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May 15, 2017

Dream Catcher Drawing – The Most Creative Line Drawings You’ll Love

Dream Catcher Drawing Circles

The following dream catcher drawing art pieces are just 2 of the 1,000 circles that are being drawn for an extended art project. The project could take up 10 years to complete. All of the circle drawings are done free-hand with an ink pen on bristol board vellum or smooth paper.

Dream Catcher Drawing with Elk

The First Dream Catcher Drawing

These are two pieces from the series thus far. I will be extending the content and artwork on this page as I created more dream catcher drawing artworks in the future. They may not be in the same circular composition but will be uninformed or transition into different styles of drawings.

The art I create is always an experiment and I think most artists like the freedom to not be confined to a certain style. Although, there is nothing wrong with developing a style and sticking to it because that's how famous artists built their names.

Some examples would be Jean-Michel Basquiat (Abstract Expressionism), Andy Warhol (Pop Art), Pablo Picasso (Cubism), Jeff Koons (Stainless Steel Sculptures), and Jackson Pollock (Abstract Impressionism).

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I love using Pinterest to share my artwork and have some artworks that are not always on my Behance portfolio page. It’s hard to update Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Twitter and all of these social networks.

History of The Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are very mystical and spiritual objects. From the Native American's history, the dream catcher has been used to capture bad dreams. This way only the good dreams come through the middle of the dream catcher.

Once a dream came through it then slid down the feathers into the person sleeping. The dream catcher is also a representation of peace as well as unity among several Native American nations (Source: How Mainstream America Discovered Native Spirituality, Jenkins).

Source: Dreamcatcher Legend

In the New World Encyclopedia, the author mentioned that the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes like all Native tribes believed strongly in the spiritual realm. They also have a strong belief in the power of the dreams we have as human beings.

The origin Of The Dreamcatcher

The Second Dreamcatcher Drawing

Dream Catcher Drawing Artwork With Skull

Although the actual origin, regarding where it was actually created is still up in the air. This is primarily due to the loss of much of Native American history after their contact with the Europeans, which lead to their colonization and a lot of tragic events.

Dream Catcher Quote

Native of The Carribean

As an artist born in the Carribean, I can somewhat think of the pain Natives feel because of part of their lost history.

Being born in Haiti, I know very little about which parts of Africa Haitians were brought from. Much was lost after the African Diaspora. The only history and origin of our culture that most Haitians know are what started in Haiti after being brought from slave ships.

Creating The Dream Catcher Artwork Circles

All of the drawings from the circle drawing series are very diverse in their content. Some of the drawings are non-subjective, they have little to no symbolism at all. While other pieces for the circle drawings are representational of certain subjects and ideas.

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Creating Symbolic Art

  • One example is theKing Solomon & Lion of Judah circle drawing from the series.

This artwork is symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, and an Afrocentric interpretation of what the king may have looked like. So far the collection of circle drawings is slightly over 45 pieces all together. Make sure you continue to follow the blog or follow my Instagram page listed at the bottom of the post to stay updated.

Thought Process Behind The Dream Catcher Drawing

Drawing 1,000 Circles

From the first circle, that I created from the 1,000 circles the series continue to evolve.

In these two drawings, I created each circle as a symbolic visual representation of mystery. Lately, the artwork that I've been producing I think of as visual metaphors. In a way, I am creating poetry through the use of imagery because I am bringing these ideas to life for the viewer to interpret.

I believe art should have a balance in meaning as well as mystery. The mysterious aspect of it should be something like a puzzle or question the viewer or person that interact with it have to figure out.

Tools Used To Create The Dream Catcher Drawing

Three of the tools I used to create the circle line art pieces; if you are an artist and you yourself would like to attempt drawing in a similar style. The only thing I ask is that you do not copy my art exactly, but be original and creative in your own way. Develop a series, why not?

When I started the circle drawing series, I did not use a compass. However, as I drew circle after circle I was lead to try it in the series of artworks. So far there are 45 circles that are completed, which can be viewed on the Kenal Louis Instagram page.

Drawing Tools

Faber-Castell Pitt Pen

A Student Compass

Strathmore's Paper

The First Dream Catcher Illustration

Drawing is something I've always enjoyed doing as a child; growing up not much change. Except I wasn't making much money with my art prior to 2016. I decided I was going to push to become a full-time artist one day. I always told myself I would retire at an old age and create paintings, but the journey, as well as my vision, is still developing.

This first dream catcher drawing started out of my fascination with the human skull. The human skull itself represents mortality, wisdom, death, and something spiritual that we still don't understand... At least I don't. How a person can live their entire life and never truly know how they were created with flesh and bones. Truly, I see this as a mystery.

In this artwork, I wanted to convey this idea visually with the circle drawing. I thought about the composition for a minute and just started to draw.

As I drew each line and each element in the drawing, I begin to think of metaphors. Things like "the key of life", "our price", "faith to move the mountain", and so on. With each of these thoughts, I drew different elements in the composition of the artwork to illustrate these ideas I had.

Dream Catcher Drawing Steps

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these drawings. Here are stills from my Instagram page that I took of the drawing process.

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 1

Dream Catcher Drawing

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 2

Dream Catcher Drawing

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 3

Dream Catcher Drawing

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 4

Dream Catcher Drawing

The Second Dream Catcher Art Piece

This next dream catcher drawing I created to show colonization and nations consumed by another. I knew right away I wanted to draw a chalice in the artwork's composition but had my doubts on whether it would work visually. The drawing is like the first one. It is also full of many elements in its design and composition that are hints of symbolism.

The Symbolism In The Artwork

The globe in the center of the piece was created to express human nature. I heard this saying a long time ago and it stuck with me because when I first begin to learn English it was among the first quotes I heard. "I came, I saw, I conquered" by Julius Ceasar. This art piece was created to embody this conceptual idea.

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 1

Dream Catcher Drawing

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 2

Dream Catcher Drawing

Dreamcatcher Drawing Step 3

Dream Catcher Drawing

Each of the artworks was highly subjective in their creative direction. I love drawing non-subjective art, it always frees my mind from having to mentally organize thoughts. Doing abstract art is truly a form of therapy, but I also enjoy creative art with direction because I believe it gives the artwork meaning.

Dream Catcher Drawing Tutorial Video To Watch

Here is a live video of an artist I follow on YouTube. This video is a sped-up time-lapse of one of the artist's dream catcher drawings. Starting from the circle drawings to create the center piece to later adding the details to the artwork.

Creating the contour line drawing of the dream catcher is the first part of producing the artwork, like most of my line art pieces. I don't always add value in regards to shading in the drawings I create, but with these two circle drawings I did.

This is a great free-hand speed drawing tutorial. It is simple, unlike my obsessive detailed line artwork. However, it is similar to the process I undergo when creating my drawings.

Prints of The Dream Catcher Drawing Set

The following dream catcher drawings are available for print on both Fine Art America and Redbubble. Prints are available in matte, gloss, metal, canvas, and more.

Dream Catcher Framed Drawing

Dream Catcher Framed  Artwork

Dreamcatcher Prints

The artwork is available on Redbubble and Fine Art America/Pixels for home decor as well. Throw Pillows, T-shirts, clocks, and more are available on the store pages. If you would like to purchase any of the dream catcher drawings as a gift for someone, you can do so through these sites.

Creating art that eventually will become collectibles and also drawings that people find inspirational is my goal as an artist. If you would like to support my artwork buy a print of visit my store on Kenalsworld for an original piece.

Dream Catcher T-shirts and Home Decor

Dream Catcher Apparel

Dream Catcher Apparel

Are you looking for some cool Dream catcher apparel designs? If interested in purchasing the drawings on a t-shirt visit my Redbubble art store.

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