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High Heel Drawing Series

A High Heel Drawing Series by Illustrator Kenal Louis

Below you will find a collection of high heel drawing and illustration collection I’ve completed over the years.

The Abstract High Heel Drawing Gallery

About The High Heel Drawing Series

The series was inspired by my love for fashion. The form of the high heel is so fluid that I believe it is perfect for composition. High heels have a very organic shape to them and are a symbol of sexiness and class. Some high heels cost $1,000 even up to $15,000. It’s amazing to think that something so small could have so much value, but it does.

The Long History of High Heels

High Heel Drawing Series

Dripping High Heel Drawing

High heels have been around for thousands of years. The history of high heels goes as far back as when emperors, pharaohs, kings and queens ruled the earth to the modern day idols known as celebrities. Whether it is very decorative or plain with leather, a high heel can be one of the most beautiful pieces that complete one’s attire.me

As an artist, I appreciate the beauty of high heels and love the form many heels take.

This love sparked the high heel drawing series, which is an ongoing series. As I draw, paint or digitally illustrate the high heels I hope to make each one unique and representative of beauty.

My Love For Art As A Child

My love for art runs deep. I’ve been drawing since I was a child with a long dream of one day becoming a recognized artist or even an artist that lives solely from the money his art makes him. I never imagine or knew how I could do this, but in 2016 I came to the realization that I would have to make it my business.

Yes, my art is my business. I the artist am the brand behind the art. Now, the value of the art has do be defined by me as well as the viewers that get to experience my art.


Lines In The High Heel Drawing Art Collection

I use abstract and loose line movement to create some of the high heel drawings you’ve seen on this page. I also create them inspired by African/Tribal culture patterns as well as designs. Below are two non-subjective drawings I created using the similar mindset and approach to drawing the heels.

Line Drawings-1

Line Drawing Prism Prison

Digital High Heel Drawing and High Heel Paintings

Aside from the traditional approach in pencil or ink drawing high heels, I also create digital drawings of the heels. As a man, I think it’s one of the sexiest accessories a woman could dress with.

High Heel Drawing Series

High Heel Drawing Series

If you enjoy the artwork, please purchase a print of one of these artworks through the store page on Kenalsworld.

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