Digital Art Blogs

The Best Digital Art Blogs and Creative Portfolio You’ll Love

The following digital art blogs are all created by visual artist and illustrator Kenal Louis. In these posts and pages, you will find creative inspiration for your next art project or maybe some digital artworks your would love to collect.

The art form is a growing art form and is something that almost every business and brands utilize today.

Every business Need Digital Artwork

Whether a business is getting a logo design or digital cover art for their projects. The art form in digital is growing in demand. Digital artworks will never 100% replace print art and design, but it is growing in reputation and more people are becoming aware the art form.

As a forefront digital artist, Kenal Louis hopes to inspire creativity. Kenal Louis has built a brand as an artist that will become recognized unique art styles.

Feel free to browse through the digital artwork blogs and pages created by the artist.

Miami Logo Design

Miami Logo Design – 40 Unique Projects You Should See

The following are 40 miami logo design projects I’ve created for past clients. The designs were all created to be an identity for each of the customers and their business. Most of the brands were independent music labels, musicians, and other types of businesses.I will briefly describe the purpose of each logo design seen below and […]

album cover art

Album Cover Art – The Most Unique and Creative Designs You’ll Love

Album Cover Art – The Most Unique and Creative ServiceOriginal album cover art by visual artist Kenal Louis for bands and musicians of all genres. Here you will find the most unique and creative album art portfolio for musicians. Table of ContentsThe Benefits Of Great Album Cover Design and ArtCreative Art DevelopmentNeed The Best Album […]

Art Series

Rihanna Artwork – The Most Creative Rihanna Artwork You Need To See

​Rihanna Artwork Entitled “Queen Rihanna”The following Rihanna artwork art piece was created by me Kenal Louis, an illustrator and visual artist based in the Midwest. The artwork is part of a royalty series I begin creating in 2016.Where do I begin? At the start of 2016, I decide to create a series of illustrations of entertainers, […]


Willow Smith Art – The Most Beautiful Willow Smith Art You Need To See

The following Willow Smith art piece was created to illustrate the talented musician as a modern queen. She is illustrated in gold to represent her position as a contemporary leader in the arts and entertainment industry. Willow Smith Art Illustration by Illustrator Kenal Louis Creating this Willow Smith illustration required some research on my part […]


Vitiligo Model Winnie Harlow Digitally Painted In Silver and Gold

The following artwork was created of vitiligo model Winnie Harlow in silver & gold. The digital artwork is part of an art illustration in an ongoing project called the Royalty Art series. Finding Great Photo References of Model Winnie Harlow Winnie Harlow is remarkably beautiful. In an interview with Jamaica’s The Gleaner, she mentioned how […]


Zendaya Drawing – The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art You Need To See

The following 3 Zendaya Drawing art pieces are all illustrations created of the beauty. Each artwork is unique in style specific to Zendaya.Creating the detailed drawings require a lot of research. Over the past years, I’ve taken many forms of art and interpret them visually with my creative direction. Creating the detailed drawings require a […]

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners Aspiring To Be Illustrators

Two fashion illustration books for beginners recommended for Illustrators. These two books contributed to the development of this fashion art series. Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners The following illustrations were created with these two illustration books, every beginning illustrator should have. Read more about fashion illustration and view the rest of the pieces below. Fashion […]