photography

My photography has been featured on three different independent magazine publications. Midwest Black Hair Magazine, Focus of SWFL, and Focus of NY.

As a creative artist I have also had digital illustration is featured on Afro punk, Kaltblut magazine, and I’ve had my visual digital artworks liked by celebrities like Zendaya, Trevor Jackson and rising actress Amandla Stenberg.

Shooting Fashion Photography

Certain cameras have more options and features than others. The more complex and more features a camera has the more expensive it is. There is a reason for this. Canon creates cameras for the everyday creative individual. However, what separate the use of the cameras are the intentions and career paths.

Photographers who only shoot senior portrait and family portraits don't really need a super fast shutter speed. While there are photographers whose sole focus is commercial photography. The range in the direction that the photographer can choose to go is vast.

If you are serious about committing to fashion photography, then having the right tool to start out with is important. With this article I hope you will choose the camera that is suitable for you in budget as well as do use.

There are fashion photography cameras online where people recommend, but they are $10,000 and more. A photographer just starting out in fashion photography does not have that kind of budget. Most of the fashion photographers already in the industry usually have an idea of what kind of camera day are going to invest in because they have a budget from the industry work they have completed.

Today Your Brand Matter As A Photographer

It’s tough to get into the fashion industry without building a reputation for yourself, more every industry is becoming difficult to break into. The reason being is that you have to build your own brand in the way in order for them to even find you appealing. I guess this filters quality people and the go-getters from the ones that are not really worth time.

It is sad to say, but like the music industry and our industry as an artist you have to build your own brand. As a photographer it is no different because people will hire you based on your vision and the quality of work you create. They will either be drawn to your eye for a craft or they will not.

Photo-retouching To Photography

I remember in 2010 that I was still designing MySpace pages and Facebook banners for some clients and they would send me the worst photos ever, but unless it was completely horrible quality The point where I could not save the photograph I would ask them to reshoot. Other than that any photograph that I would receive from a client I would not turn them away. Rarely do I ask clients to go to someone else. Taking on the project I do my best to make it as great as it can be.  

Even before Photography add Shane my eyes to know what good contrast, lighting, and value was in a great photograph. Learning about the iconic fashion photographers made me better. I will include some books about fashion photography’s history for you as well at the bottom of the page.

The Canon 7D Mark II Is The Best Fashion Photography Camera

I have experience shooting with all the cameras and if cost is a factor starting out with a Canon rebel is great. However, if you have a budget of at least $1900 The 7D Mark II to is the best choice to make for professional work. The camera is very practical and user friendly with all its options and features included.

Fashion Photography Examples | Canon Mark II Sample Images

Here are some examples of the quality Capture this camera can achieve. The following shoot was model Jessica Albers in 2013. At the time she was formerly Miss South Dakota, US running for Miss America. It was such an opportunity to work with her and to be able to capture this beauty. 

Canon Mark II Sample Image From Photoshoot With Model Jessica Albers

Canon Mark II Sample Image From Photoshoot With Model Jessica Albers

Canon Mark II Sample Image From Photoshoot With Model Jessica Albers

Canon Mark II Sample Image From Photoshoot With Model Jessica Albers

Cheap Cameras Vs. Expensive Cameras

In most instances the rebel is considered an entry-level camera into digital photography. It is not necessarily a professional standard camera. Nevertheless, it is a tool that you can use to build a portfolio to start with and as you grow financially you can do an upgrade to the Mark II.

As you continue reading I will be sharing a few photographs that I captured of local models in Omaha with the Canon rebel as well as the Mark II. I do have to say that you will need to learn your camera to the fullest.

It is to my believes that if you can shoot manually and understand what kind of Settings you need in regards to your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture then you can create great photographs with any camera that you have as long as the megapixels on it are decent.

It's Not The Camera It's You

I am a firm believer are in the idea that it is not the tool that makes the art, but it is the artist who makes the yard. You can have the most expensive paint the most expensive brush in the most expensive canvas, but if you do not have the skill required to create a great work then whatever you produce will be sub-par and poor in quality. 

This is not boast but I have witnessed photographers who have spent money on expensive cameras, but aren’t able to use the camera to the full potential. Do a few reasons for this because the camera although it is expensive is not going to make your work great. Your eye and how you develop yourself as a photographer is also quite important.

So towards the end of the article I will be sure to include some of the books that I have purchased in the past through Amazon has help you grow as a photographer.

Out of these books I will also be sure to include photo retouching resources that you can invest in to up your photo editing game. As I mentioned earlier I worked as a freelance graphic designer before I even picked up a camera. During that time I would often retouch photos for the clients for a project that we worked on.

Take It From An Experienced Photographer

I’ve captured many images and have hard drives full of raw files just sitting near my desk. When it comes to the flexibility and features as well as having a full frame professional camera the Canon Mark 7D II is an excellent choice. 

Below are some photographs I captured at Omaha Fashion Week.

Runway Fashion Photography
Best Camera For Fashion Photography

Best Camera For Fashion Photography

Start With A Camera And Later Upgrade

I always have to start off by saying as an artist you don’t always have the luxury to be able to afford all the tools you want. So, this pushes you to innovate with whatever resources you have at hand. With Photography you can always start with something that is in your budget range and then upgrade to better equipment.

For example, when I first started shooting I did not have a studio space to do fashion photography. So I ended up doing a lot of outdoor on location shoots with local aspiring models and capture a lot of live musicians in Omaha, Nebraska. I captured what I could without studio lighting.

A Diverse Camera For Various Uses

When I was taking the introduction to digital photography class I never knew that I was going to fall in love with the art of photography. In some way it happened accidentally, but I enjoyed the process of capturing photographs with my own point of view. That is all it took for me to really get a grasp on digital photography.

Following the course I took a film photography course where I learned to process film in a dark room. This thought me even more about lighting and the science behind capturing light. Yes, Photography is capturing light and if you think about this basic idea regardless of what situation you are shooting in, you can create a great photograph.

Now, if it is extremely dark even at the highest ISO and slow shutter speed it will be tough to capture anything in a dark place. With complementary equipment like flashlights, even this is possible depending on how high your ceiling is and how much bounce light you can get from your flash. I do recommend investing in a flash separate from your camera because the built in flash are not very good.

The built-in flash also is always facing One Direction. This can cause a lot of glare on your subject or objects depending on what you’re shooting. If you have been thinking about getting flash here is one that I recommend for the following cameras listed on this page.

Choosing The Best DSLR Camera For Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Important Camera Features

I have use the most affordable camera on this page to canon rebel to shoot weddings and even private events like sweet 16s. Most professional photographers to cover these type of events would not recommend doing so and I wouldn’t either.

I would rent one of the cameras just for that event to allow yourself to capture the best possible images you can. Says not to say that you can’t do this with the rebel, you can.

However, A Mark 7D II Have a lot more focus points then a rebel does. Shooting events require being able to capture moments fast. This includes being able to focus on what you’re trying to shoot fast. 

I have gotten well acclimated with shooting everything that I do a manual. If you are looking to have the best automatic focus features go with the Mark 7D II.

The Industry Standards For Photography Cameras

Most industry professionals to not even recommend the rebel, but I believe it is because they under estimate themselves. But I can’t fault him because when doing this type of work you want to have as the least amount of editing and retouching as possible in your work.

The cameras like the Canon 70D, Mark 7D II, mark III, and 6D make like a little bit easier to process your photos after shooting. The cost makes up for all the nice features and flexibility.

The Best Camera For Fashion Photography

Key Features

  • 20.2-megapixel, 22.4mm x 15mm APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Captures high-resolution images up to 5472 x 3648 pixels.
  • Capture high-definition video footage at 60p in MOV and MP4 formats. 
  • Captures 10 fps.
  • ISO 100-16,000, expandable to H1 (25,600) and H2 (51,200)
  • 65-point cross-type autofocus system
  • Allow rapid, high-quality image capture.
  • Accept CF (Type 1, UDMA 7), SD, SDHC, SDXC and UHS-I cards

8 Key Features To Look For In Your Camera

8 Key features to consider the when buying a dslr camera. These are things I would look for and you can take into consideration as well.

Flash sync: Your flash sync speed is important when you start to use strobe lights for Studio work and on location Photography. You will want to make sure that your flash speed for your camera is fast and slow enough to sync accordingly with whatever photography lighting kit you end up investing in.

Focus system: How well your camera focuses on is subject will also be a key factor in your choice. Some cameras have less AF Focus points than others. As I mentioned earlier this will depend on what type of photography you’re going to be doing the most of. If you are doing fashion photography range from 15 to 30 points should be sufficient. Anything else that’s above 30 is even better. Sometimes the shooting fashion can be really fast depending on your environment, so this is important.

ISO Range: This doesn’t necessarily make or break your choice in choosing your camera, but you want a great ISO range. The hundred ISO in the lower it can get the better. The reason being is this allows you eight wide and dynamic ranges to adjust your light settings on your camera in correspondence with your aperture.

Pixel: It’s all about the megapixels when you start looking into professional fashion photography and commercial photography. You may come across a client who wants you to photograph a subject or model for a campaign they will be doing on a billboard or large display banner. You will want the megapixels on this camera to be great and choosing a full frame camera almost automatically helps you with that choice. The amount of megapixels will give you more room to work with if you are doing post work for a large format projects.

Sensor: 35mm sensors are considered full frame. You will want a full frame camera if you are going to be doing fashion photography.

Shutter speed: Shutter speed will be a significant as your flash sync speed. The Two of the settings go hand-in-hand when it comes to experimenting with flash photography with light kits and strobes in the future.

Battery life: You want a camera whose battery life can get you through events. Photo shoots are not necessarily that extreme to where they last as long as events to, but looking at the battery life for the cameras is also very important.

Video: Having the option to capture video with your camera is a bonus and almost all digital SLR cameras come with this feature. If you are thinking of doing independent small films with your camera for fashion you want to go with the more expensive camera, which really adjust the settings for this kind of work.

Again these cameras are great, but the price differences definitely are listed as they are because of the features and capabilities of the cameras.

All professional work requires some post-editing to an extent. Whether you are just adjusting levels in software like light room or going as far as retouching selected few amount of photographs.

I recommend the following books to learn about photo retouching.

Fashion Photography Books and Training

PHOTO: BOX - Book With over 200 of the world's most prominent photographers

Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century - Fashion Style History

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - The birth and innovation of an iconic fashion brand

Vogue: The Editor's Eye - Vogue's history with iconic fashion photographers

Kenal Louis Photographer

The Best Fashion Photography Camera For Fashion Bloggers & Photographers

Best camera for fashion photography 2019 | The best fashion photography camera, fashion blogger camera, best camera for fashion blogging.

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Best Camera For Fashion Photography 2019 | Fashion Blogger Camera

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