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This type of art has been around for thousands of years since it could be defined. Master painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Master Sculptors like Michaelangelo paved the way defining the stand of art. The evolution of art is still going with digital art today and contemporary drawings by artists.

The artists who practice only the traditional mediums of art such as painting and drawing are often more referred to as fine artists. Unlike digital illustrators and graphic artists. Sculptors and traditional painters still sell art for millions today. Artists no longer have to be dead in order for their work to be viewed as valuable by others.

Fine Art Is Still Highly Valued By Art Collectors

Art collectors highly value fine art and still invest millions into owning art. Art is a commodity and to some extent a luxury. Through these posts and articles about art, you will discover art tips, art advice, and occasional art prints Kenal Louis have available.

fine art principles

Five Traditional Fine Arts Principles that Apply to Commercial Photography

These following fine arts principles apply to commercial photography. They are essential in any form of visual arts. Some of the hottest viral campaigns, most memorable wedding announcements, and successful commercial products in recent memory have featured strong visual photographic components. That is no accident. Commercial photography is an art form that is vital to the success […]


What Makes The Most Unique and Best Fine Art Photography?

Best Fine Art Photography: Let’s Start With What Makes Photography Fine Art?Fine art photography is related to the question: is photography an art? for over 180 years.In the early days, when the camera was first found, photography was the matter of science, but then Kodak went on the market with the slogan “You press the […]