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High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography and Editorial Photography

Kenal’s High Fashion Photography Portfolio Featuring Models From The Midwest
My journey with photography begin the Summer of 2012. Since then I’ve grown as a creative and a photographer. It was because I had to take a require introduction to digital photography course for the degree at the local community college. After the course was complete I continue to practice and experiment with photography.

I developed a passion to want to learn more about photography and to become a better fashion and beauty photographer.

As a visual artist and a person who believes in expressing creativity visually through art, I fell in love with high fashion photography and made it a goal to get published through publications with the works I had hopes of creating. Fortunately I was able to meet others who also believed in me as a photographer. These were the makeup artists, stylists and models who were eager to work with me. Together we created some beautiful works as my journey went on.

High Fashion Photography Portfolio by Kenal Louis

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