Cool Heart Drawings -The most creative and beautiful heart drawings, cool drawings of the human heart. Cool heart illustrations created to represent multiple ideas and concepts behind the human heart.

My name is Kenal Louis and I am a digital illustration artist. I create art through the practice of many mediums. Much of my drawings, paintings, digital art can be found on my Instagram page @kenallouis. The subject matter of my work varies based on my emotions, thoughts, and admirations. 

​The human heart is a beautiful organ. I find that the shape is distinct and so fascinated how we all as human beings have different hearts. Below are a collection of cool heart drawings I've illustrated to visually express different concepts and ideas.

Creating The Cool Heart Drawings

Creating the following heart drawings is part of an ongoing art series. I wrote this in-depth article on Kenalsworld about the thought process that went into creating the heart. You can read more about the heart drawing collection on the article "Human Heart Drawing – The Most Beautiful Hearts That Will Inspire You".

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

A Collection of Cool Heart Drawings

Photographer's Heart

Photographer's Heart - Cool Heart Drawings

The "Photographer's Heart" prints are available on Fine Art America for the photography lovers. 

Transparent Heart

Transparent Heart - Cool Heart Drawings

Having a transparent heart is really about being genuine and real with people. This thought inspired the creation of "White Diamond Heart".

Heart Drawings For Sale

The following heart drawings are available for sale as prints on my Fine Art America art store.

Royal Heart

Royal Heart - Cool Heart Drawings

Red Heart Of Light

Red Heart of Light - Cool Heart Drawings

Pride Heart

Pride Heart - Cool Heart Drawings

Geometric Heart

Geometric Heart - Cool Heart Drawings

Heart Made of Roses

Heart Made of Roses - Cool Heart Drawings

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Art is a daily part of my life. Using social media is very convenient for sharing content like a sentence for a thought or image with one click. The social media platform I utilize the most to share my art is Instagram. Follow me on there to see the things I am always creating. I have several art series I am working on simultaneously.  

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