Geisha Makeup From OSTYLES Land FOCUS of NY Cover

Geisha Makeup Photoshoot

Geisha Makeup From OSTYLES captured by Kenal Louis

Photography is an art form I enjoy very much because like traditional painting and drawing, it allows me to be creative as well as expressive with my camera. Along with being expressive and creative, I also get the pleasure to meet and work with some phenomenal individuals. Some of them I work with once or twice, but others I develop an extended relationship with that is professional, but also something I cherish very much even when we are not working together all the time.

Stylist Omar Rodriguez

One specific individual I have been blessed to know as well as work with is Omar Rodriguez. In a previous post about our Avant Garde Geisha shoot together I boasted a lot about how fantastic Omar is… In this post I hope to continue to highlight the diverse and great artist that he is.

Every photoshoot with Omar is an adventure; from the initial talk we have together going over conceptual ideas and sharing our inputs to make the collaboration the best it can be; to the process of planning and the final shot captured at the actual photoshoot. Working with talent that I admire is always something that makes me even more excited until the day that we actually shoot. However, the excitement that does not stop once the photoshoot is done. It carries over to the editing and retouching process because I also like to challenge myself to shoot better, edit better and to produce the best I can possibly with the photography that I create.

I am my toughest critique because I am very detail oriented; this can be seen through some of my traditional artworks that I create through drawings or paintings in my online art portfolio.

Amazing Makeup Artists

Collaborating with Omar the second time was even more fun because nothing really went wrong the day of the photoshoot. The model Nancy Pham arrived on time; I always know when shooting with her I can rely on her not to be late for her call time, Omar was ready (not double booked) and we had a great supporting cast as well as team players.  One was the hair/makeup assistant  Rachel Irika, whom I had the pleasure to also shoot with as a stylist and  another stylist Samantha Joleen.

Rough Geisha Makeup Sketches

geisha makeup drawings

Initially I always draw my ideas roughly and sometimes they are not that great or highly detailed drawings. I view the drawings more like notes, but so far I haven’t failed to communicate my vision yet with Omar. In fact he takes whatever I draw to another level when we beginning the production process.

Not owning a big studio or working full-time as a beauty or fashion photographer allows me to take my time with the planning and preparation for  photoshoots.

Below is the first Geisha photoshoot we did together with a dark red and black hair. Omar was phenomenal on his part and the rest was up to me to make sure that I captured the model the best I could, for the final shot. We landed the cover for FOCUS of South West Florida in November of 2013. The publication decided to feature the image below for their cover of their, which was an honor.

The First Geisha Makeup by Omar Rodriguez

Geisha Makeup Magazine Cover

The Second Geisha Makeup Done by OSTYLES

We did not stop at the first Geisha, but went on the do a sequel shoot to make the another Geisha with a slightly more dramatic look with white hair. Omar and I talked regarding all sorts of ideas visually based on the second rough sketch I provided him as well as some photographs of inspiration.  Out of our collaborative efforts we produced something I was very pleased with. It was a success on both our part along with the team of people who supported us the day of the shoot.

Geisha Photoshoot Preparation

Geisha Photoshoot Preparation at OSTYLES Studio in Omaha

Geisha Photoshoot

The cover for the July Issue for FOCUS of New York in 2014 is of the second Geisha we collaborated on. I waited to release the photos because I sought to get the shoot published. The cover looks amazing and I am proud of the team that I had in helping bring another wonderful vision to life.

Inspired by The Japanese Geisha

The Geisha Magazine Cover For The New York Magazine

Magazine The Beauty Of The Geisha | Geisha Makeup by Omar Rodriguez

The beauty of the Geisha is not to ever be forgotten for the beauty of the Geisha then and still today lives on.
Avant Garde Geisha Makeup

Japanese Geisha Makeup

Japanese Geisha Makeup

Geisha Makeup and Kimono shoot


Omar Rodriguez – Master Stylist and Owner of OSTYLES

Raechel Dennis – Creative Coordinater & Freelance Designer

Nancy Pham – Fashion and Beauty Model

Kenal  Louis – Photographer/Retoucher

MUA/Hair Assistants – Samantha Joleen and Rachel Irika



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Geisha Makeup From OSTYLES Land FOCUS of New York Cover


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