Cats Drawings – Lines In Art “Seven Cats In Paris”

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Cats Drawings – Lines In Art by Kenal Louis

The beginning of the whimsical cat illustration drawing series commenced with this art piece. “Seven Cats In Paris” and “Love Heels”. “Love Heels” was sold at an art show and event I put together in the Fall of 2014. The artwork focuses of line movement, cats and other fun simplistic 2D drawings to complete the artwork.

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Whimsical Cats Drawings

Cats are among the cutest pets one can have. They have also been around since the Ancient Egyptian rulers still dwell on the earth.

Some fun facts about the domestication of cats according to the NY Times.

Unlike other domestic animals, which were tamed by people, cats probably domesticated themselves, which could account for the haughty independence of their descendants. “The cats were adapting themselves to a new environment, so the push for domestication came from the cat side, not the human side,” Dr. Driscoll said.

Cats are “indicators of human cultural adolescence,” he remarked, since they entered human experience as people were making the difficult transition from hunting and gathering, their way of life for millions of years, to settled communities.

Until recently the cat was commonly believed to have been domesticated in ancient Egypt, where it was a cult animal. But three years ago a group of French archaeologists led by Jean-Denis Vigne discovered the remains of an 8-month-old cat buried with its human owner at a Neolithic site in Cyprus. The Mediterranean island was settled by farmers from Turkey who brought their domesticated animals with them, presumably including cats, because there is no evidence of native wildcats in Cyprus.

The date of the burial far precedes Egyptian civilization. Together with the new genetic evidence, it places the domestication of the cat in a different context, the beginnings of agriculture in the Near East, and probably in the villages of the Fertile Crescent, the belt of land that stretches up through the countries of the eastern Mediterranean and down through what is now Iraq. (NY Times)

Cats Drawings – Lines In Art “Seven Cats In Paris”

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Cats Drawings

Outline Cats Drawings – Lines In Art

Cats Drawings

Cats Drawings “Seven Cats In Paris” and “Seven Cats In Tokyo”

Two Cats Artwork

The Cats Drawings – Lines In Art On Canvas

The “Seven Cats In Paris” and “Seven Cats In Tokyo” can be purchased online as prints on canvas, acrylic prints, prints on metal and more. Additional artworks can be found at

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