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The Greatest Showman – The Most Beautiful Zendaya and Zac Efron Art

After watching The Greatest Showman this beautiful Zendaya and Zac Efron art piece was created to reflect the musical film. Love art? You will love this illustration of the two actors from the movie.The Greatest Showman Art – The Most Beautiful Zendaya and Zac Efron ArtWatching The Greatest Showman Before Creating The ArtPrior to creating […]

Royalty Art Series - Black and Gold Artwork

Black and Gold Artwork – The Most Beautiful Digital Portrait Paintings

The following black and gold artwork pieces are the most beautiful digital portrait paintings. Pop culture figures, public figures, and close friends selected for this royalty art series inspired by Afrofuturism art.The art series represent luxury, fashion, beauty, creativity and modern royalty. Creating the royalty art series was inspired by the Art Nouveau era in […]

Best Digital Drawing Tablet Review

Best Digital Drawing Tablet Reviews By An Artist In 2018 | Kenalsworld

The Best Digital Drawing Tablet Reviews By An Artist In 2018What is the best digital drawing tablet for artists looking to start creating digital paintings and illustrations? Are you looking for the best digital drawing tablet for digital art projects you will be working on? Maybe you are looking for a graphic art tablet for […]

African Art

African Art For Sale In 2018 – The Most Beautiful Tribal Art | Kenalsworld

African Art For Sale – The Most Beautiful Tribal Art Prints A collection of African art for sale inspired by African masks, African culture, and African tribal art. Own the most unique and beautiful African art prints. The African artwork were created with pen and ink on paper and later processed into Photoshop as paintings.Love […]

Digital Abstract Art Blog

Digital Abstract Art – The Most Beautiful and Colorful Series

The following artworks are a series of digital abstract art by traditional and digital artist Kenal Louis. What is digital abstract art? Looking for abstract art?The simple answer: Digital abstract art is non-subjective art and artwork that is not figurative through the creation of digital production software. Quick Navigation Defining An Art Style As An […]

Miami Logo Design

Miami Logo Design – 41 Brand Logo Designs You Should See

The following are 40+ miami logo design projects I’ve created for past clients. The designs were all created to be an identity for each of the customers and their business. Most of the brands were independent music labels, musicians, and other types of businesses.I will briefly describe the purpose of each logo design seen below and […]


Beauty Queen Tia – The 1st Of Many Beautiful Illustrations

“Beauty Queen Tia” is the 1st of many beautiful illustrations created as a part of digital painting art series. Each painting is painted by visual artist Kenal Louis.Beauty Queen Tia Illustration of Model Tia DawsonThis illustration is the first digital painting I’ve created in this series. The artwork is the first of many beautiful illustrations […]


Vitiligo Model Winnie Harlow Digitally Painted In Silver and Gold

The following artwork was created of the vitiligo model Winnie Harlow in silver & gold. The digital artwork is part of an art illustration in an ongoing project called the Royalty Art series.Finding Great Photo References of Model Winnie HarlowWinnie Harlow is remarkably beautiful. In an interview with Jamaica’s The Gleaner, she mentioned how she […]


Zendaya Drawing – The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art You Need To See

Do you love Zendaya? I love Zendaya, so much that I created this series of Zendaya drawing collections. She is a phenomenal actress, singer, and dancer. Table of ContentsThe First Drawing of ZendayaZendayas’s DebutFrom Disney She Only ExcelledThe Second Drawing of ZendayaZendaya Represents BeautyThe Zendaya Illustration DetailsLearning About ZendayaThe Third Drawing of Zendaya Zendaya Prints AvailableThe […]

Art Series

Rihanna Artwork – The Most Beautiful Rihanna Illustration | Kenalsworld

​Rihanna Artwork Entitled “Queen Rihanna”The following Rihanna artwork art piece was created by me Kenal Louis, an illustrator and visual artist based in the Midwest. The artwork is part of a royalty series I begin creating in 2016.Where do I begin? At the start of 2016, I decide to create a series of illustrations of entertainers, […]