Erotic Couple Art

Erotic Couple Art Collection

An Erotic Couple Art Series by Kenal Louis

The following erotic couple art that you will see in this article will be each different in style. All of the artworks I created listed in this post completed over a period of six years. Hopefully, you will love the artworks and share this post. Take a journey through the artworks and leave your thoughts at the end.

This series of couple art ended in 2016 because of a change in direction with my art. If you like the couple illustrations you see and would like to support my art simply click on the artworks and it will take you to a store. At the store you will be able to purchase any print on Canvas, Metal and other materials.

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

"Lovers Sensual Love" Erotic Couple Art

"Lovers Sensual Love" Erotic Couple Art

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This artwork is the second piece I created when I first created this lovers and couple art inspired series. I never know how pieces I would have in the series or collection of artwork. However, each piece I illustrated I got more involved and inspired to continue to the lovers art series.

"Lovers Sensual Love" went viral on a Tumblr account in 2014 because someone used my artwork without permission as a meme with a negative caption I did not support.

Sex is something that should be discreet and remain a private discussion among lovers. The topic is often uncomfortable for some people to discuss and it's as sensitive as discussing politics for people sometimes.

Creative Vision

Music is a source of inspiration for quite a few of these illustrations. Growing up R&B music was the romantic sound I became used to. In creating these artworks, I often put on some good romantic music or jazz music.

Putting A Ring On It

Erotic Couple Art Detail

Unfortunately as a visual artist, when you have art online some people that come across your work have ill-intent to use or steal your vision.

The illustration has gone viral several times on Tumblr and Facebook. Once in a while I come across a meme of someone using my artwork. The sad part is it is almost always without crediting me as the artist who created the artwork.

It is disappointing, but it doesn't discourage me from creating.

The Artwork Framed 

Erotic Couple Art

I think as a creative and very visual person if you enjoy creating art and have experienced what I have, you should never stop producing and never stop sharing your work.

The Erotic Couple Illustration

"Lovers Sensual Love" is a couple art piece that I created to be romantic illustrating a black couple embracing. At the time I created this piece, there was a girl I believed to love since we were in high school and I created this artwork inspired by her.

In the artwork, I included a ring on her ring finger, some candle light and a simple representation of the bedroom. 

Own this artwork today by ordering a print on canvas or framed through the Kenalsworld store. "Lovers Sensual Love" is the second most sold art piece in my collection of erotic art.

"Passionate Ones" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

"Passionate Ones" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

Creating The Illustration "Passionate Ones"

"Passionate Ones" is the first artwork I created in the couple art series. I wanted to avoid incorporating any color in this artwork, but I figured having some red hues and tones for the background and particular areas of focus in the artwork also in the color red.

I learned once how photographers and individual artists used accents of red in their creations, and I guess this art piece was my demonstration and attempt at creating something visually along that line of thought.

Knowing Romanticism

Since a teenager, I begin to develop an admiration for romanticism and through this lovers art series I wanted not to stray too far from this idea of romance. Again this couple was illustrated as a black couple, but with the next artwork that I created, I used an interracial couple for the painting.

The couple art pieces you will see on this page are diverse in style, visually and were inspired by different ideas as well as sources of inspiration.
This drawing was also created as an impression of pencil artwork. What is more romantic to have in a love scene visually than whip cream and strawberries?

"Lovers Touch" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

"Passionate Ones" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

Creating The Illustration "Lovers Touch"

In 2012 "Lovers Touch" was created and I blogged about the art piece then, but Kenalsworld recently was revamped and subtly relaunched with an entire new structure. The artwork is a bit more intense creatively in the direction of an incorporated impression of affection.

Visually when I created this artwork I wanted there to be a balance between the skin tones along with the composition of the art piece. The intent of this artwork was to be slightly provocative, but not too abrupt as a visual image.

My belief is that regardless of our race love should not be restricted. This work also marks the beginning of my research and in-depth learning about the ancient Egyptian Ankh symbol and its meaning. The medium I used for this painting was digital art.

Art For Interracial Couple​

The illustration is also a piece that was created dedicated to interracial couples who love each other, but also love romantic art. This is a contemporary style I created inspired by Romanticism.

"Cybog Couple" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

"Passionate Ones" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

The "Cybord Couple" Sketch Drawing

This drawing is the earliest art I created of two figures together. The drawing was done with and ink pen on paper in 2010. I am proud to at least say I can draw a lot better without reference today. This piece may be an artwork I recompose whenever I am inspired to do so.

If you look closely at the left arm of both figures, you will see the names "Adam" and "Eve" vertically written on their arms. I can't remember why I wrote those names when I created this piece because it's been a while since I drew the art piece.

I can assume it was because I considered them to be cyborgs and the first couple art creation I created. This is the oldest drawing I've done of a couple, which is also abstract in a sense visually.

"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing
"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

I create line drawings a lot lately because I've come to find it very therapeutic for me as an artist. Many of my fellow artists I've talked with in the past consider the art that they create a form of therapy.

Whenever I create line art pieces, I am free mentally. The sole focus at the very moment is on the line my hand is creating at that moment.

"Zodiacs" is a drawing I created out of contour lines and a visual puzzle. The art I create is both therapy and a form of creative expression for me.

I found love in creating line art because for me it does not require much planning or thinking. Producing freely without a map is an adventure in itself.

Closeup of the Couple

"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

Closeup of an eye in the piece

"Zodiacs" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

The line art illustration "Zodiacs" was inspired out of my curiosity involving the twelve zodiacs, love, surrealism, abstract impression and love.

The overall artwork is a face created from symbols and visual elements that create the complete art piece. The couple in the art piece is the center of the artwork because together they produce all of the twelve zodiacs surrounding them.

Do you think this could be a visual story? What does this art piece say to you as a viewer?

"Zodiacs" is available for purchase through the art store. Prices range from $19 to $500 for a print on paper, canvas and other materials.

"Lovers Close To Each Other" Erotic Couple Art

"Lovers Close To Each Other" Erotic Couple Art

"Lovers Close To Each Other" is the most well-received artwork I have among my erotic couple art pieces. I have sold several prints of this abstract couple art from my online art store. With the stylistic direction and approach, I took in creating this painting, quite a few of my art store visitors found it appealing.

Fun, energetic, and balanced is the composition of this piece of art. It is the only illustration I created in this style with the selected vibrant colors as a backdrop for the two figures the image focuses on.

The erotic couple artwork is asymmetrical in its balance, but in value, it is evenly balanced, which makes the composition used in framing the couple work. This painting is the second interracial couple art piece I have in the series of lovers' art.

Growing up as a child I was never a fan of colors, and I avoided using color in any drawings I created. It wasn't until my teenage years that I begin to embrace applying colors in the art that I produced.

Timothy Bloom "'Til The End Of Time" A Source of Inspiration

Growing up listening to soulful and soothing R&B I learned to love musicians like Maxwell, D'Angelo, Raheem Devough, Musiq Soulchild and much more. These artists created music that was fully sensual and romantic. R&B have a lot of its essence musically over the past decade or two.

Connecting Music and Art

It is no longer the favorite genre although it is still a style in sound I believe a lot of people still admire. As a music lover and a visual artist, I create art seldom inspired by music. Music is a big part of my life, and truly I do not know how I could live without the sound of music.

Timothy Bloom is a musician and songwriter who have written music for many stars like Chris Brown, Diddy, Smokey Robinson, and More. His song entitled "'Til The End Of Time" inspired the creation of the next artwork in my erotic couple art series "Lovers Under The Stars".

"Lovers Under The Stars" Erotic Couple Artwork

"Lovers Under The Stars" Erotic Couple Artwork

This art piece also came from my thought of creating the couples in a tropical beach environment. This piece was also created in 2012 similar to the "Lovers Sensual Love" art piece. I used the visual from the music video as a reference source to pose and structure the illustration of the erotic couple in this artwork.

I may reproduce this artwork at a later time in a different manner because I was pleased with the composition overall and the final visual outcome of the digital painting. The beach scene is also something I thought to be very romantic to illustrate a couple in.

"Lovers Wired Together" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

"Lovers Wired Together" Erotic Couple Art Drawing

We live in a world where opposites attract. I took this idea and illustrated it with two colors that are considered opposites of each other, although this is far from the truth according to the color wheel. However, these two popular colors are usually the favorites of the masses.

Even in regards to politics, the Republicans adopt the color red as their own, and the Democrats adopt the color blue as theirs. Two of the most widely known gangs are blue and red. These colors are also often associated with many visual designs and representations of certain agencies as well as companies.

"Lovers Wired Together" is representative of the two colors which are separate, but attract each other surrounded by all the other colors producing dark lines. I have yet to do another drawing line this with scribbled connecting lines.

Although this style of the drawing did inspire these celebrity portraits, I created.

"Just Lovers JS" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

"Just Lovers JS" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

"Just Lovers JS" is the closest to the stylistic approach I took in creating the "Lovers Close To Each Other" artwork. I went through a short period in between 2012 to 2014 where I produced a body of work that had colorful, but abstract backgrounds for the subject I wanted to focus on.

Throughout the years I have evolved as an artist because different ways of creating art continued to spark in me. I grow with each artwork that I created. As an artist, I believe your growth is very important throughout your life because we never stop learning.

Knowing that there will always be something to learn and different styles to experiment with keeps me hungry to learn. Whenever I see an artwork another artist created in a style, I am unfamiliar with I spend time studying and researching the techniques that they used if possible.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is credited as the pioneer or among the top Neo-expressionism founders in art.

The Nude Art of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is credited with the birth of Cubism. It has long been said that nothing is new underneath the sun, but I believe even though as an artist most styles in art whether traditional or abstract have been seen we can still evolve and build as creative artists.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is credited as the pioneer or among the top Neo-expressionism founders in art.

Being a visionary is something I take a lot of pride in as a creative individual. This skill comes with experience and experimenting through trial and error.

The two artworks "Just Lovers JS" and "Lovers Close To Each Other" are similar, yet slightly different visually. This painting was an experimental stage in the art as I was creating art between 2012 and 2014.

"Ancient Lovers Connected" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

"Just Lovers JS" Erotic Couple Art Illustration

The last piece in this collection of erotic couple art series is "Ancient Lovers Connected". I produced this artwork after many types of research on the tradition and symbolism of the Ankh. I was surprised to find out the many various interpretations that the symbol is thought to represent.

The rich culture of the ancient Egyptians and ancestral Africans left behind through their cultural artworks, hieroglyphics, and symbols.

Some people believe Africa is where human life begin, some think it is the Middle East, and others believe where were brought through the earth in spaceships. As much as it would be wonderful to know exactly where we all came from I think it is more important to learn from the past, but build for the future.

All of the erotic couple art pieces that are listed in this article can be found at the Kenalsworld art store. If you see an artwork, you are interested in purchasing that is not in the store feel free to email me through the contact page regarding a print order or personal commission.

Printed copies of all the artworks are available on matte paper, metal, acrylic, stretched canvas and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read about each art piece and the inspiration behind each art piece. Please be sure to like, share, and comment about the artwork. I would love to hear your feedback in regards to which artwork is your favorite or created something visually unique for you.

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