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The Best Drawing Ideas For Artists To Be Inspired By An Artist

A Collection of Drawing Ideas and Drawings by Artist Kenal Louis And Creative Drawing Related Posts On Kenalsworld Relating To Drawing Concepts. In the following posts and pages, you’ll discover creative drawing ideas and drawings completed by Kenal Louis.

Drawing is one sub-form of art that many uses as a therapeutic escape.

Drawings For Inspiration

Some artists find it difficult to be inspired and come up with creative ideas. On Kenalsworld created by drawer and illustration artist Kenal Louis, you will find inspiration. There are many creative, complex and easy drawing artworks you can draw inspiration from (No pun intended).

As long as you don’t steal the artwork on this page feel free to enjoy the creative content. In this section of the blog, you will find articles about different types of drawings. The drawings part of the site also features completed drawing projects.

Enjoy the drawing articles and posts on Kenalsworld!

Art Series - Rihanna Drawing in Gold

Rihanna Drawing – The Most Beautiful Illustrations You’ll Love

The Introduction of The Rihanna Drawing and IllustrationsThe following is the first Rihanna drawing and artwork that I’ve done of the beauty. It would prove to not be the last because, at the beginning of 2017, I illustrated Rihanna with wings and in golden carnival outfit.Further down the line, I will discuss the inspiration for […]

Butterfly Drawing

Butterfly Drawing – Beautiful Butterfly Drawings You Need To See

Beautiful Butterfly Drawings You Need To SeeThe following line drawings of butterflies are among the most beautiful butterfly drawing collections I’ve created. I am sure you will love the artwork as you dive into this page.  Butterfly Drawings From The 1,000 Circle Drawing Series Quick NavigationWhy Do We Love Butterflies?Tying In The Purpose of Art3 […]

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Drawings – The Best Fashion Drawings You’ll Love

Creating fashion drawings and fashion Illustration and the fashion industry have evolved so much, it’s hard to think that there is room for growth. What are fashion drawings and fashion illustration? Well, I believe although there is nothing new underneath the sun, nothing is impossible. I’ve researched and put several thoughts into the significance of […]

Zoe Kravitz Drawing

The Most Beautiful Zoe Kravitz Drawing You’ll Love As A Fan

Zoe Kravitz Drawing Illustration by Kenal Louis Creating this Zoe Kravitz drawing Illustration required some detailed research on her interest. As an artist I wanted to make the art piece unique to her; doing research on her background, birthplace, and roots was necessary. Although I am familiar with her iconic parents and her role in the […]


Zendaya Drawing – The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art You Need To See

The following 3 Zendaya Drawing art pieces are all illustrations created of the beauty. Each artwork is unique in style specific to Zendaya.Creating the detailed drawings require a lot of research. Over the past years, I’ve taken many forms of art and interpret them visually with my creative direction. Creating the detailed drawings require a […]

michael kors shoes art

The Most Beautiful Michael Kors Shoes Drawing You’ll Love

A series of Michael Kors shoes drawings and conceptual illustrations created at the beginning of 2017. The drawings are part of a high heel art collection. This is the first blog post of 2017 on Kenalsworld. High heels are something I became fascinated with in 2012 after exploring fashion photography and fashion design. After looking […]


Zendaya Neverland Drawing and Illustration

Zendaya Neverland Drawing by Kenal Louis The following Zendaya Neverland drawing and Illustration was created by Artist Kenal Louis. The artwork is composed of several images from the fairy-tale. “Neverland” is the leading song from one of Zendaya’s latest musical projects. The project is part of a collective of songs performed by many great musicians; […]