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May 31, 2018

How To Relieve Stress Through Art | Kenalsworld Creative Art Blog

How To Relieve Stress Through Art

How to Relieve Stress Through Art

The following are tips on how to relieve stress through art. You will find some creative ways you can get away from stress. Even if you are not an artist; you can still create art through the ideas that will be shared with you on this post.

Many of us, as adults, have forgotten the joy that an act as simple as sketching out a scenery can bring.

As we express our imagination on paper, not only do we create something of aesthetic value, we often get transported away to the scene that lies in front of us. The distraction created in this way helps one to forget the worries and strife of a mechanical life.

Besides the distraction, there are a couple of factors associated with creating art that further assist in stress relief: firstly, there is a phenomenon called ‘flow’ – when you’re engaged in the creation of art, your mind is almost in a state of meditation, and thus, you benefit from the psychological benefits of meditation too.

Secondly, by pursuing art as a hobby, you’re taking time off from your stressful activities to pursue something productive that isn’t related to your profession or other responsibilities – this makes you realize that there is more to life than its stresses, which also has a relieving effect.

Relieve Stress Through Art : A Piece By Jackson Pollock

Relieve Stress Through Art : A Piece By Jackson Pollock

Drawing out one’s emotions

If you’ve been experiencing troubling emotions lately, which have in turn contributed to your stress, perhaps it would be wise to draw something out on paper – it may seem awkward at first, but subconsciously, as you keep on drawing, your mind will eventually converge to the emotions that are most reflective of your stress – except now, they will be on the paper in front of you as opposed to pinching you in the back of your head.

Processing old traumas

Sometimes, it is a trauma from a bad experience that may be the source of your stress – one way to treat this trauma once and for all is to express it in the art form so that you can view it separately from yourself. It could be a bad accident or an unpleasant person or a place that you disliked – all you need to do is visualize it in your head and then draw it out in your sketchbook.

By visualizing it in your head with a purpose, you will be conditioning your mind to accept that it happened in the past, and by drawing it out, you’ll be telling yourself that this trauma was an external experience that should not have a lasting impact on your mental well being. Note that you can use the same technique with more sophisticated forms of art such as sculpting, carving, and painting.

Sketch Your Dreams

​​If you’ve been having recurring dreams (pleasant or unpleasant) that have occupied your thoughts to the point that they are now affecting your waking life, you could try to sketch them in your diary as much as you can remember. It often happens that we remember our dreams most vividly when we wake up, and then, as the day wears on, we start forgetting small details.

Thus, you should grab your pencil and draw as soon as you wake up so that you can get the greatest amount of details on paper. You could even work on the same sketch for multiple days to fill out details even more thoroughly. Once you’ve fleshed out your sketch, you might be able to figure out the meaning of the dream much more clearly and easily than you would have to try to remember it in your head.

Doing Abstract Art Is A Great Way To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress Through Art

How To Relieve Stress Through Art: Visit A Museum

Preserve life’s beauty

Even if you can’t nail down a particular cause of your stress (or you aren’t especially stressed out, to begin with), you could still give your life a boost of positivity simply by sketching scenes of beauty that you see in your daily life – sunshine pouring through the trees in the park, a midnight thunderstorm, a warm sunset – the list goes on.

Even the consequences of extreme weather can be made less depressing when you try to imitate them in the form of art – I do this every winter when clearing deep snow from the yard: I have plenty of time to build a mental image of my scenery while I’m working you see, as I like a simple shovel better than a heavy duty snow blower – and as soon as I’m done, I head inside for a warm cup of chocolate with a head full of ideas to visualize in my sketchbook.

The best part about art is that it is extremely personal – you don’t have to share it with others to validate your creation. As long as you find it aesthetically appealing and feel that it expresses your imagination, it is art – take a look at abstract art next time you feel that your drawing skills aren’t up to the mark!

Coloring Away

Coloring pages and adult coloring books have risen in popularity in recent years. The act of coloring can allow your mind to wander and get away from problems by focusing on coloring.

Relieve Stress With Coloring Pages

How To Relieve Stress Through Art With Coloring Pages

Are you a fan of coloring books? Take a look at these adult coloring pages available for free download and print.

Some ways to relieve stress through art

The simplest way to achieve stress relief through art is to keep a sketchbook – you can draw sketches that reflect your emotions, aspirations or thoughts that have taken hold of your mind – who knows, you might end up with an art series

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