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October 26, 2017

Handbag Design Drawings – The Most Beautiful Fashion Art Illustrations

Handbag Design Drawings - The Most Beautiful Handbag Art

A collection of handbag design drawings and illustrations. Own the most beautiful handbag art prints on canvas, paper, wood and more. The handbag designs were first created with pen and ink on paper. Following being created with pen and ink they were photographed and later processed into Photoshop as paintings.

Love fashion design or high fashion? These handbag design artworks were created for you. They are luxurious, chic, unique, beautiful and elegant. The artworks on this page were inspired by Louis Vuitton and Dolce Gabbana's collections of handbags. 

Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration over the years I have diminished value due to Photography. However, there is still a niche of creative artist out there who practice creating fashion illustrations.

Fashion illustration is still in essential part of any fashion design process. In the past I’ve collaborated with fashion designers who design clothes and have seen some of their fashion sketches. I created a fashion gods and goddess art series, which you can find on my Instagram page.

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

For the past seven years I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and have a lot of experience in photo manipulation. In 2012 I fell in love with fashion design after attending fashion week event in Omaha.

Creating Luxury Art

Handbag Design Drawings

The art style is taught at universities and colleges in fashion design curriculum. I am not a fashion designer by trade nor have I ever going to school to learn fashion design, but I love fashion. As an artist I find fashion in appealing form of art.

Everyone in the civilized world today we’re clothes and some were styles that are more vintage than others. Fashion recycles over the years. Styles in fashion come and go.

I love drawing high hills and recently I started creating handbag design drawings, which I digitally painted. The idea of creating luxurious fashion accessories and fashion design is very appealing concept to me. Everything is better in gold. In the past I started a series where I illustrated popular public figures and celebrities as royal kings and queens.

The handbags that you see on this page are a continuation from this inspiration. The artworks originally created with a pin in ink on paper where transferred digitally for me to paint.

First of The Handbag Designs

Fashion Illustration Art

Art handbags Illustrated by Kenal Louis

About The Handbags

Handbags and purses are a go to accessory for most women and men today in fashion. Finding inspiration from two of the most luxurious brands in Louis Vuitton and Dolce Gabbana came natural.

I am attracted by the two brands luxury designs. Again as a creative I tend to be drawn to detail and what I described as visually appealing works. Whether it is art or fashion, I find luxury to be a topic of interest.

So far I’ve only completed two of these digital paintings and fashion illustrations. I am hoping to continue to extend on the series, but not sure how many handbags or purses I will do for the collection.

Inspired by Fashion and Culture

Fashion is inspired by culture, movements, and creativity. Learning about various cultures inspired to work that I create. As a Haitian artist, African traditional culture inspired art that I create. Finding a way to combine that with contemporary and modern art direction is always an objective.

I do not create renaissance art or pure traditional style art. Therefore, I take certain things that I’ve learned from studying the master painters’ works in collaboration with modern design influence my work as well.

After studying ancient to Gothic art history and Roman to Greek art history, I fell in love with Egyptian art. Certain elements from the Egyptian culture, which innovated, are and also inspired the Greek’s inspire my artwork.

Once in a while I’ll create a drawing of a vase or scarab beetle influence from the Egyptians art.

The Second Handbag Artwork

Handbag Drawing

Handbag Art

The Creative Art Series collections

Alongside this current series I have an African mask collection I am working on, which will be a total of 100 pieces. Another collection that I have is an ongoing series of circle drawings. My goal is to draw 1,000 circles with different compositions within the circles.

There are so many things to talk about and I can interpret for my own point of view and perspective. Confining the composition to the shape of a circle is a challenge, but I believe it is very achievable and by the time I reach 1,000 it will make a great collection. These series are purely done with pen and ink on paper.

Artists of My Inspiration

I find Pablo Picasso‘s line work and his paintings to be very fascinating. Much of his works were influenced by his own emotion, life tragedies, and stories. I have much reverence and respect for this master artist. His innovation and all industries creatively truly was a wave.

The visual art work he produced literally exploded in impacted the fashion, architecture, culinary, and even automotive industry. Picasso built his name during his lifetime and as an artist that is also something that I admire.

During the time that he rose to his fame as a living artist there was no social media and no Internet. To have such a powerful impact through art during his lifetime was phenomenal.

I can only hope that one day that I can achieve anything close to that. Not that I live only to become a famous artist, but I would like to work full-time as an artist every day for the rest of my life.

However, there is still a challenge today even with all of the technology and resources available because they are available to everyone. This has allowed the art world to evolve so quickly and certain markets to become overly saturated.


Nevertheless, there are a lot of opportunities still available for artists to innovate and establish brand for their art. To the visual art works that I create whether they are these hand bag designs or other types of fashion illustrations, I hope to draw the attention of publishers as well as fashion art collectors.

High Fashion Canvas Wall Art

More Fashion Handbag Concepts To Come

Do you like the artwork? Support the art series by ordering a print through my art store on Pixels. The handbag artworks are available as prints on paper, metal, wood and canvas.  If you can't order a print right now, please consider sharing this page on your Facebook or Pinterest. Thank you in advance!

The Artist: Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis

The Artist With Passion

Daily I draw and sketch concepts and my notepads. I don’t always have the luxury of time because I am working on projects for other people I have to work Pay bills. Whenever I do get a moment to create my own art I see is the full opportunity during that time.

I hope to influence many other creative artists over the next 25 to 50 years. One of my dreams is to one day be published in high school or college textbooks for the artworks that I can produce.

Digital painting and digital art is a growing medium in art. 

Me Drawing When I Was 4

Me Drawing When I Was 4

The art form is still not as revered as traditional painting and traditional drawing, but with the development of technology it is evolving as well. The art world is changing as we know it and hopefully Monday the art of digital painting will be as valued as a traditional work. With all things today I believe it comes down to branding as well as marketing for artists.

Not all artists are business minded or marketers. Artists don’t sell art they create art, but I believe an artist have the ability to learn these additional skills.

Art for me is all about expression along with emotion. If I am creating art that is not an expression or I thought conveyed alongside my motion then the artwork is pointless.

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Kenalsworld is a source for quality art and design services provided by me, Kenal Louis. It is also an online presence that showcases the best talents I discover, my art, the art of marketing art and more.

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