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LGBT Pride Drawings – Beautiful Pride Heart Art You’ll Love

"Pride Heart" is part of an original LGBT pride drawings series representing the beauty of gay pride. Own the pride heart art piece today. The following heart illustration was created as a part of a heart drawing series. Entitled the "Pride Heart" I made this heart to represent something creative, original and symbolic for the LGBT community. 

LGBT Pride Drawings

Kenal Louis - The Artist

My name is Kenal Louis. I am a digital illustrator and traditional visual artist. Art is my passion. I create something by either drawing or painting every day. I've been drawing since I was 4 years old.

"Pride Heart" is the first of a series of LGBT pride drawings I am developing. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated with daily artworks that I create. Through the Instagram page I share stories and posts whenever I update this page or the Kenalsworld blog.

The artwork can be classified as Rainbow Art, Rainbow Digital Art, Pride Art, LGBT Pride Art, Heart Art or an Abstract Art.

Creating The Pride Heart Drawing

Standing for what you believe in is one of the most courageous and bold things you can do as a person. Growing up as a child in Haiti, I was brought up in a household with a mother and a father.

This was the picture or image I always had in my head of what a relationship should be. My parents are also Christians and raised me to love everyone. Even with these things embeded in me as a child I found it difficult to accept certain changes culture wise. 

It wasn't until we came to the United States that I truly had been exposed to homosexuality. My point of view on someone being gay was judgmental because of a religion and the environment I was raised in. Over the years I came to accept people as they are. I came to see love as not something reserved for one and not another.

All people should have the freedom to love whoever they want to love. If you are attracted to the same sex it really doesn't matter what other people think. Other people may judge you but they are not the creator of your life.

"I believe through my art, people will see my thoughts.
Through my art people will see my heart."

The pride heart resembles something deep, truth, love, openness, and beauty. Love itself is beautiful for those who find it. I'm not just talking about encounters or a month long interaction. I am talking about a deep connection to another being. This is the representation of the "Pride Heart" for me and as a part of my extended heart drawings, it's one of my favorite artworks.

Following Pride

One of the publications I follow online is  On their site I recently discovered this post where they featured some of the coolest LGBT bloggers online.

As an artist I am always challenging myself to create something different or unique. I once heard the following phrase when I was a teenager "there is nothing new underneath the sun." This phrase stuck with me growing up. Through my own personal development as a man as an artist I kept this idea close to heart. 

The First of The LGBT Pride Drawings

LGBT Pride Drawings

LGBT Pride Drawings

The First Pride Heart Drawing

The human heart drawing is available for purchase as a print  of the heart on canvas, paper, metal and various other merchandises.

LGBT Pride Clock

LGBT Pride Clock

The Rainbow Pride Heart Clock

From clocks, throw pillows, and phone cases. The heart can be purchased on Redbubble.

About The First Piece of The LGBT Pride Drawings Series

I realized that with the wide amount of technology, tools, software, and resources available now; artists can bring any vision they have to life visually. The "Pride Heart" was created using an Indian ink pen and digitally painted as well as colored through Abobe Photoshop. A while back the heart went viral on Pinterest. The pin has over 1,500+ repins and still counting. The lgbt drawings on this page are also available on t shirts and more.

The "Pride Heart" illustration is available for purchase as a collective artwork.  If interested in ordering a framed piece, artwork on canvas or wood, visit my Fine Art America store page. 

Pride Heart Art On Wood

Pride Heart Art On Wood

Framed Pride Heart Art

Framed Pride Heart Art

Pride Heart Art On Canvas

Pride Heart Art On Canvas

A Unique Point of  View About The Heart

Sometimes I wish I was an artist I was the first to create a style or a visual idea. I've come to realize that There are very few ideas that I truly original. Almost everything one thinks of another person has thought about before them. Now, whether the person that first thought of that idea I had the skill to bring the idea to Life that is a different story. However as an artist I do not limit myself or allow myself to be limited by fear.

With this I can say I am not the first person to draw the human heart in a creative way but I do believe the stuff that I create a man and my point of you visually is unique. A photographer I followed when I first embarked on a journey to create fashion photography said this. "As a photographer people hire you for your point of view". This is also true for visual artists. When a viewer sees an artwork you create they want to feel connected to it or want to know what inspired the thought behind it.

I've learned through personal experience in encounters with other artists that most are not articulate with their art. Meaning they don't describe or share why they create their art.

The LGBT Pride Merchandise

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The Second of The LGBT Pride Drawings

Complex Pride Heart

Complex Pride Heart

This next heart drawing is the second drawing created to illustrate pride. In the past I've done some fashion and editorial beauty photography. I've worked with the best makeup and hairstylists in Omaha, Nebraska to create some amazing shoots.

Collaborating with gay and lesbian stylists was no different than collaborating with straight ones. Truth be told, they were all creative. 

Illustrating Art With Emotion

Me personally as an artist I create art based on how I feel. A good majority of my art if you look at them long enough and try to analyze them you can sense where I am at that moment in my life. 

I could have been in a very experimental phase, joyful, down or sad at that moment. You can tell emotion based on line movement, color tones, and many other elements.

My art tells a story and they are all relate-able. The "Pride Heart" artwork is another piece which represents these ideas. The year the illustration was created was 2016. 2016 is also the year former President Barrack Obama left the White House. With him leaving much changed.

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Some will argue about his contribution as a leader during his two terms. I am an artist who doesn't get into politics with other people. I just create art to express how I feel about certain issues. I am not a propaganda or political artist, but I do believe hat through my art people will hear my voice. Also, I believe through my art, people will see my thoughts. Through my art people will see my heart.

Geisha Photograph

Beauty Model: Nancy Pham

Fashion and Beauty

Here is a link to some of my photography on Behance of the Avant Garde Geisha shoot I did with Omar Rodriguez. 

Link: The Avant Garde Geisha Shoot

Here is a link to some of my photography on Behance with a beautiful African American model Tia Dawson. 

Link: The Shoot With Tia

Model Beauty Photography

Beauty Model: Tia Dawson (Tia Miara)

Am I Creating Gay Drawings?

Some people may come across this page and think it's "gay art", but that is their point of view whether it is good or bad. As an artist I've come to understand that not everyone will like the artworks that I create. This if perfectly fine, but this doesn't keep me from expressing myself and bringing my visions to life.

I would rather not limit my art by categories, but understand that people always want to categorize almost everything. I do have to mention that I create all kinds of art not just gay drawings or gay art.

Complex Pride Heart Merchandise 

Complex Pride Heart T-shirt For Him

Gay pride merch - T-shirt

Complex Pride Heart Throw Pillow

Gay pride merch - Throw Pillow

Complex Pride Heart T-shirt For Her

Lesbian Pride Graphics Tee

The Third Piece From The LGBT Pride Drawings

What does pride mean to you?

For me pride is simply being proud. It is a state of confidence in the boldness you have regarding something you care about. However, pride in some cases could be a symptom of having a big ego. With the direction of the artwork I have created, I see pride in the way much more of boldness. I believe everyone should be free to express themselves and their belief anyway they so choose. Even though I believe this is not everyone share the same mindset or belief about pride. If you then add gay, lesbian, and transgender to this topic it still makes a lot of people feel uneasy.

An Artist’s Belief

As I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this page leading into the first illustration; I grew up in a Christian home where I learned about Christian faith. I was brought up was in a very religious manner, but through my adulthood I learn to be more spiritual than religious. Some people find it difficult to distinguish the difference between the two, but there is a difference.

No, I am going to sound crazy but I also believe there is life in space. You can call them and aliens or whatever you want to call them, but I believe it is naïve to think that we as human beings are the only creatures and a universe that is so big we can't even fully measure.

I believe a man can love another man and a woman can love another woman. Not that my belief matters to any other person other than myself, I just know I cannot judge another person for who they choose to love. Our environments and past experiences in life affect who we are and who we become in the life that we live. 

The LGBT pride heart is my visual series in artistic impression as well as expression of these thoughts.

"Pride Awareness Heart" is the third and last artwork from the three piece sub-art series. Inspiration for this heart concept came from a previous cancer awareness heart I created in 2016. I thought of illustrating the ribbon in the heart in gold. I proceeded to add a bit more detail in the digital painting of the heart. 

All of the hearts I draw are created with a Faber-Castell pitt pen in their first stage. After the drawings are completed I digitize them through either photographing the artwork or scanning them.

Pride Awareness Heart Art Prints

Pride Awareness Heart  On Canvas

Brief history in art

I was never fortunate to attend art schools when I was younger. Much of everything I've learned as an artist has been through experience and self development. Around the age of 14 I begin to develop this zeal and eagerness to learn. I always come across people who say they can't draw or could never create the art that I do.

Whenever I came across them and they said such things to me, I got a little aggravated. The reason being is I see art as an expression and something that is learnable. I always say that I was not born out of my mother’s womb painting and drawing the way that I do. Over time in years and after much practice I got better. Ask any artist who you admire or you Cedar work in our marvel by what they do and they will tell you the same thing.

So if you think you can't draw or can't paint. You are limiting yourself by saying in believing that you can't do something. The moment you decide to take action and do your best to develop yourself, you will come to realize there is nothing in life that you want to achieve that you cannot do.

Pride Awareness  Heart Tank Top

A Unique and Cool LGBT Pride Tank Top

Get this coold pride heart tank top. Sport it with some almost any dark denim jeans and maybe a white or tan cardigan layering the top. Stand apart and rock something not everyone is  wearing yet.

Pride Awareness Heart Prints

The Complete Heart Illustration

The "Pride Awareness Heart" was the last completed artworks from the series. The elements of gold was added to illustration to provide a slight visual effect of elegance.

Pride Awareness Heart Phone Cases

The LGBT Pride Drawings on Phone Cases

Own a phone case with the "Pride Awareness Heart". Available for both iPhones and Android phones. There are phone cases that are wallets as well as have extra protection if needed. Visit the store to view more options for the artwork.

Pride Artworks  and Pride Merchandise For Sale

All of the heart drawings are available for sale on Fine Art America as prints on Canvas, metal, canvas and more. 

Merchandise like clothing apparel, accessories, and others are available of my Redbubble page of these three heart illustrations.

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