Drawings – The Most Beautiful Collection of Drawings On Kenalsworld

Here you will find the most beautiful collection of drawings on Kenalsworld by visual artist and digital illustrator Kenal Louis. The collection of artworks range from human heart illustrations, Star Wars art, LGBT Pride drawings and more.

Drawings By A Passionate Artist

Drawing is something I do every day as an artist. Whether I am drawing to complete an artwork or creating digital illustrations  as a part of a series, I practice it every day.

On the website you will find an abundance of my artworks  created over the years. Much of the art I produced still haven’t been shared on the site because I haven’t had the time to upload every single drawing on the site.

The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Cool Heart Series

Cool Heart Drawings

Cool Heart Drawings

About The Heart Art

Like hearts? This is the "Photographer's Heart". Take a look at these cool heart drawings I created inspired by the many states of the human heart.

Romantic Artworks

Romantic Drawings

Romantic Drawings

About The Romantic Art

These romantic drawings were created created to illustrate a celestial visual look. The artworks symbolize a connection that is divine and were create to be romantic in gesture.

LGBT Pride Art Collection

LGBT Pride Drawings

LGBT Pride Drawings

About LGBT Pride Art

The following LGBT Pride Drawings represent love, vibrancy, beauty, and freedom of expression. The heart artworks are part of an on-going heart art series.

African Mask Drawings

African Mask Drawings

The start of a  African mask drawings collection. All of the masks are created using an ink pen on Bristol board paper. The line art illustrations were inspired by African culture.

Swan Drawings

Swan Drawings

Swans are magical creatures. The swan is a symbol of grace, love, beauty, and so much more. This series of swan drawings were created to illustrate the magic of  the swan.

Cat Drawings

Cat Drawings

A series of whimsical cat drawings. The idea behind the artworks was to make something friendly, cute and fun. Take a look at the cute cat drawings in this growing collection.

Art on Instagram

However, on my Instagram page you will find daily posts I share along with stories shared on works in progress. On Kenalsworld whenever I share a collection of artworks or a drawing I do my best to also write about the illustration. I also love producing digital art as much as I love drawing, but be sure to visit the digital art section of the site.

I’ve been drawing since I could how a pencil or pen. Over the years I’ve only continued to express myself through the medium of drawing by created many expressive drawings. Below are a few variety of different types of drawings I’ve produced and pages to correspond.

Black and White Abstract Line Drawings

Lines speak to me. I believe I would be a fluent speaker of lines if it was a language one could speak.

Lines move and can do extraordinary things. They can create an illusion of texture, shapes, impression, contrast, and so much more. There is no limit to the style of art an artist can produce through the usage of lines.

In 2015 I embarked on a journey to create 1,000 circle artworks all composed of lines of course. At the time I am writing this I’ve completed 54 drawings. Over time I will update the number as I get closer to this goal.

Here are some of the black and white abstract drawings i’ve produced from the circle drawing series.

Line Drawings
Line Drawings
Line Drawings

Pen and Ink Drawing Series

In 2014 I fell in love with using pen and ink to create illustrations. Something about not being able to erase a line after drying it made it very significant and memorable to me. Once the line was drawn it cannot be erased. It's like a moment to create it in time because once you've gone through the time there is no going back. I'm sure you've heard the phrase if I could turn back the hands of time. Well, I see you drawing with ink pens in the same manner.

The pen and ink drawings that I produce I myself find interesting as an artist because I am pushed to create contrast and texture with the ink. Developing this skill to be able to produce artworks that people if you do art that I create see texture or value inn is something I am proud of.

I am a firm believer that as an artist you never stop learning. As an artist if you are constantly creating, you will learn along the way and in the process. I view the line artworks that I also create as a form of therapy for me. I never know exactly what I am going to create most of the time. The thing that I do is I pick up a pen and start drying on a paper sometimes with a subject matter in mind but the rest I just let my hands do.

Each of the pen and ink drawings that I create tell a story. Now I know you've heard the saying a picture is worth 1000 words. I believe a drawing or painting similar to a photograph represents many expressions and thoughts.

Art itself represents thoughts expressed and manifested visually; this is the reason why art history is a subject matter. When a view were looks at a master painter like Leonardo da Vinci's work or Michelangelo or even Picasso, they try to decipher the message that artist was creating. This is an objective of mine consciously and subconsciously every time I create one of my drawings.

Digital Drawing

Digital drawings or not something I've been creating very long. My journey and digital art started sometime in 2012. I was not as good as I am now, but I never stopped creating or attempting to draw digitally. A lot of the first few digital artworks that I created were very abstract and multicolored. I experienced a lot with color in 2012.

A lot of this had to do with my fascination with fashion. 2012 was the year I also begin doing and practicing Photography. After attending Omaha fashion week in Omaha Nebraska, I created these fashion illustration drawings in Photoshop.

The artworks were very stylized an abstract in line direction as well as vibrant and color. Days would prove to be the first of a cell that I would come to own. From the fashion illustrations I didn't treated abstract high heel drawings. The abstract high heels drawings I would called dripping stilettos.

Since then I've evolved as an artist and continue to grow. Now I also create digital drawings prior to digital paintings that I produce. Below are some of the examples of current digital art  that I do as well as the passage of the drawings I've created.

Niobe Contour Drawing

Contour Drawings

Contour Drawing

Enclosed shapes created through the use of lines. When I think of contour lines and creating contour line drawings I often picture silhouettes in my mind.

For the most part whenever I have seen contour drawings in the past most were pretty simple. Although I have done a few very simplistic the line drawings, creating contour drawings is not something that I do very often.

Are you into coloring pages and coloring books?

You can download a collection of my free adult coloring pages on my personal website Kenallouis.com.

With that noted I plan to work on a few more contour drawings to share through this page as well as Kenalsworld. 

The way that I view contour line work is like minimal art. Something about contour drawing shapes are very mysterious to me. I often viewed them as not very challenging to do but they are not necessarily easy either.

I've learned that through contour drawing with an outer outline and artwork can be subjective. The drawing does not necessarily need to be completed in detail before a viewer can tell what it is.

Contour Drawings
Contour Drawings

The Kenalsworld Drawing Ideas Blog Section

On the Kenalsworld blog I've written and shared some cool artworks in the past. With a constant development of new and ongoing art series, I've created the follow blog posts. The blogs each are specific to certain collections of drawing illustrations. Take a look at the drawing blogs and leave your thoughts at the blog of the blogs if possible or share the ones you love.

Cool Drawing Blog

Art should always be perceived as something cool, but that is not always the case. Being "Cool" or "Great" is only valuable to the person judging an art work. To my art I am the beholder.

Fashion Drawing Blog

I love fashion illustration. The colors, textures, and impression created with materials are beautiful. I put together this extensive blog about fashion illustration's history. 

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Last Updated: 10/7/2017