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Club Flyer Creative Portrait Design

Club Flyer Creative portrait design

There is many great works of art that can be found on the internet. Kenalsworld has many different forms of creative portrait photography that uses bright colors and has textured looks. The designs on this site are by artist Pierre Kenal Louis who wants to be able to share his artwork with the world. He also runs fashion and photography blogs that allows him to share his new works of art. He does original artwork by hand but will use modern technology from time to time to make the work stand out. In addition to painting and drawings there are any digital paintings and graphic works of art done on the computer.

Club Flyer Design Designer

Kenal specializes in graphic design and club flyer design. His work are all originals. His artwork focuses on subjects in music covers, creative portrait photography, poetry, portraits, and fashion. Kenal will even do weeding events and photography the special moments for the bride and groom. There are some works that are also of a political nature. The political art features his views on issues that are affecting this country. This section also has some of his perspectives on religion and religious symbolism.

Club Flyer Creative Portrait Design

Club Flyer Design

Kenal has done club flyer design that feature portraits of many popular music artists. He also runs a website that features music from many of the artists in which he has done work for. All of his artwork can be found in the fashion and photography blogs which is arranged by month. People can comment on the work or give suggestions. There is also a section where a person can read the most recent posts and see the most recent designs. There is even a tab for drawing of the day. For those that love music there are songs to download by Kenal who is truly a well rounded artist.

fashion and photography blogs of Nancy

Fashion and photography blogs of Nancy Pham

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