Black Hair Magazine Cover Feature With Tia Dawson

Black Hair Magazine Cover Feature Tia Dawson |

To be in any publication is a great honor and whenever I manage to connect with publishers to get work published it never gets old and the excitement never cease. The following is a feature from the Midwest Black Hair Magazine with an ebony fashion and beauty model Tia Dawson.

My story regarding how I first met Tia Dawson is simple, but from that first day approaching her to ask her to shoot I knew that she had so much potential if exposed and pushed to truly pursue being a model who makes it very big. A lot of people take photos and model for portraits along with varied types of photoshoots. However, not everyone have that look needed for editorial fashion or beauty photography. Tia is an exceptional model who I believe will continue to work her way to the top. This feature was a graceful opportunity and sign that I was not the only one who saw the true beauty in this young lady. I cannot thank the Midwest Black Hair magazine enough for the opportunity.

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Spread

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Spread

The personality of The Model On The Black Hair Magazine Cover 

Having decided that I was not going to shoot any fashion or beauty photography until the Summer of 2014 was a tough decision because I enjoy meeting new models and collaborating with some of the best stylists locally. Everyone have personalities; they either push you away or draw you to be more interested in them as persons. Tia’s personality and character is larger than life, yet she still have a very sweet humble spirit. I have written about the beauty before on Kenalsworld; the post/article can be read or viewed at “African American Fashion Models | The Beauty Of Tia Dawson

Black Hair Magazine Cover Featured Tia Dawson

Within the magazine’s spread read the following quote from Dawson.

“My hair is my self-expression…when my hair is done it makes me feel as if I can take on the world…My braids are now my signature look. I want to be known for braids because it is unique. Not many models are known for having braids. Throwing a quick turban in my head can take my outfit from drab to fab in an instant…I enjoy having that ability.”

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Spread

We have plans to create something remarkable again in the near future; so stay tuned for the next captivating shoot we create together with a strong team.

The Midwest Black Hair Magazine Cover

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Cover

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Cover

Midwest Black Hair Magazine Online

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Black Hair Magazine Cover Featured Tia Dawson


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