Cool Drawings & Illustrations For Line Art Lovers and Art Patrons


Cool drawings and illustrations created in ink for line art lovers and art patrons. The following drawings are composed with a felt pen and fine tip pens.

In 2016 I created a wide body of digital illustrations and digital art. I did also use my ink pen to draw other line artworks but felt like I produced more digital art. Although I will continue to create digital paintings to bring some very creative ideas I have to life every year, I hope to draw bigger compositions with more detailed line-work. Most of my original art I keep, but have a few available on the Kenalsworld store.  

"Goddess of Dreams"

1st Among The Cool Drawings

1st Among The Cool Drawings Created For The Year

This drawing is the first drawing I created in 2017. The artwork took roughly nine hours to draw and create. Inspiration, for the drawing, came from the beauty, Zoe Kravitz.

Creating the illustration I knew that I wanted to create something unique, but was still somewhat uncertain which direction I should head with it creatively. However, producing a very detailed drawing was also the goal of this piece.

Entering 2017, I told myself that I was going to go a different direction with my art. This is the first of the many cool drawings and art I will be sharing this year on my blog Kenalsworld.

Tools Used To Create The Dream Catcher Drawing

Three of the tools I used to create many of the line art pieces I produce; if you are an artist and you yourself would like to attempt drawing in a similar style. The only thing I ask is that you do not copy my art exactly, but be original and creative in your own way. Develop a series, why not?

Much of the process can be viewed of all of my art on Instagram prior to me writing about the idea and thoughts that went into creating them.

Cool Drawings
Cool Drawings
Cool Drawings

"Goddess of Dreams"

The illustration was done on a 14 in x 17 in bristol board paper using a black ink pen.

Cool Drawings

Throw Pillows and Apparel With The Art

The following artwork is available on throw pillows, t-shirts and printed on dresses.

The “Goddess of Dreams” is one of many of the cool drawings I created at the beginning of 2017. Focusing on black heritage merging with Native American heritage and symbolism.

2nd Piece Among The Cool Drawings Created For The Year

Drawing Butterflies and creating butterfly paintings is not something totally new for me, but alongside the goal of drawing more detailed line art this year, I also aspire to develop a series of butterfly drawings.

The "Butterfly of Grace" is the first piece from this sub-series of butterfly drawings. The series of Butterflies is inspired by my faith and my belief in God.

Words of Affirmation like "I Believe", "I have Grace", and "I am hopeful" are a few of the affirmations as well as thoughts that inspired the manifestation of creating these butterflies. Each with a title to support what each butterfly I create represent to me and whoever purchases the artwork.

Many people invest money in inappropriate, yet funny t-shirts and posters. I wanted to do something uplifting and positive with this series of artwork that came across as original cool drawings people would want in their homes.

"Butterfly of Grace"

Cool Drawings

"Butterfly of Grace"

Cool Drawings

Ink on bristol board paper.

Cool Drawings

Size: 14 in x 17 in

Cool Drawings

Hope... Without hope, I don't know how anyone can live a life in this dark world. The world is full of hate, fear, pain and evil. As a Christian, I was brought up as a child to be hopeful.

As I developed into an adult I learned to also be hopeful on my own. Some people in life lose faith and hope that there is anything good in store for them in regards to their future. I created this artwork to be inspiring and to encourage others to be hopeful.

The simple fact that one wakes up in a morning to breathe another breath in this life without tubes in their lungs is one of many reasons we should be hopeful.

As I create more butterflies over time I will include them on the website as a part of this collection of drawings.

3rd Piece Among The Cool Drawings Created For The Year

"Butterfly of Hope"

Cool Butterfly Drawing

"Butterfly of Hope"

Ink on bristol board paper.

Size: 14 in x 17 in

I will be drawing other ideas that if I believe are cool drawings enough to share on this page, I will update the content with more drawings of the similar style.

Anyone who goes through life is going to face challenges. How we perceive and deal with these challenges will either make us or break us. We will either find the courage to persevere and make it through the challenges or we will allow life to break us down.

I am a person that believe I must overcome every and any challenge I face; this mentality comes from not wanting to just give up but is also triggered by my hope that things will get better.

Finding A Purpose For My Art

I create drawings and digital illustrations I sell on t-shirts. If you like the style take a look at the shirts I currently have available. Creatively I also produce art series to support certain causes like Cancer Awareness Month, Pride Month, and more.

In the past, I've had discussions with other fellow artists about the how we deal with things in our lives. I recall telling an artist that most of everything we deal with comes back around.

Facing Challenges

What did I mean by this? Well, every situation you've had to deal with you've experienced before in the past and you made it through it. I believe if you could survive and make it through the issue or circumstance in the past that you are capable of doing it again. This is one of the many strengths we have as human beings.

Although I create art in the majority at my own direction I also do commission work and have over 8 years experience working as a freelance graphic artist for hire.

Some of the work I take on are book cover illustrations, album cover art, logo designs, photo-manipulations and apparel design. 

Contact Me For A Custom Artwork

Do you need an illustration artist?

If you are looking to get a creative and cool art done for a project visit the contact page and send me a message. You are also free to give me a call and leave a message regarding your inquiry if I am unavailable to answer at the exact moment you call.