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October 7, 2019

Black Girl Magic Shirt – The Most Creative Black girl Magic Art T-shirt

Black Girl Magic Shirt

Black Girl Magic Shirt

Black Girl Magic Shirt - The Most Creative Black girl Magic Art T-shirt

There is no doubt that “Black Girl Magic” has blown to be a cultural phenomenon. Hence, I thought it would be great to create a series of artworks inspired by the Black Girl Magic movement. Each of the illustrative artworks is available as art prints and prints on t-shirts.

Before I started creating these Black Girl Magic art illustrations, most of the ones I was finding on Amazon and even on Etsy were pretty plain.

Some designs would just have the phrase on the shirts and people nevertheless still supported those online store owners. As a creative, I wanted to challenge myself to create something dope and unique to my art style. In the process I also wanted to illustrate something captivating, powerful, bold and that exemplified what Black Girl Magic stood for to me.

The Introvert Who Shares His Art Online

Artists are known for being introverts, shy, cut-off from the world… but there are those of us who try our best to get out of our shells, even if it’s only because of social media in today’s day and age.

For a while, I lost my voice in writing. I used to write a lot of poems; in fact, I’ve written over 200 poems in the past, most of which I have on a hard drive somewhere.

I seldom go back to look at them to read them and sometimes find myself shaking my head saying to myself “what was I thinking when I wrote this.” Over time I’ve matured mentally, artistically as a visual artist and even as a writer.

Though my writing grammatically may be off , I do not let the fear of grammar keep me from writing my thoughts. After all, our voice is our thoughts and our thoughts are our voice.

Watch Out For Thieves

A lot of artists have this fear that their work will get stolen… Truth is in the 21st century and beyond it is only going to get harder to showcase or sell your art online without having to deal with copycats and thieves.

There will always be thieves and those who pull your work online and try to claim it’s theirs to also try to even sell your work without your permission… It’s happened to me and it’s frustrating, just have to combat it whenever you come across it.

The bigger you get as an artist the harder it will be because a lot more people will try to rip you off online and offline. Your followers will have to be your eyes at this point.

It’s a sign that you are unto something

But if no one is stealing your work and trying to copy you then you haven’t cause enough noise yet.

Creating A Poem For The Black Goddess

The following is poems are two pieces that I wrote inspired by the idea of the black goddess. When I was writing the poetry I was reflecting on what the concept meant to be. I wanted to challenge myself to create something as creative with words as I would create my artwork. Tying the concept of a black goddess to the Black Girl Magic theme has been my secret in making the artworks visually what they are.

Black Poetry: The First Black Goddess Poem

Black goddess you are the universe.
With blemishes which make you unique like the stars.
Your skin is gold and bronze something surreal.
We love in supernatural ways with divine appeal.
Black goddess tell me what you need.
I am a god created to provide indeed.
I can plant seeds in you like a gardener.
Deep inside your skin’s soil until I reach your soul.
Black goddess let us produce young kings and queens.
With an empire bigger than we could ever dream.

Black Girl Magic Shirt

Black Girl Magic Shirt - Black Girl Magic T-Shirt Design

Black Girl Magic Art

The Second Black Goddess Poem

Black goddess
Your highness
Even the universe resembles your diligence
God knows what He was doing when sculpted you
Pure beauty and a grace so true

Black goddess
Don’t let the world change you
Nor let a mortal man define your value
You are a queen you are so royal
No matter how high a mountain may appear before you
It’s only of a little trouble

Black goddess
The world will tarnish
What we perceive as wealth is only vanity and garbage
The wealth is you, beyond the flesh you see
This is reason I admire you more than the endless sea

Black goddess
The ocean moves never past the sea shore
It’s limited and has been for thousands of years
You aren’t appreciated, but don’t shed any tears
For you have a god for you standing right here

Black goddess
My highness
Black goddess
Royal queen
Black goddess
Unbreakable genes
Black goddess
Beauty from my dreams

Without women what would the world become? Women are incredible creations. A wide amount of the drawings and illustrations I created to honor the beauty of women. The artworks represent the strength as well as power women have.

“Goddess Of Dreams”: Artwork

This next drawing is another concept I created as part of an ongoing series of Black Girl Magic artworks for my t-shirt store. The title “Goddess of Dreams” sprung from the development of the drawing. In the artwork you can see the centerpiece being the dream catcher, I wanted that piece to be seamless in the drawing and it was the first object I drew in the art piece.

Black Girl Magic T-Shirt
Black Girl Magic T-Shirt

Black Girl Magic T-Shirt

Creating the line art for this piece required some time and patience as much of all of the drawing that I do. I enjoy drawing with an ink pen and detail by detail bringing to life whatever is floating inside of my head.

The process is something I enjoy the most and seeing the final illustrations or drawings also make me proud as a creator. I always view each art piece that I create as an experiment that will never fail… Well, at least to me no artwork is a failure because they are all a form of expression as well as emotion. Art is expression and emotion channeled through a medium, whether it be traditional media, movement, sound, and so on.

Album Cover Artist For Hire

Through my line artworks and digital paintings I've create album cover artworks for musicians that need something visually unique for their music projects. Although the majority of my artwork are personal works I create for my own merchandise, I do offer creative design services for clients.

Black Girl Magic Artwork
Afro Beauty T-shirt

Visit the T-shirt Store and Support The T-shirt Design Series

Visual Poetic Art

Since 2012 I’ve adopted this mindset of creating visual poetry with the artworks and illustrations I produce.

At some point I will get back in the swing of writing a lot of poetry because I remember it being very therapeutic for me. I may include a poetic art section on my art blog. Until then I will keep creating a lot of art and when the inspiration comes to interpret the artwork with words, I will do my best to write something captivating and that also fits the artwork.

Did you enjoy this post, the artwork or the poetry? Send me a message on Instagram @kenallouis and comment below your thoughts.

You can find my main t-shirt and art blog at kenallouis.com . My tees and art are all available on Teepublic with a limited selection on Red Bubble. Support the Black Girl Magic collection by getting a shirt for someone your know will appreciate it or yourself. Email me a photo of you wearing the shirt for a social media shout out on my Instagram and even on my blog.

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