Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners Aspiring To Be Illustrators

Fashion Illustration

Two fashion illustration books for beginners recommended for Illustrators. These two books contributed to the development of this fashion art series.

Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners

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The following illustrations were created with these two illustration books, every beginning illustrator should have. Read more about fashion illustration and view the rest of the pieces below.

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Fashion Illustration Books

I have always been a fan of art and creative artworks that are visually compelling. Fashion illustration is a sub-genre and style of art I admire. Without fashion illustration, it is hard to create any fashion attire or pieces. This is an essential part of the layout/construction of any design a fashion designer may have in mind.

The skill in creating fashion illustration is essential like learning figure drawing if you are studying to become a character developer. After a fair amount of research, I found two fashion illustration books I thought were very beneficial to any designer or aspiring fashion illustrator. The first book is Figure Drawing for Men’s Fashion from the Pepin publishing company and Figure Drawing for Fashion Design. (Fashion Illustration Books Resources)

Both of these books I have on the shelf in my small and personal collection of art related and illustration books at home. I find it great as a reference from time to time, when I need some guidance on fashion illustration principals.

Example of Fashion Illustration
Brief Excerpt on Fashion Illustration History

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During the 1500s and 1600s, two centuries of exploration and discovery, there was a strong desire to know about the costume of other nations. Costume books with engravings, but also painting became important sources of information. By the end of the 1600s it was even in fashion to collect fashion engravings! Around the same period, fashion for the first time became a topic in periodicals and in the 1700s pocket books with small and uncoloured fashion illustrations enjoyed a wide circulation. By the end of the 18th century, the first fashion plates appeared in periodicals dedicated to fashion only.

The 1800s were the heyday of the fashion plate and saw the emergence of a large number of fashion magazines. There were even lower priced black-and-white and more expensive hand-coloured versions of the same magazine. Another development in fashion illustration were plates that not just showed the clothes, but depictions of women wearing them in social contexts, illustrating the appropriate circumstances for the clothes to be worn. The late 1800s saw the beginnings of experimentation with fashion photography, but even then magazines copied photographs through engravings.

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Fashion Illustration History After WWII

Even After WWII, fashion illustration still blossomed in fashion magazines, but from the 1960s onwards it was replaced by photography as the main conveyer of fashion. Fashion illustration largely disappeared from magazines, although there was a revival in the late 1980s, reminiscent of the style of the 1920s.

Nevertheless, up until today fashion illustration is considered an art form and, thanks to the digital revolution, is experiencing a renaissance. The Internet is an excellent platform for fashion illustration that offers fresh and unique perspectives in a fashion world that is saturated with photography.

Major fashion publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair magazine were some of the pioneers in the fashion industry to feature works of fashion illustration in their publishing.

The illustrations brought a unique feel to the publications at the time when photography was not as dynamic or prominent. Fashion illustrations were done to express and showcase the luxury in fashion of the ladies and gentlemen in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

These Are Two Fashion Illustration Books Beginners Must Have

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Best Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners

Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

A renown fashion illustrator was Ruth Sigrid Grafstrom; born in 1905.  Her illustration work started appearing in American Vogue in 1933 and she probably remained with them until World War II. (fashionmodeldirectory)
She was one of the artists regularly contributing during the 30’s and had an immediate and lasting effect upon the style and appearance of the magazine, not through any personal revolution or innovation, but simply by work so distinctly of its time. The work was now more painterly than graphic, more direct and freely expressive in its statement than apparently deliberate and closely designed”
In 1937 Ruth sketched a gown designed by American designer Muriel King. Muriel King was a  costume designer, briefly at RKO in 1936 and 1944. Studied art at the University of Washington. Worked on theatrical costume designs, and simultaneously in magazine illustration for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.
Right from the beginning, she drew colored illustrations of clothes by Molyneux and Bergdorf and Vogue mentions “Ruth Grafstrom acknowledges her debt to Matisse, but Vogue’s mind is on the capes”.
Ruth Grafstrom’s work is not seen in Vogue after the start-up of World War II, and not much is known about her thereafter.

Fashion Illustration Sketchbook

Fashion illustration sketch

Sketch Created From Reference From One of The Fashion Illustration Books

Creative Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners & Illustrators

Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners

These are the best two fashion illustration books for fashion enthusiast.
Figure Drawing for Men’s Fashion
Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

The last piece in my personal fashion illustration series was inspired by the talented actress and talent Zendaya.

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Fashion Illustration Books For Beginners