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Frank Ocean Poster Drawing of Frank Ocean Pyramids

frank ocean pyramids drawing banner

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing Inspired by Frank Ocean Pyramids

The following art work was made along with motivated simply by Frank Ocean’s hit song and music recording “Pyramids”. The thought is all my artistic interpretation from the song and also the songs music video that created by but for the skilled performer as well as songwriter’s producers.

The video produced for the song by Frank Ocean commence by the musician drinking at a bar taking several cups and shots of what seems like liquid meth or a kid of drug similar. Though as a viewer I am led to believe that whatever he consumed at the bar spiked the darkness that was in him and his true plan intended which caused him to pull out a revolver and shoot the very same bartender that served him the drug. Following killing the bartender Frank Ocean than left the bar to go on a ride on his motorcycle through the desert. The ride scene led him to the next scene at the pyramid which is a strip club the song refers to as the “Pyramid” that Frank Ocean sings about this mysterious mistress he has something for. Even though, my thought is that all of which is taking place in the music video are all illusions due to the drug that he took from the beginning of the video production.

Frank Ocean Poster Done of Frank Ocean Drawing

Frank Ocean Drawing

frank ocean pyramids drawing

frank ocean poster inspired by pyramids – Frank Ocean drawing

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing of Frank Ocean Pyramids

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing Of Pyramids

The drawing of Frank Ocean made for poster prints and canvas prints illustrates him as a pharaoh because he flows and wanders in the music video as a king and finds himself lost in another portal as a sequence next after the other scenes and walking through a club full of lustful dancers and what appears to be possessed women. The atmosphere in the music video also comes across as aery, dark, mysterious, and full of lust. At the same time the club seems to lure anyone that would come across the Pyramid strip club that Frank Ocean appears in.

Frank Ocean Poster Prints Set On Fine Art America

Frank Ocean Drawing Set

frank ocean poster drawings

Frank Ocean poster – Frank Ocean drawing collection

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing For Sale

The following are two different Frank Ocean poster artworks that can be purchased online by visiting Fine Art America and searching “Frank Ocean Pyramids Kenal Louis”.

frank ocean pyramids drawing for sale

Frank Ocean Poster of Pyramids Drawing

Set of Drawings of Frank Ocean Poster

The poster drawing of Frank Ocean “Pyramids” was inspired by his music and is the second piece that I created of the multiple Grammy nominated signer of the 2013 Grammy celebrating event. The first piece that I created of the musician Frank Ocean was inspired by a prior single that he released entitled “Novacane ” which is a song that serves a lot of irony. I am a big fan of Frank Ocean because of his writing ability, voice and passion that he express and display though his music. At the time I created the artwork my goal was to only create something that was inspired by his song “Novacane.

The song “Novacane” was about a girl, but also about a drug. The irony of a woman being as good and bad as a drug for a person is not something that can easily be composed went it comes to music composition. Though I have been a fan of Frank Ocean since I first heard the Lonny Breaux Collection and Nostalgia, Ultra both released in 2011. It is amazing to see how fast and how big his career have exploded as a musician.

Drawing Frank Ocean with a blunt below which forms the figure of the artist was the idea I thought of similar to a genie coming from a lamp, but in this case an artist coming from a rolled blunt. Both drawings are available for purchase online at Fine Art America.

Frank Ocean Poster Artwork by Kenal
frank ocean pyramids drawing banner

frank ocean Poster Inspired pyramids drawing

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing Inspired by Frank Ocean Pyramids

Frank Ocean Drawing Inspired by Pyramids

Frank Ocean Drawing Inspired by Novacane

Frank Ocean Poster Drawing of Pyramids

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The Frank Ocean Poster Composed by Kenal

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