Define You – Poetry Written by Illustrator and Artist Kenal Louis

Define You – Poetry Written by Kenal Louis

Date: 12/27/2016

Define You

The following poem was written this morning when I arose from my bed. This phrase and a question came to my heart and my mind “who define you?” Inspired by my faith and recent thoughts surrounding racism, hate, indifferences, culture, and perception I wrote this poem entitled “Define You”. Please read below.

Define You

“Define You”

Who define you?
Are you defined by the world that we live in?
Do you allow the culture to influence your way of thinking?
Or are you a being that inspires change around you?
We are supernatural beings beyond this flesh
Beyond a body which cannot stand the tests of time
Our soul and Spirit are far much more valuable
Again I ask who define you.
Is it another man or woman who hates you because of your complexion?
Or do we define ourselves?
I know who define me?
His definition of me I will never understand
For He calls me King, Conqueror, Son, god and His child
He created the stars and planets in space, but also created me
Yet, I also define myself
Not by the culture that surrounds me or the people and environment
For any influence that is not divine is not good for the soul
I ask you once more, who define you?
The answer should not be complicated
These times we live in should not have the power to make you frustrated
Who define you?
We go through life wondering what is our purpose
Rather than asking what is God’s purpose for my life
We go through life running away from God when we know better
You can’t hide from an omniscient and omnipresent being
We also run from the idea of God and reject Him
The choice is really ours to make
Free will give us the ability to chose
Our ancestors chose wrong and they died
I am not defined by my culture, ancestors, and things of the past
I choose my inspiration and source of motivation
I define myself beyond the normal standard
Who define you?
There is no truth in this world that can save you from perils to come
The only truth is The One, The Way, The Truth and The Light
Who define you?
This question is also part of the answer to your purpose.

Illustration of Kings and Queens

In 2016 I developed an art series, which started from a conceptual idea surrounding contemporary kings and queens. In the series, I took popular icons, celebrities, modern idols and illustrated them as royalty. The series entitled “Royalty Art Series“, take a look at a few of the piece from the series.

In 2017 the series will continue to extend and may be complete by 2018.

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