Butterfly Paintings – The Most Beautiful Butterfly Paintings You’ll Love

Butterfly Paintings

Red Background Art Series – Butterfly Paintings & Drawings by Kenal Louis

The following red background butterfly paintings and butterfly drawings were composed to be symbolic art pieces. The series was also inspired by two master painters.

Picasso’s Rose period

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Why The Red Background?

Since I created the first butterfly painting, I have continued to develop butterfly drawings and more butterfly paintings. The red background is something I chose to apply to the series because of Vincent Van Gogh Blue period and Picasso’s Rose period.

Each of these artists created chromatic art series that inspired the world of art. Their works also left a dent in art’s history. What we study, explore, and practice as visual artists today come from inspiration of these two great artist names.

Inspiring The Red Background Butterfly Painting Series

My red background butterfly paintings and drawings were inspired by these masters. I think it’s important for every artist to look up to the masters in art and to try some of the things they did creatively. However, staying original and adding your own flavor to the artwork you create is very important as an artist. I don’t believe it is good to copy people’s works.

Why The Butterfly?

The butterfly similar to the octopus is a very symbolic creature. In an earlier art post, I share an octopus drawing I created entitled the “Royal Octopus”. Both of these creatures share a similarity in their symbolism; they are both representations of time.

Some of the other things the butterfly represents in its meanings are listed below.


Butterfly Paintings

14 Butterfly Meanings

  • Grace
  • Transition
  • Surrender
  • Vulnerability
  • Expansion
  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Time
  • Soul
  • Resurrection
  • Celebration
  • Elegance
  • Expression
  • Change

Metamorphosis & Change

While working under an artist who created sculptures of butterflies I learned that the butterfly represented Transition and growth. The butterfly represents these two things because of its metamorphosis.

Butterflies are one of the least harmful insects and I think the most pretty ones as well. As a child, I always was fascinated by them because they flapped their wings so fast, but are so small and delicate.

The Butterfly of The Soul

In Christianity, the butterfly is the symbol for the soul. The butterfly symbolizes rebirth after death or a spiritual resurrection in some way. It’s interesting to think that something so small could have such great meaning.

So with the knowledge I have of the significance of the butterfly, I created these butterfly paintings and butterfly drawings.

The First of The Butterfly Paintings

Butterfly Paintings

“Max The Butterfly” Is The First Piece From the Butterfly Paintings

The very first art piece from this butterfly art series was “Max The Butterfly”. Creatively the artworks are done through traditional mediums such as painting and drawing. The paintings are done with acrylic paint on canvas and the drawings are done using a Pitt pen.

The red background is then added later in the digital process of the artwork. So, the contour line drawing is completed first. Following that color is later applied afterward.

I am still uncertain as to why I decided to call the artwork “Max The Butterfly”, but at the time I probably thought it had a ring to it. Sort of like a catchy phrase.

Butterfly Paintings

When I created this painting I just wanted to create something with lines that was interesting. The direction was not fully clear. After I drew the butterfly on the red background painted canvas, I added some contrast in the artwork by drawing more solid black shapes. As I did this I sort of made it into a face with many eyes, but it’s a mystery because the butterfly to me has always been a mystical creature.

Gallery Showing Step by Step The Butterfly Painting

Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Paintings

“Max The Butterfly No. 2” Is The Second Piece From the Butterfly Paintings

Butterfly Paintings

Change In Direction In This Butterfly Painting

In this next butterfly painting, I added some yellow and white paint to the red background of the artwork. This is also a most detailed artwork because with this painting I drew more lines and implied a lot more movement in the art piece. Because of the white and yellow in the piece, it created a more diverse artwork. The red background was not plain and made the painting dynamic.

Art for me is something I have enjoyed every since I knew what art was. We all perceive art differently and the visual art we see or encounter, we create our own interpretations of them.

“Metamorphosis of Life” Is The Third Piece From the Butterfly Paintings

Butterfly Paintings

The "Metamorphosis of Life" Butterfly Painting

Butterfly Painting

The third piece from the butterfly paintings “Metamorphosis of Life” was a continuation of the second painting. However, the contrast in color for the background of this butterfly painting was the accent of blue and green colors.

Also in the artwork, there are black shapes and a heavier line weight the butterfly carries. Personally, this is probably my favorite from the butterfly paintings I have created.

All of them have been sold because of this; however, prints are available on Redbubble and Amazon. If interested in commissioning an original piece like these send me an email or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

“Roger The Butterfly” Is The Fourth Piece From the Butterfly Paintings

Lastly, the fourth artwork from the butterfly paintings is “Roger The Butterfly”. This piece is also heavy in its line weight. Unlike the two paintings before it, the red background for this one is just like the first painting in the series. The red background with no additional colors may seem flat, but because of the heavy contrast in the artwork, I believe it’s mysterious.

Butterfly Painting

The 4 Butterfly Paintings Available In Print

As I mentioned earlier all of these original pieces have been sold, but prints are still available and I am open to commission something similar if anyone is interested.

All of the paintings with the exception of the “Max The Butterfly” painting were done on a 24x36 stretched canvas with acrylic paint and a marker.

The markers I used were either permanent Sharpie markers or Faber Castell brush pens. I prefer to work on these paintings and canvas using the brush pens because it somewhat feels like I am still painting instead of drawing the lines.

Each piece requires 9-14 hours of work, but the process is very relaxing for me as an artist. When I create the artwork and as I draw the lines I do not think of anything else except for following the line. I allow my hands to just guide me and my mind sort of just follow. Therefore, the artwork is produced organically with a great flow of energy.

I usually refer to this style of art as subconscious drawings.

2 Butterfly Drawings

Both of the butterfly drawings have plain titles because they are part of a 1,000 circle drawing series I begin to create in 2016. The drawings are “Butterfly Circle No.1” and “Butterfly Circle No.2”. The original line art for the butterfly drawings is seen below.

The Sequence Drawing of “Butterfly Circle No.2”

Butterfly Drawing
Butterfly Drawing
Butterfly Drawing
Butterfly Drawing
Butterfly Drawing
Butterfly Drawing

The Butterfly Drawings On A Red Background

After I created the butterfly drawings on Bristol board paper using a Faber castell Pitt pen I then photographed them. From there I added the red background in the post through photoshop as a continuation of the red butterfly paintings and drawings collection.

Butterfly Drawing

The original circle drawings are not for sale. Originals of the butterfly drawings are not for sales because I am waiting until I complete the entire 1,000 circle drawings.

The purpose of creating the 1,000 art pieces is to host a large solo exhibition. In the exhibition people will come to see the entire series and collection of circle drawings.

Butterfly Drawing

The Process I Believe In

I believe In exploring and never ceasing to create art as an artist. Challenging myself to create a variety of art is something I push myself to do. In return, I’ve grown a lot over a short period of time because I am not afraid of trying different art styles and experimenting with different mediums of traditional art.

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed these butterfly paintings and butterfly drawings on the red background.

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