The following is a series of black and white abstract drawings created from subconscious thoughts. All of the artworks are originally created with pen and ink on paper by visual artist Kenal Louis. On this page you’ll find the abstract drawings which are cohesive and similar and patterns, line movement, and contrast.

The Artist: Kenal Louis
Kenal Louis

Art Subject:  Abstracto | Abstract
Medium: Ink Pen on Paper

Paper: Bristol Board 9x12 in  Vellum
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Art Genre: Abstract Art

Hi there, I am Kenal Louis Haitian artist and computer graphics illustrator. Most of the artworks that I create vary in their genre. I don’t paint as much as I used to, but I produce drawings almost every day.

One of the art styles that I am very passionate about is abstract expressionism art. I believe everyone can create art because everyone has thoughts. This collection of artworks is an example of this idea.

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. I often say I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen or pencil. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than a year without drawing something since I cannot recall my memories.

My dream since I was a child was to become this artist with his own museum art gallery. Needless to say I haven’t achieved this yet, but it is still part of my vision as an adult.

I hope that you’ll find these abstract expressionist drawings to your liking. Thank you in advance for reading.

We All Have Abstract Thoughts

Sub-conscience art is the way I define creating the artwork that you will see. I had this talk with a friend and told her that she could draw the way that I do or just write and create art. She didn’t believe me, but I told her if you have thoughts you can draw and you can paint.

Abstract art has allowed many people to express themselves in a way they couldn’t with words by simply starting to create something. I like to believe that we were all created to be creators naturally. Women can produce children and to an extent men can do’s children as well, especially when they concede together.

So yes, that’s my argument for us all being creators and being created to create. Honestly I think its pure logic and the only thing that keeps us from being able to create is our thoughts.

If you think you can do something you most likely can, and the same way if you don’t believe you can achieve something you probably won’t.

Me Drawing When I Was 4
Me Drawing When I Was 4
The Abstract Wave of Thoughts
black and white abstract drawings

I called this series of illustrations “abstract wave of thoughts”. There is a reason I entitled the collection of artwork this way. When I am in the process of creating them I don’t think very much about the composition.  I may draw a border whether it is a circle, oval, or square shape, but other than that I don’t over think about what I am going to draw.

Therefore, my reference to this concept is subconsciously approached. All of the drawings are merely thoughts that I don’t have control over. When I start to draw I allow my hand to just follow the line itself. I like to think that the lines are producing themselves and I am simply there to observe and allow everything to flow out.

The First Set of  Black and White Abstract Drawings

Abstract Wave of Thoughts 1 | Artwork

1 of 4 Black and White Abstract Drawings - (Abstract Wave of Thoughts 1)

The First Black White Abstract Drawing

This first black and white abstract drawing is composed in a circle frame. In the artwork I attempted to create line movement that would purely be fluid. Somewhere along the way I shifted the line direction and created some rough edges but the rough edges that were created through the lines were very subtle.

Now, there are two points within destroying where I decided to create an element myself intentionally to look like curtains. What is the story behind this piece?

It could be an expression of a challenge I was facing at the time I was creating it or it could simply be a thought I had about structure. Even as I look at the artwork myself it is a mystery.

The Second Black White Abstract Artwork 

Composing these illustrations I created something that was confined in an oval shape. In this drawing there were two elements I focused on implying intentionally in the piece.

I am deeply inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai katsuhika. In the artwork I included a few shapes inspired by his wave paintings. I also implied the human eyes and a side profile of the human face which serves as the center and beginning of the art piece.

Abstract Artists and Inspirations

Most famed abstract artists whether it is Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, or Jean-Michel Basquiat, they produced work somewhat in a similar way. My entire life time creating art does far I haven’t produced that many abstract drawings or abstract paintings.

However, whenever I do experiment where it is on canvas or paper I find it very therapeutic because of the process. I can find myself spending six hours to 14 hours straight working on an art piece. By the time I look at the clock the time has already gone by.

Whenever I do experiment where it is on canvas or paper I find it very therapeutic because of the process. I can find myself spending six hours to 14 hours straight working on an art piece. But a time I look at the clock the time has already gone by.

You might think well you are very passionate about creating what you do. And I would reply yes I am very passionate about expressing myself through art, but that doesn’t change the fact that if someone else wanted to start creating art with a similar approach that they couldn’t. They very well could create some abstract compositions themselves.

These are my thoughts and I truly believe that we are all artist. The only difference in a person being labeled an artist is they are either labeled by in audience or they claim themselves to be an artist. Everyone else just hasn’t quite decided what are they are an artist and haven’t produced the work.

My Creative Workspace

Creative Workspace

My Creative Workspace

Abstract Drawing Style

Pablo Picasso is one of my major influences when it comes to experimenting with lines. Picasso believes that drawing was essential to creating art. By the age of 16 he had mastered classical painting and was in astounding artist. The rest of his story well is pretty much history.

After looking at his pieces that were done in the cubist style, I found inspiration to take something I had already been experimenting with and innovate it to be my own. I have seen many different types of line art online but I wanted to create a style for myself. The style is systematic and I recognize my own patterns and shapes.

Abstract Line Art Series Collections

One of the key things that I look at after I step away from creating the bare subconscious drawing is the contrast. Contrast and impression of value through only lines can be challenging. Over the years I have gotten to a level of understanding of how to imply more contrast in my line. Whether they are subject focused or non-subjective contrast for me is important. I use the same style in the African mask drawings that I create and my swan drawings.

Without lines there cannot be any visual art. Once a person takes a dot and creates another dot it leads to a line eventually. You’ve heard of implied lines correct? I believe this is the reason the implication will come regardless whether it is intentional or not. Therefore I argue visual art cannot be created without lines. I still believe that lines are important and art that I created a blog post entitled “The Importance of Lines In Art”.

Abstract Wave of Thoughts 3 | Artwork

3 of 4 Black and White Abstract Drawings - (Abstract Wave of Thoughts 3)

The Third Abstract Drawing

Creating something that was somewhat chaotic and broken up was the main objective of this abstract artwork. The shape I wanted to still be organic but structured in a way even though it was being broken up. I implied a lot of dripping effects through contrast in this drawing.

There is a different sense of space in this drawing because of the broken up pieces and a few different types of patterns I implemented and this illustration. I use some subtle stippling technique the completion of the drawing.

The Final Abstract Artwork

Picasso. This artwork was is the most symbolic piece from the series. It is the most influenced by Pablo Picasso out of all the other pieces I created in the series.

I do have to mention that I watched a Pablo Picasso documentary two months prior to creating this drawing. Nevertheless, taking some of his ideas as far is face direction or body distortion I created this piece. 

One of the things that I did was create a harsh borders to the black ink sheeting took imply a sense of framing. Although, the piece is still very organic it is very structured. Some of the shaves even see more drastic and harsh and this artwork.

A Signature Style of Drawing

If you follow my artwork you will come to see that I do have a signature style. However, I am quite flexible in the mediums that I create. I love producing digital art, especially digital paintings. The styles of my digital paintings are quite different than my line drawings. Below are two examples of digital paintings that I have done.

The Original Abstract Drawings for Sale & Merch

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