The following is a series of romantic drawings by traditional artist and digital illustrator Kenal Louis entitled “Galactic Lovers”. In creating this art series the goal was to produced cool love drawings that were tasteful, creative, and not overly sensual. Creatively the objective was to leave the viewer who see these romantic art drawings open for the mind's interpretation. 

The Romantic Drawings Artist

For roughly 2 years maybe three come to think of it I've done a few romantic artwork. Some were more explicit and others and inspired by the human figure. In my latest body of work I've been doing a lot of pen and ink drawings.

The drawings that I have been creating consist and are composed of line art work with strong contrast with Black ink shading.

Galactic lovers was inspired by a new art style I developed. As an artist who enjoys exploring new ideas I always find myself creating new art series. Whether the Art that I create or themed around people, animals, and or other cultures I always find myself creating multi-series.

My Creative Habitat - Drawing Atmosphere

Everyday I create something. Often I have too much on my mind, so my only escape from reality like a lot of artists is through the artworks that I create.Below is my current work space setup at the time I am writing about the artworks you see on this page. I don't have a drawing desk, but a regular one works just fine for me. The most important thing for my daily vibe are the paintings and drawings I keep around me. Whenever I get home and enter this room, everything changes and I am at peace. 

Enough about this room...Let's dive into the art.

The Birth of The Romantic Drawings - Galactic Lovers Art Series

Creating these various series of romantic artworks comes very naturally. I often say this and the blogs that I write on Kenalsworld that I view art as therapeutic. Whether I am coming home from a long day of work or am dealing with some sort of life obstacle, I find that drawing takes me away from the problems that I have for a moment.

The galactic lovers series does for consist of four pieces. Like many of the work that I create I am sure that I will continue to extend the art series. However, there is A narrative within the four artworks that you will see on this page. I am certain you've heard the phrase a picture is worth 1000 words. I create I'd like to say are worth many expressions.

A romantic poem I wrote, which came from the thought of creating this romantic art series.

Two lovers decided to birth the universe 
They touched in the darkness and a spark of light occurred
A climax of clusters and galaxies emerged
This is what happened when gods embraced
They created a galactic love
The romance which conceived the stars above

The First Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

About Space Embrace

In the first illustration I created this composition using a circular shape. The circular shape serves as a frame for the entire art piece. Within the artwork I included some of the signature element that I create or imply in a wide amount of drawings that I do.

In the illustration I also have the female figure sitting on a diamond while floating in space. She also appears behind a male figure slightly embracing him from behind while they both look at the viewer.

On the rib cage of both figures are located key holes and on their shoulders are their hearts. The keyholes represent the unlock mystery that they each have within. The heart on the shoulder simply mimics and represents them carrying their hearts on their sleeve. Each figure has a crown on their heads to also represent them as royalty or divine beings.

"Space Embrace"

First Piece of The Romantic Drawings Collection

More About The Romantic Illustration 

The crystals within the artwork’s composition represent something magical and mysterious about the piece. It is my belief that we as human beings are an amazing race as far as creation. Think about it.

Can you imagine what life would be like if your ears were on your knees or if you had four arms instead of two or maybe just one arm? Can you imagine if your arms were in the middle of your back?

You might think this is twisted but the truth is I believe we are in were wonderfully made. My belief may be different than yours because I am a Christian and I do believe in God. However, I am open to other people’s beliefs and respect what others choose to believe regarding their faith or religion. Aside from the crown I also included this orchid flower branch in the artwork. This orchid represents sensuality and something exotic.

Details In The Illustrative Drawing

The faceless beings represent all of humanity in a universal way. Our facial features make us distinctive from one another as humans. With the exception of a few other physical attributes our anatomy are pretty consistent.

With the stars behind them and comets flying by with crystals floating in space, I create an environment that is almost impossible. Nonetheless, as I begin the series with the beings on the  space backgrounds I saw it as a representation that we were gods and goddesses. In my mind I have this idea that One day that we will govern the stars in the universe. There are so many stars in space that it is impossible to number them all. The numbers of men and women who have lived on this planet and left through their death is also astronomical in a way.

If you are still reading this you I do think I am a crazy loony artist or you agree that there is maybe a possibility that we will govern stars and planets beyond the grave.

The Second Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

About King and Queen of The Stars

The “King and Queen of The Stars” line drawing is of two figures embracing each other again, but this time the female figure is behind the male holding onto his shoulder. Something about this pose in position makes it a bit more romantic and gentle in expression. I remember I took an storyboard course while I was studying at the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska.

In this course we had a section where we watched black and white vintage films. One of the films we watch was Charlie Chaplin’s City of lights. In this film chaplain an animated character did not use any audio or audible voice to communicate messages.

The entire course revolved around this idea of not necessarily having to use words to convey emotion or expression. I believe certain art execute and express emotions the same way.

"King and Queen of The Stars"

Second Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

As a notice when I first begin to draw and paint I did not think too much about the narrative or purpose of my work. Overtime I learned to process these thoughts in my mind as I created the illustrations that I did and sometimes premeditate division that I had. Today, most of every single artwork that I produce has a meaning.

Romantic Drawing  In Pen and Ink

"People buy people"

I have a mentor by the name of Thomas who opened my mind about what I really wanted to do with my life over a year ago. I mentioned to him that I wanted to sell art but as an artist I don't always think of how to relate to people. He said to me that people don’t just buy art because they think it looks nice. Sure the appeal is there, but people by art because of emotion or they feel that they can relate to it. He told me the truth and I understood what he meant.

Prior to our discussion I heard a photographer say once “People buy people.” This meant that people buy products or things from people they trust or like. In return they are buying the persons character.

As an artist I also don't think or necessarily care if people can relate to me. The main objective most of the time is simply me creating art that I feel inspired by true emotion or inspiration from a media like music.

The second piece is a reflection of these ideas. Continuing the series the artwork illustrates closeness. It also expresses visual but also still innocent affection.

A Short Story

When I was a teenager I used to write love poems. Some of the love poems that I would write would be sweet and some of them would be sensual. What could a teenager possibly know about sensuality or love? Well, I don't really think I knew anything about love or sensuality looking at things 10 years later. However even as a teenager I understood I wanted to write how I felt or what I thought I felt in regards to these topics.

Years later once in a while I write a poem, but lately I have been creating art nonstop. These artworks like both of these pieces you've seen are visual narratives that could be expressed in a poem.

Today when I create art I do so to express ideas. I've learned that through this gift that I have I can inspire people who are in a state of mind similar to mine. Aside from that, I seldom have artists who message me or email me that they admire the work that I do.

All I all, art is my passion and I plan to do it until I am of old age or dead and gone. 

Similar to the first illustration go figures also have the crowns on their heads and are surrounded by supernatural elements. Behind the figures you can see stars and flying comments. On the top part of the illustration you can see Crystal's as well as a frame that connects certain dots. The dots being connected are also a symbolism for the two figures relation. Both figures in the romantic drawing also wear necklaces to signify their royalty.

The Third Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

About When Gods Embrace

From here on things get a little bit more intimate with each of the drawings. The third illustration is of two figures embracing each other in a more sexual phase. Although the artwork is not explicit you can tell there is a strong intimacy between the two figures. Along with that they are surrounded by planets in this artwork. The planets represent conception.

Together as they embrace one another they conceive the stars and they conceive planets. The entire idea for this piece surrounded the topic of conception. Can you imagine if the stars and the planets in the sky were a product of two supreme in supernatural beings. This is the imaginative thought that went into the creation of this drawing.

In the middle of the woman's chest there is a keyhole. The keyhole is the way to her heart. Therefore the only person that can unlock the pathway to her heart is the one that she has given it to. Visually my goal with this piece was to convey this thought that is a metaphor through the use of visual elements and gesture.

"When Gods Embrace"

The Third Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Collection

The Fourth Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

About Galactic Love

This piece from the series of space themed cool love drawings has a new element. The element in this illustration is the life that is illustrated in the drawing.

Life in the artwork is represented by the two jellyfish which surrounds the two figures. Along with the stars, the planets, and the crystals the two figures conceived life. The life which they conceived was the jellyfish which are fluid and also a representation of beauty.

According to shamanism the jellyfish means acceptance and faith. The jellyfish I said to be creatures that well in the warm parts of the ocean whenever the temperature of the ocean starts to decrease, they move towards the equator.

When the temperature rises to where it is too hot for them to live in the sea comfortably they move towards the North or South Pole. Their constant movement is their key to survival.  

"Galactic Love"

The Fourth Piece From The Romantic Drawings Art Series

The beautiful jellyfish are survivors. These sea creatures trust the universe to show them their way. Whenever I have seen and witnessed the jellyfish at the zoo or in a video I always thought that they look like they were dancing. They flow effortlessly in the water in an element they were created for In a way this represents humanity because our lives are ever-changing.

Whether you want it or not change will come. I once heard from a great man by the name of Dr. Miles Munro say "change will happen with or without you." Now, the decisions that we make impact what kind of change we are going to experience.

The symbolism behind a creature is deep. If you need direction the jellyfish serves as a good guide. Some believe did the jellyfish can be a spirit guide when you need patience, a companion, or guidance in your life.

I wish I could say I knew all of this before I create the artwork, but I didn't. However, it makes the artwork all the more unique. And whenever I create these illustrations I often do some research personally about certain elements or animals that I incorporate into pieces that I produce.

Details From "Galactic Love"

Romantic Drawing Details

Romantic Drawing Details

Is That It?

Well, this is it. You've learned everything I could possibly give you about the thought process as well as inspiration for each of the drawings. I do have to say that the series is not over. I am not sure when I will continue the love drawings for Galactic Lovers, but follow me on my social media pages listed above the page to know when I share new art.

King and Queen Of The Stars - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

King and Queen Of The Stars - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

Space Embrace - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

Space Embrace - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

Galactic Love - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

Galactic Love - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

When Gods Embrace - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

When Gods Embrace - Romantic Drawings Art Collection Piece

Prints of The Drawings 

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