Floyd Mayweather Art – Stunning Art of The Greatest Boxer All Time

King Floyd Mayweather

This stunning artwork is the best Floyd Mayweather Art representing the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Mayweather proved why he is the greatest again on August 26 of 2017. In his bout with Connor McGregor by the 10th round, the already iconic boxer put a stamp on his 20 years boxing.

Floyd Mayweather Art

Floyd Mayweather Art

The Symbolic Floyd Mayweather Art Piece

There were a lot of doubters who didn’t believe that Floyd Mayweather Junior would beat Conor McGregor. I, on the other hand, had it already in my heart that he would beat Conor McGregor. This illustration I created months ago and at the time I had him at 49 and 0. I shared the original painting with the 49-0 on Instagram a while back.

About The Art Style

The artwork is also unique because Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the only athlete I’ve painted in the Royalty Art series. At the time I am sharing this illustration. All of the public figures, celebrities, and people I choose to include in the art collection have done something remarkable in their field. As modern-day kings and queens, I illustrate them because they are stars walking among men.

Floyd Mayweather Drawing Sketch For The Painting

My Fight Prediction With The Artwork

In anticipation of his fight with McGregor, I wanted to make a prediction with my artwork by already putting 50 on there, but someone told me to wait. So I waited and the result was what I already envisioned. Floyd Mayweather won the boxing match that was highly anticipated between him and McGregor in the tenth round by TKO.

The world champion was patient and protected his head as much as he could along with his core. After the third round, he begins to work Connor McGregor. By the eighth round he dominated McGregor in the ring and at 10 it was over.

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Highlights

Take a look at this post from the New York Times to see photographs and read this summary breakdown of each round.

Progression of The Floyd Mayweather Digital Painting

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Genius Ring Mindset

When I was watching the fight I saw the strategy that Floyd Mayweather Junior was using in the ring in the beginning. He played the defensive boxer in the first 3-4 rounds allowing McGregor to swing away.  By the fifth round, everything had changed. Well, let’s just say Floyd turned on the switch for the offense. McGregor was worn out from what appeared to be fatigued by the eighth round.

Floyd in the ring is a genius, to be honest, I believe a lot of people don’t give him his credit even when he had 49 victories and zero losses. Now, The champion has 50 total victories with no losses. Will they still not give him the credit he is due.

To be honest I don’t think Floyd gives a crap.  I don’t think he should. At the end of the day, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the greatest boxer of all time. If this 50th fight at the age of 40 didn’t prove that he is the greatest boxer of all time then I don’t know whatever will.

The Boxing Debate – What Is A Fair Fight?

Was it a fair fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor? Yes, Connor McGregor is a martial artist who trains in mixed martial arts and kickboxing. While Floyd Mayweather has been boxing for 20 years professionally and more. Again people will try to deny the fact that he won his 50th fight at the age of 40. The human body can only take so much and

While Floyd Mayweather has been boxing for 20 years professionally and more. Again people will try to deny the fact that he won his 50th fight at the age of 40. The human body can only take so much and

Again, people will try to deny the fact that he won his 50th fight at the age of 40. The human body can only take so much and after watching him in the ring be victorious even at that age was marveling.

After the fight, I’ve heard that he took cheap shots and the refs let him get away with punches. However, the same people that criticize or claim that he took cheap shots neglect to see how Connor McGregor kept trying to get behind him and also hitting him behind the head.

After all is said and done he is boxings greatest champion. You may not necessarily agree with his persona, but the man is great at what he has done and who he is in the ring.

Floyd also has excelled in the business of boxing. When will another man or a woman say again that they made $200-$300 million in one night. History will be legendary. His story will be talked about for the next century and beyond.

This digital art piece and Floyd Mayweather art piece is my symbolic tribute to the legendary boxing champion.

Some people believed McGregor had a chance because he is a martial artist. In my head, I always saw it as putting someone in the ocean with a shark. The truth is he was not a boxer but he wanted to challenge a boxer who won 49 fights in a row. This made no sense to me, but at the end of the day, both men walked away with millions of dollars for this entertaining fight that happened on August 26 of 2017.

SB Nation mentioned that this big fight could earn Mayweather up to $300 million.

Floyd Mayweather Junior was already on his way to the boxing Hall of Fame. With his 50th victory at the age of 40, there is no doubt that he will be a face and a name remembered in the next century and beyond.

Floyd Mayweather Artwork and Digital Illustration

 Floyd Mayweather Art - Digital Painting

Floyd Mayweather Art – Digital Painting

The artwork of Floyd Mayweather magnifies him as a king. As part of my royalty art series, I saw it only fit to include him in the collection of artworks that I have been creating.

The Floyd Mayweather Art Painting Details

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This artwork and its representation have been sealed. Floyd Mayweather Junior is the greatest boxer of all time.

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Floyd Mayweather Artwork

Floyd Mayweather Artwork

Floyd Mayweather Jr Is The Greatest Boxer of All Time

As I stated on my Instagram post after the fight “And he remains undefeated and a legend. He is the greatest bigger than ALI. Yes, I said it! 50 and 0!!!! No death threats please”.