Black Goddess – The Most Beautiful Black Goddess Art You’ll Love

The following black goddess art pieces were created inspired by the ideas of a black goddess and gods in a royalty art series. We are contemporary kings and queens. Although, this is the beginning of a multi-cultural art series that will be extended with a European descent sub-series as well. The African Black Goddess OshunYou […]

Miami Logo Design

Miami Logo Design – 40 Unique Projects You Should See

The following are 40 miami logo design projects I’ve created for past clients. The designs were all created to be an identity for each of the customers and their business. Most of the brands were independent music labels, musicians, and other types of businesses.I will briefly describe the purpose of each logo design seen below and […]

album cover art

Album Cover Art – The Most Unique and Creative Designs You’ll Love

Album Cover Art – The Most Unique and Creative ServiceOriginal album cover art by visual artist Kenal Louis for bands and musicians of all genres. Here you will find the most unique and creative album art portfolio for musicians. Table of ContentsThe Benefits Of Great Album Cover Design and ArtCreative Art DevelopmentNeed The Best Album […]

Art Series - Rihanna Drawing in Gold

Rihanna Drawing – The Most Beautiful Illustrations You’ll Love

The Introduction of The Rihanna Drawing and IllustrationsThe following is the first Rihanna drawing and artwork that I’ve done of the beauty. It would prove to not be the last because, at the beginning of 2017, I illustrated Rihanna with wings and in golden carnival outfit.Further down the line, I will discuss the inspiration for […]

Butterfly Drawing

Butterfly Drawing – Beautiful Butterfly Drawings You Need To See

Beautiful Butterfly Drawings You Need To SeeThe following line drawings of butterflies are among the most beautiful butterfly drawing collections I’ve created. I am sure you will love the artwork as you dive into this page.  Butterfly Drawings From The 1,000 Circle Drawing Series Quick NavigationWhy Do We Love Butterflies?Tying In The Purpose of Art3 […]

fine art principles

Five Traditional Fine Arts Principles that Apply to Commercial Photography

These following fine arts principles apply to commercial photography. They are essential in any form of visual arts. Some of the hottest viral campaigns, most memorable wedding announcements, and successful commercial products in recent memory have featured strong visual photographic components. That is no accident. Commercial photography is an art form that is vital to the success […]

Art Series

Rihanna Artwork – The Most Creative Rihanna Artwork You Need To See

​Rihanna Artwork Entitled “Queen Rihanna”The following Rihanna artwork art piece was created by me Kenal Louis, an illustrator and visual artist based in the Midwest. The artwork is part of a royalty series I begin creating in 2016.Where do I begin? At the start of 2016, I decide to create a series of illustrations of entertainers, […]

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Drawings – The Best Fashion Drawings You’ll Love

Creating fashion drawings and fashion Illustration and the fashion industry have evolved so much, it’s hard to think that there is room for growth. What are fashion drawings and fashion illustration? Well, I believe although there is nothing new underneath the sun, nothing is impossible. I’ve researched and put several thoughts into the significance of […]


Willow Smith Art – The Most Beautiful Willow Smith Art You Need To See

The following Willow Smith art piece was created to illustrate the talented musician as a modern queen. She is illustrated in gold to represent her position as a contemporary leader in the arts and entertainment industry. Willow Smith Art Illustration by Illustrator Kenal Louis Creating this Willow Smith illustration required some research on my part […]