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Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs

With over six years of experience in creating  graphic designs I have done a wide range of design work for print as well as online for independent companies, brands as well as musicians. The range of the work that I have to are music album cover design, photo manipulations,  logo designs and much more.

Music Album Cover Design

Graphic Designs All completed by Kenal
album cover designs

Music Album Cover Design Portfolio

As an album cover design I believe that artists having something edgy, clean, classic, urban, or vintage for a music album cover design all can be mind blowing if done right. Over the past years I have worked with rappers, rock artists, and singers to create all sorts of creative album cover designs for them along with their imagination and collaborative direction. As a result I have designed manyof kenal’s  music album cover design works and mix-tapes for musicians all over the united states.  From Los Angeles, Houston, Texas, Philadelphia, Miami and more.

An album cover can be iconic, symbolic, and forever memorable. Mainstream artist such as Usher, Lady Gaga, Prince, Eryah Badu, Maxwell, The Beatles, Seal and so much more all have an album cover that will forever be embedded in the minds of their fans. That is my goal for every artist and band I design album covers for.

Graphic Design & Photo Manipulation

photo manipulations

Graphic Design& Photo Manipulation Experience

Photo manipulations are surreal/abstract type of designs composed to bring an imaginative idea/concept to life. I enjoy this the most out of all of the types of graphic design I have done over the past 4 years. I rarely have clients that I create these for, but I create a lot of personal photo manipulations and graphic designs to express my art in a digital way.

I also very seldom find myself designing something I dreamed about while laying down to sleep. I like the fact that I can bring my actual dreams to reality visually and others dreams as well.

Logo Designs

logo designs

Logo Designs Experience

Over the past 4 years doing graphic design Logo composition/Designs are another part of graphic design in which I gained a lot of experience and development. Everyone that I have designed logos for could testify that I truly work with them to help them bring their vision to life. A vision and identity that is clear, precise, and professional in appearance.

An identity once for can become a brand of its own and revolutionary in to marketing and the art world. When I think of true brand/identity logo designs I think of Apple, Nike, Texaco, NBA, and so on. All of these companies have one symbol that when  you see it that it automatically signals success, power, and professional development to the mind of their viewers.

Club Flyer Design

flyer designs

Club Flyer Design Done

A Club Flyer Design is always needed and is an essential part to hand on hand promotion for a lot of businesses still and entertainers as well. I have worked with more musicians than I can count creating promotional club flyer design for their singles, albums, or debut. I have also done flyers for church events, club events, and other business services.

T-shirt Apparel Designs

t-shirt design

T-shirt Apparel Designs completed

Apparel designs today is unlimited because there are so many diverse and talented designers with creative ability. These are T-shirt designs that I have done with the collaborative mind of the clients that wanted these shirts done according to what they envisioned. Hopefully there will be more to come as I continue to design over the next 5, 10, 20, 30+ years.


*Please ONLY contact me for serious inquiry on rates or to get a project going.

Pierre Kenal Louis

EMAIL : info[at]kenalsworld

PHONE: 561-351-9224

Graphic Designs On Kenalsworld Are All Done By graphic Designer Kenal

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