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Cat Drawings Art Series

On this page you will find a collection of cute cat drawings for cat lovers and owners on Kenalsworld.  All of the drawings are original artworks created by visual artist Kenal Louis. The drawings of cats are whimsical ideas created from a passion for fashion combined with line movement.

Kenalsworld Founder and Creator Kenal Louis

The Artist - Kenal Louis

Hi, my name is Kenal Louis I am the artist behind the art on Kenalsworld. I love drawing and  I also love cats.

Medium: Ink Pen on Paper

Paper: Bristol Board 9x12in  Vellum
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Art Genre: Line Art

The Start Of The Cat Drawings Art Series

The following cat drawing series inspired by fashion and different cultures. You can own prints of the cat drawings today available on canvas, wood, paper and metal. The collection of art works or whimsical line illustrations created with simple cats faces.

I was a child in Haiti growing up when I got my first pet. The first pet that I had was a cat. I remember having my childhood in Haiti, that sometimes we would have anywhere from 3 to 5 cats in the house at a time. The little faces of the cats would often melt my heart.

It's been years since I've actually had a pet of my own, and since then I've long hope to one day have a cat as a pet again. As an artist over the years I have created many drawings of cats.

Although I created the drawings I never truly made anything complete, most of the drawings of the cats that I created were sketches.

As I am finding my persona and creating a wide body of work as an artist, I understand what I need to create. This series of simple line work and cute cat drawings were inspired by a whimsical idea.

I've produced the most drawings I've ever done in a year in 2017. The drawings usually take 2-4 hours each and in 2017, I produced over 200 complete artworks.

My Goal With The Cat Art Series

With the drawings I wanted to produce a series of cat artworks that almost mimic a puzzle in a way. I wanted the cat drawings to be like an I Spy game for viewers.

The illustrations of cats you are going to see are drawn in different scales. I purposely draw the cats at different angles and in ways that make them a bit challenging to see and locate.

The first few cat illustrations feature seven different cats within the artworks. Originally the drawings were created using an ink pen on Bristol board paper. Following the creation of the drawings I later imported the artwork into Adobe Photoshop to digitally color them.

Seven Cats In Paris - The First Cat Drawing

The first piece from my creation of the  drawings of cats is called "seven cats in Paris". Cats are a popular pet in France. I would say they are popular in Europe in general.

Growing up I remember one of my favorite cartoons was Tom and Jerry. Another favorite cat animation of mine was The Aristocats the musical. I didn't give much thought into creating this first artwork because it just seems so natural that cats in France made sense. This drawing was the first of the series incorporating seven cats.

Cats have been around for thousands of years. The feline has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2800 B.C. Cats are even popular in traditional Chinese ink paintings. Cats are often referred to as emperor pets and pets of royalty.

Characteristics of the cat often suggested being narcissist as a negative trait. When I first moved to the United States I am learned about people being cat person's and dog persons. I can recall even in psychology they would mention people either have a cat or dog persona, which I thought was strange. After all, we are human beings.

It is said that dogs are man's best friend and the most humble out of the creatures. This often leaves the cat out of the picture. Although, I will say I don't think the cats care very much. 

Contour Line Drawing: Seven Cats in Paris 

Seven Cats in Paris Drawing

Cats and Cultures

Cats prefer to be adored. In some cultures cats are worshiped. There are also a wide amount of superstitions surrounding the cat. The cat is often referred to as a mystical and magical creature.

In this National Geographic article they mention that cats were so adored that if someone killed them in Egypt they we sometimes sentenced to death.

Combining the cats with fashion I also included a designer shape purse in the drawing. If you visited Kenalsworld before you can tell that I enjoyed creating fashion illustrations. 

I often create fashion drawings to express creative ideas that I have for some clothing. I am not a fashion designer or fashion illustrator, but I do have a passion for fashion. As an artist I feel like my interpretation and expression make my point of view unique.

The Cat Drawing's Elements

This piece of the cat drawings is an extension of this passion of mine. This was the first drawing from the seven cats series, and in the piece I also included are the elements like a snail and an origami drawing.

In the drawing you can also see a plane with a small cat in the window and of course I could not forget the addition of the Eiffel tower with the cat beneath it. 

Love Meow's 15 Amazing Traits of Cats

Love Meow created this super cute post with the following 15 cat qualities and traits. From being cute and adorable to their agility, cats are capable of doing incredible things. The cat qualities on their site will just make you love cats even more.

Seven Cats In Tokyo - The Second Cat Illustration

Tokyo is one of the most exotic Asian cities in the world. Is diversity and technology and fashion have influenced the world. I never realized that I would one day want to visit Tokyo Japan.

Aside from their Skytree tower, cherry blossom trees in the spring, and countless other attractions Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. There are so many interesting facts about Tokyo I discovered after reading this post by Factinate.

Tokyo is on my bucket list to visit before I leave this earth. This piece from the cat illustration series was inspired by some subtle elements of Japanese culture.

A Simple Cat Face Drawing

Simple Cat Head Drawing

Simple Cat Head Drawing

Cat Drawings Illustration

Cat Drawings Illustration

Contour Line Drawing: Seven Cats in Tokyo

Seven Cats in Tokyo

I Dream Of Japan

I have had dreams about Japan as if I was there and the olden days. Asian culture has always been a fascination of mine. A few years ago I began learning Korean and Mandarin.

Japan's culture itself has always been fascinating to me. If there is still time maybe one day I will start to learn the native language of Japan.

Inspiration From Japanese Anime

I have not much experience drawing cartoons. Yet, somehow I managed to create these very simple cute cat drawings. When I was in middle school I use to draw Dragonball Z characters a lot.

I grew up watching a lot of anime produced from Japan. One of my favorite anime films is Akira. Another Japanese animation show I enjoyed dearly was Detective Conan and Yuyu Hakusho. Sometimes I will go to Hulu to watch an episode or two while I work on artwork.

The animation style overall when they create their characters is very distinctive. The simple cat drawings sort of embody and was created to represent a culture was the simplest elements possible.

Some of the other elements in the drawing are the Ying and Yang symbol, the Hokusai waves, and cherry blossoms. The remainder of the artwork was composed with a fluid motion direction in mind.

Bunny and Cat Drawing

A Cute Bunny and Cat Drawing

The cat pencil drawing with the bunny was an idea I had to create something that was a representation of ultimate cuteness. I thought to myself what is cuter than cat right next to a bunny and created a composition of it.

Today I rarely use pencil to make complete drawings of the artworks I produce. The medium I use the most is ink pen on paper.

Something about the clean line movement with the contrast attracts me more as an artist. Not to mention I find it more therapeutic to draw with a pen with no intention of erasing lines.

Below are a few more sketches of cats I created in my sketchbook has rough ideas for artworks. Both of the sketches are merely just that, they are rough ideas and not complete illustrations.

Do you have a cat? Would you like me to draw or paint your cat? If yes, send me an email via contact page on Kenalsworld.

Different Cat Artwork Styles

The Cat On The Diamond Illustration

The Cat On The Diamond Illustration

In this digital painting of Alicia Keys and Swiss beats I also had an Egyptian cat on a diamond. Although, this is a small addition to the artwork I believe the cat on the diamond add something unique to the piece.

King Swizz and Queen Alicia Illustration

The portrait of the couple is part of an extended art series I call the Royalty art series. You can read more about it on the  digital illustration collection page if interested.

Magical Cat Drawing

This next illustration of a cat head look more like a tiger now that I look at it. However, the drawing started out as a simple cat face. The drawing was also inspired by an actress named Sydney park who I follow on Instagram.

She has this beautiful cat call Diego and he is a very furry and beautiful cat. Her cat look almost like a wildcat because of the hair around his head and in destroying I wanted to sort of capture the same visual look.

The style is similar to the one I use in my African mask drawings. As an artist I've learned to apply certain elements and aesthetics to my art to make them unique to me. 

The domestic cat is the most popular pet in the United States. Thanks to the grumpy cat and countless cute viral cat videos. There are over 85 million cats owned in the states according to the pet statistics from ASPCA. Although there are more cats than dogs, dogs make about 10% more owned than cats. Nevertheless, cats rule.

Cat Art Prints on Canvas Available

All of the cat illustrations are available for sale as prints. Prints are available on canvas, paper, acrylic and wood. Artworks are available both in color and in black-and-white for any suitable interior decor.

My hope for the series of the seven cats is that they will find a home. I am not much of an art sales person, but I am an artist who does aspire to have his artwork distributed to as many homes as possible. Although the art style is not traditional pencil art, they have a contemporary feel which I believe is suitable for any modern contemporary home.

Always Creating
Work Space

I will be adding more drawings to this page as I create more pieces for the Seven cats series.

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