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June 24, 2017

How To Use Creative and Cool Instagram Posts To Promote Your Art

7 Tips On How You Can Use Cool Instagram Posts To Promote Your Art

Here are 7 ways you can use creative and cool Instagram posts to promote your art. Instagram is a great tool that is being used by many great brands and very successful small brands you've never heard of. Traditional visual and digital artists alike are making a change in their lives through the use of Instagram. Why not you?

The Dramatic Introduction

First off, if you are an artist and you don’t have an Instagram account shame on you. Secondly, if you are an artist and you want to sell your art, but you are not an active Instagram user also shame on you.

Now, here is my confession before diving into the many ways you can use Instagram posts to promote your creative artwork. The confession is this… I did not start actively using Instagram to share my art until late 2013 and the app was originally released in 2010.

Within 2 years there were over 100 million active users. So I missed a lot, but that didn't stop me from starting an account.

Graph Showing Why Creating Cool Instagram Posts Are Important

Yes, it sucks I didn’t get to be one of the first users, but it is still proving to be a powerful social network to use as an artist.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. How do you use creative and cool Instagram posts to promote your art? Well, continue reading.

Step 1 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Stop Being Shy

Break the barrier that disables you from sharing your work.

This is one of the first steps that disable a lot of creative artists from producing cool Instagram posts to share their work with the world.

Speaking from experience and after having many discussions with other creative individuals, I learned one thing was similar in 95% of us… We are all introverts. We tend to shy away for society, people, crowds, and the world in a sense. Now, is it a problem to be an introvert? No, it is not at all.

However, if you are an artist with a dream of one day leaving your day job or planning to graduate college with a degree and have no clue what’s next in your life keep on reading. Because it gets good.

“A change of perception allows you a path to clearer reception”.

It all starts with changing your mentality as an artist to make your dream a reality. The moment you understand that yes you are a shy individual, but need to be more outspoken about your work than you can really start succeeding into the journey to sell your art. I will later be releasing an e-book that talks about this.

Free Online Resource #1: The Abundant Artist

One of the greatest art sources I recently discovered was The Abundant Artist. The website provides many quality posts you should take into consideration following in order to sell your art online. Cory Huff the creator of the site provides coaching for artists in many genres that want to be successful with their work. The site provides 18 great sources on how you can start selling your art today.

Step 2 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Show Your Process

Show a step by step sequence of your current art project. Don’t let the fear that someone else will steal your work hold you back.

Believe me, when I tell you that I didn’t believe I should have an Instagram account. Below is a screenshot showing some of the art sales I had recently relating to the time I am writing this post. I sell both original drawings and prints of my artwork through Fine Art America.

I had been trying to sell my art online many ways and just keep on failing, but all of these things that I share with you in this blog post is very relevant and ties into why I am able to do so of late.

Sold 4 Artworks this month and sold 8 last month.

Keep in mind that this is not a promise or claim that Instagram is the only tool or method I use in promoting my art. But it is a very relevant social network account that is a MUST HAVE for artists. Be mindful that I do not work for Instagram and have not been paid to boast about their app, but the fact remains that it is essential in building your brand as an artist.

Step 3 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Build Your Name

Don’t worry about how you are going to get to 1,000, 10,000 or 1 million followers. It’s not the most important thing. These numbers will come if you feed the ones you have great art.

Here are two examples of the two of the world’s richest living artists using Instagram to share their art and promote their events.

Damien Hirst - World Renown Sculptor (Richest Living Artist)

Worth over $1 Billion.

David Choe - Painter (Third Richest Living Artist)

David Choe is known more for his art, but also does music. He used his Instagram posts to share both his art and music tour in a cool manner. Choe tells visual stories through his posts and of course the captions that also follow.

"If You Build It. They Will Come." - Kevin Costner

Next, building your name is very important as an artist. This creates demand for your work. It doesn’t matter whether you are a visual artist, digital artist, sculptor, graphic designer and so on. What matters is if you want your work to be seen you must share it. Through sharing your artwork with confidence you can build your brand.

As an artist, you are the brand. I had a talk with someone I not too long ago by the name of Thomas Tran. Thomas made me realize that I was confused and for a long time had no clue what I truly wanted to do as a creative.

If you are a fan of art and an art lover you will be able to relate to what I am going to share with you. As an artist, I believe I was an unlimited individual. I still have this mindset, but with this mentality also came trouble.

The trouble I am referring to is being too diverse, going too many directions, and doing too much at once. Thomas made me realize I needed a clear goal and pushed me in the right direction to where I became more focus knowing I had the ability to sell my art.

Step 4 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Build Devout Followers

Draw, paint, and or create something to post on Instagram every day. Seriously, don’t miss a day! Take this for example. A Zendaya drawing posted on Instagram in sequence.

You don’t need 1 Million fans to sell your art, you don’t even need 500,000. All you need are true fans of your work that are willing to support your creativity financially and interact with your work. Here is an example of 1 artist of many I could talk about that is doing well with his brand through Instagram.

Cool Instagram Posts

Following the Example of One Artist

Markus Prime the creator of MLNN Fit is an artist that is quite popular among the Melanin and Contemporary black illustrators as well as comic artists. He does not have a massive amount of followers as some celebrities do, but he has a business. He has built a brand, which has gained many supporters and devout followers of his style of art.

Although he’s separated his brand from his personal art page. You can see Markus’s Instagram posts and art at the following:

It only takes one crazed follower at a time. The more you share your work on Instagram… Not Spamming… but share your work with a few hashtags (15-30) recommended with a relevant caption the more people you reach.

Cool Instagram Posts

It is really that simple but requires consistency and creative as well as cool Instagram posts that are visually appealing.

Step 5 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Connecting With Other Artists

Connect with artists not to steal their work, but to network and see what possibilities can come from that. Build a relationship with other artists out of respect for their work.

Some artists are selfish. It’s hard to believe, but yes it’s true. Some artists are selfish. What do I mean by that?

There are successful artists that make a lot of money doing commission work that you’ve never heard of and may never hear of because they do not talk about their success. This is understandable because when a lot of people close to you find out what you have in your pocket they have their hands out… Either that or they become envious of you, but this shouldn’t make one selfish. Living a very private lifestyle I understand.

The selfishness I am referring to is not sharing knowledge. One does not have to give all his or her secrets away for free or to anyone, but there are many artists out there with no hope or lack faith that they can make it with their art.

Don't Be Selfish With Your Art. People Want To See them.

Again, I was one of these artists. I thought I could be more joyful and successful doing something else instead of art, but I shook that mindset off of me.

We should all aim to inspire others, whether they are close to us as relatives or people we meet out in the world that we believe need inspiration.

Not everyone can be honest or transparent about needing help with which direction they should head in their lives.

Connecting with others, especially other artists is crucial. Below are 3 artists I myself devoutly follow on Instagram because although we create art in different styles I believe we have similar mindsets.

Take a look at their work and follow them as well if you are a fan of their creative works.

Cool Instagram Posts

Also connecting with other artists does not need to be about collaboration, it can be purely about admiration. Admiring someone’s work is not the same as being inspired by their work, by admiring their work you show them that there is value in what they are doing.

In this same manner, someone will one day follow you almost in a religious manner. This person may be an artist or it may just be a fan that wants to buy your work and doesn’t know it yet.

Step 6 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Create Cool Instagram Posts!

Cool Instagram Posts

High Heel Drawing

https://www.kenallouis.com/artworks/​​​When I say create cool Instagram posts? I mean it. Make your posts visually appealing. Develop an art scheme or theme for your artwork. If you have never done a complete art series, start now! Here is an example.

Fashion designers and illustrators usually create clothing lines right? What is a clothing line? A set of clothes designed with similar aesthetics relating to one another. This could be one definition of it.

Compose a post that has an audience already. Here is one free idea. Why not create a series of artwork with a theme surrounding cats. People love their pets! They may like your art.

Here is a series of high heels illustrations I created and shared the entire process on my Instagram page.

Why not take this idea and imply it into your art?

A college professor once told me that illustrators during the golden age of illustration created art in series. Those that got hired to work for major publications as contract artists still produced artwork that was very similar in style, but people loved their work during their time. The same perception still applies to today.

Study Those Before You

Here is one of my favorite illustrators. J.C. Leyendecker. He had a unique style and although worked for a publication, but he was well compensated during his time. He could have easily sold art while he was working for the Saturday Evening Post, but he never wanted to. This was a choice he made because if you are making $500-$2,000 for a cover in 1903 compared to 2016 I am certain you would not want to try anything else either.

  • $500 in 1905 was about $12,000 in 2014 according to an Inflation Calculator I used.
  • $2,000 was the equivalent of $51,000 in 2014.

For some individuals depending on the field, you are working in if it is a career profession that’s someone’s salary for the year. This was made for one painting around 1905.

So don't give up. Although it is true that time has changed, we are more resourceful now than we have ever been due to technology and the internet.

Step 7 of Maximizing Cool Instagram Posts For Your Success: Interact With Your Followers

  • Connect with supporters of your work. Don’t ever delay a message or comment to the point where you forget to reply. This is the worst thing you can do.

Never assume people don’t have money to afford your work. I will write another article about the value of art and how we should approach selling artwork with a price that works.

Delaying a response to a comment someone made can cost you a true fan and money. It’s hard along to get people to like your work or content on any platform when you don’t have an established identity. The worst thing you can do is not respond.

Respond In Time

Don’t ever forget to respond and try to do it in 24-48 hours. I do believe there is such a thing as social media courtesy. After all, we are living in a digital age.

Being interactive ​as an artist on Instagram is one of the biggest things you can do for yourself as an creative. 

I have read several times that people buy people. Meaning people buy ​things that they can relate to and reminds them of themselves. 

Connecting With Your Audience

Cool Instagram Posts

It's not only about creating art that people love or get an emotion from. Getting viewers to feel like they can​ remember something most important in their life is one of the most valuable things an artist can do. A simple conversation even if it's less than 5 minutes through social media can build a relationship with your followers.

The Wrap Up

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Cool Instagram Posts

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I provided you with 7 keys things you must do in your process of producing creative and cool Instagram posts to promote your art.

In conclusion, there are some many things I could write relating to this topic. If I was to write it all I would have a Wikipedia page of related information.

I do hope you've enjoyed this post and that you follow Kenalsworld for more great content like this as well as my journey as a fellow creative artist.


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