Company Logo Design – 40 Unique Projects You Should See

The following are 40 company logo design projects I’ve created for past clients. The designs were all created to be an identity for each of the customers and their business. Most of the brands were independent music labels, musicians, and other types of businesses.

I will briefly describe the purpose of each logo design seen below and their mission behind their development for the companies and clients.

Company Logo Design #1

Company Logo Design

Corporate Identity Designa

The first logo of the fifty designs was done for graphic design company brand I created. The brand was called Corporate Identity Designa, and at the time I named C.I.D for short.

Company Logo Design 1

The design was produced to resemble a light bulb and also a pen tip. The light bulb has long been a symbol that represented bright ideas and new thoughts. I developed the entire concept to draw potential clients who are interested in a graphic design service. The color selection was chosen to be friendly. I selected a yellow that I thought was close to a golden hue and coral red for the colors to incorporate into the company logo design.

Contemporary Logo Design Style

Below is a banner I created using the logo design for the brand’s website. The logo design is modern and contemporary compared to a lot of the past logos created before the 2000’s.

Company Logo Design 1a

Company Logo Design #2

Itunes Music Videos was a blog I created the next design for. The blog’s main objective was to share/post music video reviews, but after a while, the site was closed because the business was not as profitable. Whenever I design logos lately I take a minimalistic approach in the way I create them.

Company Logo Design 2

Company Logo Design #3

Company Logo Design 3a

The following logo design was created for an insurance company with a niche unique to providing service for ministries. Every ministry and other forms of non-profit organizations need a brand identity and logo design. With the experience, I have in designing for various companies who specify in different practices I created this logo.

Company Logo Design 3b

Generally in the creative process of my work I create many alternatives for both myself and the potential clients. There are so many ways a logo can be designed and various elements to represent different things.

logo choices

Company Logo Design #4

Music is something that makes the world go round… Well, technically it’s not, but thinking about how music have impacted the world might lead one to believe that the world would stop if there were no music.

Initially with this logo design project, I was contacted to create a logo for Rhineland Studios which later became BOFFO Studios. In all of my work, I like to push myself creatively and also provide the clients the best possible work I can. Approaching each project I work on with this mindset enable me to create something unique that we both are pleased with and later on I can include in my body of work.



The Logo Design Progression for BOFFO Studios

From the name changed between the project to other visual elements we changed the font combinations a narrowed down the logo design to the following choice for the client. Knowing that I don’t have the final say as to which logo they should go with. I avoid sending the client work that I don’t like compositions wise.

rhineland studios logos red-tur2

The final logo

rhineland studios logos red-tur2

Company Logo Design #5

These sketched drawings were conceptual ideas I created, but never finished for the client because we ended up not completing the project because they no longer wanted to finish the artwork. I think some of the sketches make it obvious that this was going to be a logo design for a fitness club.

The BPM Fitness was never completed because we did not move forward with the project. However, looking back at some of these sketches I think we could have created something memorable together.

Company Logo Design 5

Company Logo Design #6

Following the creation of the BOFFO Studios logo the same client that contacted me for the logo wanted to create an extension/ sub-brand logo for BOFFO Computers. We worked on some very minimalistic logo design concepts to narrow it down to the most simple logo from the set. The logo with the trapezoid shaped computer screens was chosen.


rhineland studios logos red-tur2

boffo computers-prev-2

The final logo for the computer service company.

boffo computer final logo

Company Logo Design #7

The following logo is another logo that was recomposed for a dog breeding client of mine Bred 4 Beauty Pitbulls. The logo is more of a symbol than a logo, but the simplicity of it is pure. However, the client did not want the logo to be flat and wanted a textured logo. Through Photoshops styles I was able to create both a gold and silver version of the logo for them.

Although it was not created in vector, the client was pleased and uses the logo for many marketing purposes except billboard advertisements.

brand identity logo design 7

brand identity logo design 7b

Company Logo Design #8

Basic RGB

Creating logos can be an infinite task if you are uncertain which direction a client want to go. In communication with my clients, I draw as much detail I can learn from them regarding their vision and goal. Every brand or company should have a purpose. The logo the company chooses to represent their brand should reflect the purpose of the name. The mission of the company should be portrayed through the logo visually or subliminally. These are logo design concepts I created for the Follow Your Art Project.

brand identity logo design 8

Company Logo Design #9

The following logo concepts were done for an insurance company proposal. CMR Insurance, which is one of the few logo designs I’ve completed for businesses that provide services through insurance.


Company Logo Design #10

Dialogue is a music producer/artist I composed the following logo concepts for. The final selection of the logo approved by the client was the most simplistic and minimal design logo.

At first when I created the first set of designs I combined half of a vinyl and some various microphones with font alternatives, but the one that was decided upon was the most simple artwork.



Company Logo Design #11

This logo design project was done for a safari lodging company that is based in Zimbabwe, Africa. In the first initial designs, I spelled the name of the company wrong, but before we completed the design we corrected the error. For the most part, the logo was pretty clear and not too abstract in the visual outcome.


brand identity logo design 11

Company Logo Design #12

The next logo design was completed for a talent development and casting company based in Hollywood Los Angeles, California. Below are drawings of rough concepts and ideas I sketched to send to the client before beginning any work on the logo design. The logo sketches that they favored was obviously the star split be the name of the brand.

brand identity logo design 12a

hollywood star maker logos

Here is the final Hollywood Star Maker logo they decided to go with.

hollywood star maker final logo

Company Logo Design #13

ICPD – Internation Center for Professional Development is a program I designed for. The program was created to develop, support, teach and guide the young Scientist as well as Engineers of the future. Take a look at some of the drawing concepts and the final logo design below.

brand identity logo design 13c

logo designs3

The final logo that was selected for ICPD.

logo designs3

Company Logo Design #14

Sometimes I am disappointed I do get to complete a project because the client either changes their mind or want to do a different direction. It does not bother me that they choose to find another designer. Customers looking for the best deal or shopping around are the nature of business. However, the lack of belief in me creatively hurt because I believe whatever they envisioned we could have attained.

Here are some logo design concepts I created for a Non-denominational Christian ministry called Ignite Student Ministry. This design is one of the rare projects in my body of work that was never completed or published.

brand identity logo design 14

Company Logo Design #15

ImJammin was an online music site a client was developing and contacted me to created a logo for because it was along the lines of an online DJ radio. From this basic idea, I produced these prototypes of some logos I thought might be an edgy, clean and recognizable design for the brand. The colors would later be changed, but the first logo design concept would be the one that was selected for the online music company.


brand identity logo design 15a

Company Logo Design #16

In creating logos, there are so many ways one can approach designing something for identity. The key and the most difficult thing is creating something that is forever memorable and next very innovative.

There is a saying that nothing is new underneath the sun. I believe this idea is true, but even though many things have been done, practiced, and or tested before our time. Knowing these things, we should not give up on the pursuit of trying to achieve something great.


This set of concepts was for a photography brand and not an airline brand. The photographer’s name at the time was Jet Rockwell, hence the many versions of illustrations of jets.

brand identity logo design 16c

The designs with implemented film strip shaping like a jet, with one word “Rockwell.”


Company Logo Design #17

KW is for Kenalsworld.

You are now a visitor on Kenalsworld, the company I founded in 2010 to share my creative skills with the world then. I never knew that the since would become what it has become, but from a graphic and digital design portfolio. The site is now the home where I share and publish my art primarily online along with my art portfolio.

In the time where 3D modeling is becoming even more widely used in the graphic design; brands are using 3D to represent their company’s identity. This direction I also received and admire because it breaks away from the contemporary/post-modern vector logo design. Although vector logos are popular and minimalistic which is good; I do prefer this direction.

brand identity logo design 17b

Company Logo Design #18

These series of logos were done for a singer/songwriter named Lexi St. George. Not many solo artists or even bands today have logos for their name or brand, but the company that was managing her at the time wanted something to tie into her music. She was a teen and an aspiring pop artist at the time, therefore I created the following logo designs to resemble the artist.

This is another project that was not completed.

brand identity logo design 18


Company Logo Design #19

brand identity logo design 19a


Creating this logo for Aylst was probably the 4th or 5th logo I designed for the client for business. This client would always contact me whenever he needed a logo for a business he was starting up or re-branding. Aylst Beats was the name of the company for a music producer that sold music instrumentals.

brand identity logo design 19b

Company Logo Design #20

The following logos were created as prototypes for a Christian outreach ministry. The logo was composed to represent a journey, adventure, and leadership. Through the use of the silhouettes and the action which they were doing, I believe this was achieved.


Company Logo Design #21

The Kingdom Ministry logo is one of the rare projects I started for a potential client who never moved forward with the brand.

brand identity logo design 21

Company Logo Design #22

Now this logo is a bit infamous to me. Out of the body of work as far as logo designs, it is probably the most recognized because Ark Music Factory was the brand responsible for the Rebecca Black “Friday” song and many other pop songs by the vintage indie label. The story of Rebecca Black’s viral success is a funny one because it’s unfortunate that it was because the song was not well liked and the outrage that came from viewers.

During that time Ark was charging parents who wanted to invest in their children’s musical dreams. They wrote and recorded pop tracks on beats to which the teens would sing and record to. After the music production had been done, they have then shot a music video which was promoted. This logo is nevertheless the most infamous one in my design portfolio.

brand identity logo design 22

Company Logo Design #23

brand identity logo design 28b

brand identity logo design 28a

A wedding is a ceremony that is cherished between the two that are engaged and about to move on with their lives together. This design was done for a wedding planner, and she wanted to create something that could visually be memorable through her marketing. She ended up deciding that she liked the logo #2 from the two designs shown below.

brand identity logo design 28

Company Logo Design #24

The next logo design was created for a Rock/Metal-independent band I worked with some time in 2009. The logo was created using photoshops vector elements. Although primarily today logos are done in majority through Adobe Illustrator because of the vector aspect of it; but at the time I was most familiar with photoshop styles. Since then Adobe Illustrator has been developed to be more dynamic and to be flexible to some extent with texture.

brand identity logo design 29

brand identity logo design 29a

Company Logo Design #25


artistic scenes logo choices2

Artistic Scenes was created for a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist.

brand identity logo design 31b

Company Logo Design #26


The Brow Bee is a brand I created this logo for at the beginning of 2016. Their specialty is an eyebrow treatment, eye-lash extensions, and personal care services.  We both decided on a direction of creating something fun and memorable, which “memorability” is always a goal for a symbol or logo design that is being created for a business identity.

The result is the logo you see below.


Company Logo Design #27

brand identity logo design 34a

Turn Key was a cycling program that was under development by the Sheriff department of the city of Omaha in Nebraska. I begin to design these concepts through sketches for the idea of this emblem/logo for their program.  The design was another project I was proud to work on, but we the concepts remained prototypes.

brand identity logo design 34

Company Logo Design #28


Streetwyse Enterpryse is an entertainment investment firm that was based in the city of Los Angeles that I created this logo for. At the time that I created these logo designs and the final logo I was working for a non-profit organization who was also being funded by the firm.

streetwyse logo

Company Logo Design #29


We Pay Fee is another company I designed a logo for. We Pay Fee was an online betting company, which provided service transactions for contests, charities, and sports games. The final selected logo can be seen below.

brand identity logo design 36

Company Logo Design #30

Yung Legend is a Los Angeles independent hip-hop artist I created these logo concepts for.


The variety I provide clients when designing a logo for them is something I take pride in. As a creative person, I also challenge myself to create the best designs I can for the both of us to work from.


brand identity logo design 37

Company Logo Design #31

brand identity logo design 39a

The following are conceptual logo designs I created for a freelance photographer. Logos can be subliminal or straight-forward. This logo design I believe is quite apparent in its context. It can be very good to be clear and upfront about the purpose of your brand. An example is Apple; they are widely known as well as Nike for their very simple logo design. However, through the years of marketing and growth, they are at the top of the world with their brands.

brand identity logo design 39b

Myles Photography Final Logo Design

brand logo

Company Logo Design #32

brand identity logo design 40

Overgrind is a music collaborative group I created these concepts for because of the direction of the record label at the time. The logo was meant to illustrate production, success, and ambition.


Company Logo Design #33

Logo concepts designed for another indie label out of Los Angeles called PMW Live.



The Final PMW Company Logo

pato music world identity

Company Logo Design #34

The design concepts for Palm Beach PC Services were created surrounding the idea of the company being always ready to aid computers in trouble. Experimenting with a red cross, computer components, and a life-line I composed the set of designs for the client.

brand identity logo design 42a

brand identity logo design 42

Palm Beach PC Services Logo Design

brand identity logo design 42b

Company Logo Design #35

phoenicfinancial logo colored

Phoenix Financial LLC is another insurance brand I designed the following logo design for. I was proud of the variety of thoughts and ideas that came into creating the logo prototypes for the company. The logo in blue was the chosen design for the brand’s representation.

phoenicfinancial logo colored3

Company Logo Design #36


PremieRE is a real estate company that was developed by two ladies to provide a red carpet experience/treatment to the clients they worked with. The logo the selected is the one seen below.


Company Logo Design #37

brand identity logo design 45

Company Logo Design #38

brand identity logo design 49

20 Pass 4 Records is an independent hip-hop label I designed this logo for a few years ago. In honor to 420 and the brand’s mission in promoting itself in the direction they wanted to go.

brand identity logo design 49a

Company Logo Design #39

The last logo was for another independent record label called 27 Records. I do not recall what the number signified, but below you will see the variations of designs I created for the brand. The founder of the company had a logo already design but wanted to revamp the design in another direction. After completing the vector designs as concepts, he decided to stick with the logo seen with the flare.

27 records logo choices

brand identity logo design 50

Company Logo Design #40

SMDP is a Biotechnology program I designed two logos for. Each of the logos was created to serve a purpose specific for the brand. The fist logo was for the International Center for Professional Development. The logo can be seen earlier in the list of logos I put together for this post.


brand identity logo design 48b


MSMP Final Logo

This logo was the first project I ever took on for a science related company. It was fun to experiment with the different possibilities and visual elements to bring the logo to life.

brand identity logo design 48

These 40 logos are a selected group of designs I enjoyed working on out of many. If you are looking for a brand or company logo designer feel free to contact me at info[at]

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