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October 14, 2017

Harley Quinn Drawing – A Beautiful Harley Quinn Print You’ll Love

Below you will find beautiful Harley Quinn drawing created with pen and ink as well ad prismacolored pencils. The drawing of Harley Quinn is also available as a limited edition Harley Quinn print signed.

The Harley Quinn Art

For some artist drawing is a way of life. Others view drawing as a medium in art as a form of therapy. Meanwhile, there are artists who see drawing in a more universal way. I am one of the artists who value the art of drawing in a universal way.

I cannot imagine what my life would be like without art in it. Art surrounds us everywhere we go, whether is an advertisement billboard, posters, interior or exterior design, and or brands all around us. For me visual art is something that I want to practice for the rest of my life.

In doing so, I have learned and believe I will continue to learn more about myself as an artist. Drawing is an essential part of all the various types of art I create. My art ranges from digital painting to traditional painting with media like acrylic and oil paints.

Start of the Harley Quinn Artwork

Harley Quinn Artwork

Harley Quinn Artwork

Batman has always been my number one superhero, even over Superman. I’ve always been fascinated with his intellectual mind and the way that he thinks as well as the relateable aspect of being human. He is one of the few superheroes with no powers, but he is able to overcome all of the challenges he faced with his mind. Of course it helps being a billionaire, but even without all of the gadgets Batman could have definitely scaled up his stature as a hero.

As far as sexy villains Harley Quinn and poison ivy have always been two of my favorite. I always thought poison ivy was a bit more Sexy, but she was serious and Harley Quinn was more fun as a character.

In the creation of the Harley Quinn drawing I want to make the artwork my own. I have seen many great digital paintings and even pencil drawings of Harley Quinn that I love. This was my first attempt to complete an artwork of her and hopefully it won’t be my last.

Harley Quinn's History

The success of the Harley Quinn character wasn't just an overnight success. She became an iconic figure over the years. Hollywood Reporter wrote this in-depth article about the history of Harley Quinn. I found it very fascinating how many transitions happened over the years to her character.

Harley Quinn has become an iconic figure even more than ever in the 2010’s. Following the suicide squad movie defame of the character which was already popular from the many animated Batman films exploded.

Today more and more super heroic women characters are being explored. Harley Quinn is one of the most best selling female characters in comics. Although she is pretty homicidal, Amoral, Very mentally unstable there is something that draws her audience to her.

Her story is somewhat ironic innocence that her character before becoming a villain was a mental health professional. Since her first appearance in Batman her character continues to blow to an even more iconic status, she defies all odds when it comes to female villains. February is no longer just a month for love or Valentines; it is now Harley Quinn month.

The Harley Quinn Drawing Progress

Harley Quinn Drawing Close-up

Harley Quinn Drawing Close-up

Harley Quinn Vs Wonder Woman

In a day where costumes doing Halloween is one of the most popular things the battle for Harley Quinn and wonder woman and her 2010’s is an epic one.

Harleen quinzel The former psychiatrist at Arkham asylum became Harley Quinn. The patient that was assigned to her was the joker and somehow he didn’t have to do much to manipulate her into falling in love with him.

In the way this was predictable because if you think about how dysfunctional, evil and highly intellectual the joker is it hard to imagine anyone counseling him or trying to be a therapist to help. She also had this attraction to the joker before she entered to Salem. Her family history is quite deck itself.

Honestly any female figure could have been manipulated by the joker. Harley Quinn pretty much volunteered to become a villain unlike many of the villains in Batman who turn out the way they are by some freak accident. Since Harley Quinn and the joker escaped Arkham asylum she has always been loyal to him.

Harley Quinn Speed Drawing Video  

Harley Quinn Speed Drawing

Harley Quinn Speed Drawing

When I was creating the drawing of Harley Quinn, I recorded a video of the process. After the completion of the artwork, I put together this time lapse speed drawing together.

You can enjoy the video on Youtube, please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Every like helps 🙂

My personal Harley Quinn challenge

Eventually, once I have caught up with all of the other art projects I am working on I would like to create a Harley Quinn series. What do you think about that?

I’m thinking illustrating her and all of her different looks as far as her costumes. The animated Batman version of Harley Quinn with the black and red jester is still one of my favorite Looks. The Suicide Squad look of her has become iconic and is more relatable to today’s style in fashion.

Final Harley Quinn Pencil Drawing

Here is the complete Harley Quinn drawing.  

Harley Quinn Drawing

Harley Quinn Drawing

Harley Quinn Drawing

Harley Quinn Artwork

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