Florida Fashion Magazine Features Avant Garde Geisha

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Florida Fashion Magazine Features Geisha

As a creative artist who begin a journey in studying fashion photography and portraiture in the Summer of 2012, I could not ask for a better opportunity to showcase my work as well as talent than to see my photograph on the cover of a respected magazine. I am truly proud to have my work on the front cover of the Focus SWFL magazine’s November issue. I wanted to cry when I saw the released cover on their website, but the tears would not come out; however, joy is within my heart. A special thanks goes to the media director Hugh of the publication for considering the project for their lovely issue.

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Art is something I have so much passion for as a creative individual. Ideas are constantly bubbling within me. I am one that is never short of ideas or lack vision in a creative way.  The work ethic I put behind every medium that I do sometimes can be stressful, but I cannot imagine my life any other way than the way it is right now.

Florida Fashion Magazine Features Avant Garde Geisha

florida fashion magazine

The featured photograph for the Focus South West Florida magazine is of a model and friend I have grown to find much favor with because of the character, her mind and of course her remarkable beauty.

I first met Nancy Pham in the Fall of 2012 during my first time attending Omaha Fashion Week, we connected sometime between the eventful week in Omaha to shoot something together. It was quick with no team, no makeup artist and no creative direction. However, the photographs came out the way I envisioned them because even then upon first meeting her I knew she was something special.

Model For The Florida Fashion Magazine November Issue Spread

geisha photoshoot

The Model Nancy Pham In Different Looks

nancy pham model

Model : Nancy Pham

Since my first encounter with Nancy we have been shooting together for the past year with our 5th photoshoot together drawing close  in November for a sequel to the geisha shoot. Nancy’s Vietnamese background makes her exotic in some way although she resides in Nebraska at the present time. Having walked many Omaha Fashion Week shows she is also always ready for runway.

The photos captured that are featured in the South West Florida magazine would not have been possible without a great supporting team along with h the gorgeous model.

Omar Rodriguez own O STYLES studio in Omaha and is one of the most talented stylists I have  had the opportunity to also work with while living in Omaha. The vision for the geisha beauty shoot came from a sketch brought to reality by the gifted stylist with the help of Raechel Dennis in coordinating the shoot.

Throughout 2013 I realized just how important and significant it is to have an amazing team from the model, stylist, makeup artist to having someone assist for the shoots to be completed. Everyone has to be in sync as well as very proficient with great eyes for art and vision.

The November issue from the publication is available for purchase  in print as well as digitally online. Support the publication as well as the team behind the shoot by liking their pages on Facebook and staying updated with our latest moves in fashion and beauty.

Florida Fashion Magazine Features Avant Garde Geisha

avant garde geisha

Avant Garde Geisha Shoot Team

The Team Behind The Photoshoot Idea

Be sure to visit the following links to like OSTYLES on Facebook, follow Raechel Dennis on Twitter, and Like Nancy Pham on Facebook. Support this creative team to inspire us to continue to create these stunning work together.

Omar Rodriguez – Master Stylist and Owner of OSTYLES

Raechel Dennis – Creative Coordinater & Freelance Designer

Nancy Pham – Fashion and BeautyModel

Kenal  Louis – Photographer/Retoucher

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