On this page you will find a collection of cute cat drawings for cat lovers and owners on Kenalsworld.  All of the drawings are original artworks created by visual artist Kenal Louis. The drawings of cats are whimsical ideas created from a passion for fashion combined with line movement.

Seven Cats In Paris - The First Cat Drawing

Love Meow's 15 Amazing Traits of Cats

Love Meow created this super cute post with the following 15 cat qualities and traits. From being cute and adorable to their agility, cats are capable of doing incredible things. The cat qualities on their site will just make you love cats even more.

Seven Cats In Tokyo - The Second Cat Illustration

A Simple Cat Face Drawing

Simple Cat Head Drawing

Simple Cat Head Drawing

Cat Drawings Illustration

Cat Drawings Illustration

Bunny and Cat Drawing

A Cute Bunny and Cat Drawing

The cat pencil drawing with the bunny was an idea I had to create something that was a representation of ultimate cuteness. I thought to myself what is cuter than cat right next to a bunny and created a composition of it.

Today I rarely use pencil to make complete drawings of the artworks I produce. The medium I use the most is ink pen on paper.

Something about the clean line movement with the contrast attracts me more as an artist. Not to mention I find it more therapeutic to draw with a pen with no intention of erasing lines.

Below are a few more sketches of cats I created in my sketchbook has rough ideas for artworks. Both of the sketches are merely just that, they are rough ideas and not complete illustrations.

Do you have a cat? Would you like me to draw or paint your cat? If yes, send me an email via contact page on Kenalsworld.

Different Cat Artwork Styles

The Cat On The Diamond Illustration

The Cat On The Diamond Illustration

In this digital painting of Alicia Keys and Swiss beats I also had an Egyptian cat on a diamond. Although, this is a small addition to the artwork I believe the cat on the diamond add something unique to the piece.

King Swizz and Queen Alicia Illustration

The portrait of the couple is part of an extended art series I call the Royalty art series. You can read more about it on the  digital illustration collection page if interested.

Magical Cat Drawing

This next illustration of a cat head look more like a tiger now that I look at it. However, the drawing started out as a simple cat face. The drawing was also inspired by an actress named Sydney park who I follow on Instagram.

She has this beautiful cat call Diego and he is a very furry and beautiful cat. Her cat look almost like a wildcat because of the hair around his head and in destroying I wanted to sort of capture the same visual look.

The style is similar to the one I use in my African mask drawings. As an artist I've learned to apply certain elements and aesthetics to my art to make them unique to me. 

The domestic cat is the most popular pet in the United States. Thanks to the grumpy cat and countless cute viral cat videos. There are over 85 million cats owned in the states according to the pet statistics from ASPCA. Although there are more cats than dogs, dogs make about 10% more owned than cats. Nevertheless, cats rule.

Free Cat Coloring Pages

Love cats and love coloring? Download these free cat coloring pages I create for adults and kids.