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Caribbean Artis Falling For You Painting

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Caribbean Artist Sensual Lovers Painting

Caribbean Artist Sensual Lovers Painting

Sensual Lovers

Growing up in the Caribbean in Haiti as a young child my first passion for anything came from and for art. I can remember drawing a picture before writing words vividly. The first drawings I composed were of subjects such as cars, stick circle people, and that was it.

My imagination developed every year I got older and every year I continued to draw with the mindset that the more I drew and kept at it, the better that I would become a better drawer. I never saw myself as an artist until I reach the age of 16. My artwork from the age of 4 to 16 evolved as I matured and found favorite topics and things to draw and paint. Never in the back of my mind did I ever think I would be capable of doing all of these artwork at the level that I am today, despite me wanting to be better… It was still a little hard to believe.

Lil Wayne John Legend So Special

Lil Wayne & John Legend – So Special

Sensual Lovers” is a painting I painted after being inspired following a song I listened to by Lil Wayne and John Legend, which I thought was very sexy and expressed emotion/passion because of John Legend’s vocal performance on the song.

The song carried that essence of love that I believed could be transferred to an image and I attempted to do so with this first painting.
Lil Wayne – So Special (Feat. John Legend)

Caribbean Artist

Haitian Artist Abstract Art

Another step in art that I have developed is a love for abstract and expressive art. I would have loved to been thought by Jackson Pollock if he was still alive on the process and experiment what he felt and expressed in his artwork.

Caribbean Artist The Life Flower

Caribbean Artist The Life Flower

Caribbean Artist Paintings

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I view painting and drawing like poetry expressed visually. As a poem is a form of art, so it a picture and expression that is simply not verbally or by word expressed. Have you ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  Well than the same should be said for every art piece you have ever seen or bought. One of my goals is to one day become a very well recognize Caribbean artist and Haitian abstract artist for the art that I have done and will do in the future.

Also not just becoming an artist known in only Haiti, but also world-wide. I believe abstract art is one of the truest forms of art that allows one to be free, express their heart, and visually transfer their emotions, feelings and thoughts to a canvas that others can later relate to and find enjoyable.

Caribbean Artist Art For Sale

Haitian Artist Couple Painting

Caribbean Artis Falling For You Painting

Caribbean Artist Falling For You Painting

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Caribbean Artist Art For Sale

Caribbean Artists Stilettos Painting

Caribbean Artists Stilettos Painting

Creating paintings for not purpose I believe is pointless so with each painting I compose, I paint with a niche or crowd in mind. As a visual artist it takes a lot to sell artwork if the people that view your artwork do not like your subjects or feel engaged in the work that you do as an artist.

This painting is entitled “Funky Dripping Stilettos” and it is one of the many of the serious of  high heels paintings and art I am currently working on along with  another serious of lovers paintings.

Women love their shoes and some have more of a fetish for pumps and heels than others, not to mention a woman who can wear high heels is very attractive.

To view more of the artwork that I have online visit the online art store.

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Thank you Stewart for the positive feedback and comment on the artwork.

Stewart Andrews

Hi Kenal,
Nice work. I like what you’re doing. I particularly like “Haitian Artist Couple Painting” Just wanted to say hallo and wish you all the very best, from a fellow painter. Regards Stewart

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