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January 6, 2018

Black and Gold Artwork – The Most Beautiful Digital Portrait Paintings

The following black and gold artwork pieces are the most beautiful digital portrait paintings. Pop culture figures, public figures, and close friends selected for this royalty art series inspired by Afrofuturism art.

The art series represent luxury, fashion, beauty, creativity and modern royalty. Creating the royalty art series was inspired by the Art Nouveau era in illustration periods. The style of painting also emphasizes symbolism, zodiac references, and inspiration from Jean-Micheal Basquiat.

Black and Gold Artwork - The Most Beautiful Digital Portrait Paintings

The Royalty Art Series

Over 400+ hours of painting have been used to create the series so far. I cannot imagine the time it would take to paint these portraits with oil on canvas at the scale that I produce them. Each piece range to 20-60 hours of painting.

When I first begin the art series I never thought that I would be spending 60 hours on a single painting. However, as I worked on each piece I learned the value of not rushing the art and creative process. 

Once in a while when I get a client for a project I find myself rushing because of deadlines, which I hate but that's what naturally happens when you are working for someone else. The art that I personally create, I do so with a passion that allows me to be patient and enjoy the process even more. Painting requires patience and great art takes time to create. This is a lesson and discipline that I am still learning.

The more I paint the more I'm learning to take my time with each piece that I create.

Queen Sydney
Queen Rosemarie

What makes an individual the person that they are? I think it’s their purpose, passion, heart, beliefs, spirituality, experiences, and their thoughts. We can never know a person 100%, but if we know enough of these things about them then we have a glimpse of who they are. A genuine person is getting more and more difficult to find in today’s day and age.

Nevertheless, they are out there. As I create the artworks in the Royalty series, these are thoughts that run through my mind. It’s more than just a beautiful artwork. I find that I am pushing the boundaries of what art means to me as an artist and that allows the art pieces to progressively get better. Capturing and illustrating the kings and queens I chose in the series is opening my mind to all of these internal discussions.

It’s a challenge to do so in an artwork, but I care about every detail in the pieces. Each element is crucial to the visual success and completion of the art produced. We are all kings and queens who have been influenced by different cultures, environments, and circumstances. However, we are still kings and queens. The moment we realize this, we allow ourselves to become more than the average person. This mentality embeds a confidence, vision and refined will in a person.

Divine Queen Isis
Queen Ashley
Queen Amandla Stenberg
Queen Zendaya
Queen Zoe Kravitz
Queen SZA
King Ian and Trevor Jackson
King Miguel and Queen Nazanin
King Swizz and Queen Alicia
King Johnson and King Hart
Queen FKA
Queen Winnie Harlow
Anti Goddess

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Queen Willow Smith

Queen Willow Smith

Queen Rihanna

Queen Rihanna

King Floyd Mayweather

King Floyd Mayweather

King Bankhead

King Bankhead

King Ro James

King Ro James

2016 The Birth of the Black and Gold Art Collection

The digital portrait paintings series begin in 2016. Gold, luxury, and culture were the key factors that triggered the collection to what it's become so far. Much of the process can be seen on my Instagram page @kenallouis. I often share the process, step by step, and speed paintings of some of the artworks on the social media. Follow me to stay updated as the series continue to develop.

Combination of colors like black and gold, complimentary colors, various tones and hues make the series as unique as possible. Every artwork created I push the boundaries and discover different elements in art that are the best fit for the piece.

Skin Tones, Color, and Texture

Art Step
Art Step
Art Step
Art Step

I use two different methods when painting the skin for some of the illustrations. I sometimes sample skin colors or use the traditional oil painting technique, which involves blending the main colors used for painting the human skin.

  • Yellow Ochre -Bright Yellow
  • Ultramarine Blue - Royal Blue
  • Titanium White - Plain White
  • Crimson Red - Bright Red

Along with these hues I use black to blend and mix the colors to get the tones I desire in making each piece. Although some of the art pieces the skin is stylize or metalic in appearance because I make them reflective and shiny deliberately.

Digital Portrait Paintings
Digital Portrait Paintings Detail
Painting Skin

Painting Skin

Close-up of Miguel The Singer/Musician

The process for each of the artworks has taken between 20-26 hours of painting/revision. Certain pieces I would take a break from for about two days and later come back to with fresh eyes as well as a renewed mind.

Taking time away is very important because it allows me to see what I would consider flaws that I was not pleased with and correct them visually.

Although the time has passed us, where we no longer have kings and queens who govern the world in Monarchy.

At least not as much as it once was, but today some new kings and queens who influence culture, society, industries and the masses. These kings and queens are viewed either as idols, heroes, celebrities and much more.

I believe we were all created to be kings and queens. However, not everyone is capable of leading, teaching, guiding and influencing others. In life, there has to be a balance between the elite and the average. This royalty art series collection is an ongoing project and reflection of these thoughts I have.

digital painting of crystal

Digital painting of crystal

Afrofuturism Art - All In The Details

Painting each figure requires a very attentive mindset and precision regarding lighting the figures.

Creating all of the artworks in this series required a lot of time and research on each artwork illustrated.

Finding information on their hobbies, zodiacs and things that interest them was one of the most difficult things to do before creating the illustrations. The crystals pertain to each art piece and are symbolic to each one.

Crystals and Birth Stones

Progressively with the creation of each piece in the series the techniques and detail focus on the artworks continue to develop.

My goal with the art series is to make each art piece in the collection stand out in their own unique way.

Aside from the all in gold FKA Twigs illustration, the Winnie Harlow illustration is definitely the premier example of my vision for the series. We are more valuable than anyone could ever afford.

A List Of Each Illustration In The Royalty Art Series Found On The Kenalsworld Blog

Details on the inspiration for each artwork can be found in the following posts about each artwork.
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Rihanna Artwork and Illustration
Zendaya Drawing and Digital Painting

Specific Prints Available

Only a select few of the illustrations are available in print via the Kenal Louis Fine Art America store page. Prints available on canvas, paper, metal and acrylic. If you would like the commission a piece send me an email at info[at]kenalsworld.com.

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Black and Gold Artwork – The Most Beautiful Digital Portrait Paintings


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