Human Heart Drawing – The Most Beautiful Hearts That Will Inspire You

Human Heart Drawing Collection

The following artworks are a collection of beautiful human heart drawing art pieces illustrated by visual artist and illustrator Kenal Louis. An art series with representations of the heart.

Creating this collection of artistic human heart drawings required a lot of thought. These ideas came from thinking about what makes the human heart metaphorically speaking. All of the anatomical heart drawings are abstract art pieces done with a line drawing technique I made my own as an artist. The human heart is delicate and each of the illustrations represent a different state of the heart. 

I did not want the images to be conventional of the human heart, but it is always good to know how to draw the human heart from a technical aspect.

Below are the human heart drawings created with a felt pen, makers and some the use of digital art painting.

The Artist Behind The Hearts

Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis

Hello! My name is Kenal Louis and I am a multi-media artist and illustrator.

Human Heart Drawings Illustrated By Kenal Louis

"Geometric Heart"

Geometric Heart Drawing

Geometric Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Drawing #1 - Geometric Heart

The “Geometric Heart” was created with the thought of illustrating a structured heart. The artwork was formed freehand without a ruler. However, it is the most straight human heart artwork that I’ve created in the series of heart illustrations.

There are a lot of sharp points, geometric shapes, and straight lines that make up the ever-changing direction in the heart drawing. Two of the most visible and recognizable elements in this piece is a keyhole and the stairway.

The Drawing Elements:

Each element in the drawing represents something relating the human heart. Creating symbolic are is not always subjective, but including certain visual elements others  are familiar with make the art a bit more comprehensive.

I would say most of the fellow artists I know don't care about these kind of things. It's all about the creative process and journey for them. However, I think if we ever want to create meaningful art we have to consider these things. We have to think of these ideas and how they could be incorporated in our work.

Intention of The Heart Visually:

The intention is not always subliminal and deliberate in my line art drawings. However, I guess I can describe the representation of this human heart art piece as sharp and enigmatic.

Our Secretive Hearts:

In the artwork there is a key hole. The Key hole in this illustration represents the locked part of the heart. The secured parts being the secrets we keep. As human beings we tend to hide our pain and the hidden parts of ourselves, that we never want explore ourselves. We hide who we truly are to others.

Stairway through the Heart:

In yellow and black is a stairway leading into the lower parts of the heart. This artwork could is visual poetry. The pathway to the heart of an individual is complex and in this art piece, the stairway surrounded by complex elements as well as objects.

There is a subtle sense of danger because of all of the sharp points in the heart grouped around the center of the heart. Although the anatomical heart is not exactly how the human heart is in our bodies, it is close enough visually that when viewers see the heart, it’s recognizable.

Famous Heart Quote:

Charlotte Brontë, an English author, and poet, once said the following quote:

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Charlotte Bronte Quote

Scientifically speaking, this is an interesting theory to think that the human heart could have so much of an impact on the world that we are living in. In theory, the human heart of the many that dwell on the earth protects the world in many complex ways.

On a post by Secrets of The FED, the author of this post provides thoughts on how the human heart functions as a second brain. On the site, they went on to state that the energy field produced around the human body changes with our emotions.

Every organ and cell in our body generate an area of energy. The science behind the human heart is quite complex.

The thought that the human heart contributes so much to the world, in theory, is mind blowing because the connection is both metaphysical and physical.

Whether we are the cause of our demise in a way with global warming, it does not matter. Maybe even when we are going green in many ways to help sustain the planet, we contribute to the earth so much more.

"Red Heart of Light"

Red Heart of Light Drawing

Light Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Illustration #2 - Red Heart of Light

The red heart of light was created from Light Heart No.2, the second drawing illustrating the light heart. This art piece from the human heart drawing series represents the illumination of the human heart. Are hearts are capable of darkness or being bright.

I believe the slightest and most hurtful experiences can drive us to do many things that are wrong and become very stubborn individuals. Being hurt by another person is not something one can easily get over in a short period.

Symbolism of The Heart:

Being strong has to do with more than just being thick skinned. Having strength can be defined in many different ways.

Some examples of this would be being betrayed by someone you once considered a best friend or a very close friend. Another example would be getting heart broken by someone you loved, but come to realize the feeling is not mutual.

Drawing Elements:

Similar to the first heart drawing, the Geometric Heart this art piece also have a keyhole. The implied keyhole is a signature or visual element I’ve included in several of my line drawings in the past because of the mystery behind it.

The drawing features an optical factor in a light bulb and inside of the light bulb is a mushroom. The mushroom was something I included in the piece to make it less serious and somewhat comical. The final element and part of this drawing are the human eyes.

The eye of the heart I believe brings the heart to life and visually is a metaphor to symbolize that the human heart is alive… or better yet, the human heart is what keeps us human beings alive.

William Shakespeare once said, “A light heart lives long.”

Two Heart Drawings
Human Heart Drawing #3

"Light Heart"

Light Heart Drawing

This line drawing of the light heart was the first version of the light heart I created. However, I decided to draw another version of the light heart.

The other version would be entitled “Light Heart No.2”, this is the light heart line artwork that I chose for the coloring of the Red Heart of Light.

Human Heart Drawing #4

"Light Heart No.2"

Light Heart No.2

“Light Heart No.2” became my favorite of the two versions and was the chosen line artwork for the colored art piece although, both art pieces were published.

This is the original drawing that was done for the "Red Light Heart" with a pitt pen.

"Awareness Heart"

Awareness Heart Drawing

Cancer Awareness Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Art Piece #5 - Awareness Heart

Human Heart Drawing Created Out Of Inspiration To Bring Awareness

The “Awareness Heart” came to life after a discussion with a friend about creating something inspiring following Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I believe the month of February had already passed, but I thought maybe I could still create something visually appealing that is universal in the sense of awareness for multiple campaigns.

Symbolism of The Heart:

This human heart drawing is the universal heart of consciousness. The ribbon itself has become a universal logo for awareness in general. The heart is an abstract art piece that is emotional, dark, but light with hope.

I kept the design and movement of the lines in this artwork fluid and not too sharp. I believe curved lines with the crying eye what enough to portray what I wanted to with this piece of art.

Types of Awareness Ribbons:

There are many types of awareness ribbons.

People are always wearing different color ribbons to represent something that they believe in or support. These colors represent multiple and sometimes very specific meanings, not just regarding emotion but a purpose.

Many causes are represented by many colors. Your choice in choosing which color is right for you comes down to what you are supporting. The purpose of educating other people who are not aware of particular causes or issues is crucial. Below is a list of colors and a description of their

representation for multiple organizations and disease awareness objectives.

The 12 Solid Colors of Awareness:

Colors of Awareness - The Pink Ribbon
The pink ribbon is widely known for being associated with breast cancer awareness; this is also a symbol for parents who have given birth and also a symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

Colors of Awareness - The Yellow Ribbon
The yellow ribbon represents the military troop's supporters. The color has also been associated with the following causes.

  • Suicide prevention
  • Adoptive parents
  • Amber alerts
  • Bladder cancer
  • Hope

Colors of Awareness – The Red Ribbon
This color stands as a representative of the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS and HIV. It is a symbol also known as heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, DARE and more.

Colors of Awareness – The Purple Ribbon
The purple ribbon color is known for being associated with various forms of cancer; this includes Epilepsy, Infantile spasm, and Rett Syndrome awareness.

Colors of Awareness – The Blue Ribbon
The Blue Ribbon color is a symbol of drunk driving, education, child abuse, victims of the hurricane Katrina disaster, save the music, colon cancer, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta to name a few.

Colors of Awareness – The Green Ribbon
The color of the green ribbon supports the fight against childhood depression, missing children, environmental concerns, kidney cancer, Lyme disease, as well as worker and driving safety.

Colors of Awareness – The Orange Ribbon
The orange colored ribbon is an awareness symbol of Lupus, leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, Multiple Sclerosis, and self-injury awareness.Colors of Awareness – The White Ribbon

Colors of Awareness – The White Ribbon
White represents the color of innocence. Although the white ribbon symbolizes victims of terrorism, right to life, awareness of violence towards women, bone cancer, and adoptees,

White represents the color of innocence. Although the white ribbon symbolizes victims of terrorism, the right to life, awareness of violence towards women, bone cancer, and adoptees.

Colors of Awareness – The Black Ribbon
The black ribbon is known as a symbol of mourning, gang prevention, and melanoma (a form of skin cancer, which is typically due to a tumor of melanin-forming cells).

Colors of Awareness – The Brown Ribbon
This ribbon stands for the fight of those who are anti-tobacco. The ribbon is also a symbol of colon cancer and colorectal cancer (a form of cancer that starts either in the colon area or the rectum… also known as colon cancer or rectal cancer).

Colors of Awareness – The Grey Ribbon
The gray ribbon represents the color used for awareness of diabetes, brain cancer, and asthma.

Colors of Awareness – The Gold Ribbon
Gold from my research on the various colors and their representation to awareness is the symbol of childhood cancer.

Last, but not least are two mixed colored ribbons I wanted to include.

The Flag Ribbon and The Rainbow Ribbon
Both ribbons could be said to represent freedom, but they are representations of freedom in their own ways. The flag ribbon is most widely known as a symbol for both the victims as well as heroes of the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. It represents patriotism and support of US troops and fireworks safety.

The rainbow ribbon symbolizes gay pride and support for the GLBT community’s journey and fights for equal rights.

"Coffee Heart"

Coffee Heart Drawing

Coffee Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Artwork #6 – Coffee Heart

The “Coffee Heart” was illustrated simply because at the time I created the piece I consumed a lot of the coffee. I guess you could say that coffee was on my mind and in my heart.

Coffee is a universal food in every culture. The use of coffee varies as well in different cultures. Coffee in almost every family home throughout the world of those that enjoy a good cup of joe.

According to Medicine Hunter, more than 400 billion cups and counting of coffee are consumed every year.

Human Heart Art Inspired by My Love For Coffee

Within the Chinese medical-dietary system, both coffee and the green been are classified as a herb that balances the liver and provides strong energy stimulation. Coffee purges the gallbladder and promotes urination. 

Above of all, coffee is the best thing in the world. Although, some individuals still don’t like coffee. Learn more about the science of coffee at the Institute for Traditional Medicine.

Again why would I not incorporate coffee into my art? It is one of the most loved foods/beverages in the world. I have created quite a few art line art pieces that I incorporated coffee cups or the bean into.

5 Reasons to Love Coffee

  1. Did you know coffee can help you burn fat?
    Caffeine to many is considered a drug, but it is found in many as well as the most commercial fat burning supplement. Unlike a lot of chemically compounded substances, caffeine is one of the few natural remedies that have scientifically proven to help in the fat burning process. It helps boost the metabolic rate in the human body.
  1. Did you know coffee can help lower your risk of getting Type II Diabetes?
    Type II diabetes has affected many people… roughly 300 million people throughout the world and the number continue to grow. One of the factors that contribute to type II diabetes is the rise in blood sugars in the context of insulin resistance. Studies conducted have shown that people who drink the most coffee (4 or more cups a day) have a 23-50% lower risk of diabetes. The studies came from 18 different case studies with a total of 457,922 individuals.Science researchers credit the antioxidants Chlorogenic acid and other elements to boosting cells’ sensitivity to insulin... this causes a regulation in blood sugar.
  1. Coffee serves as an anti-depressant and makes people happy.
    I am sure you have met a person that is accustomed to having their morning coffee without it… They often look either miserable, like they near 1,000 more years of sleep like they are Dracula, and or a bit upset.Depression is considered a mental disorder, which I did not know until I did this research about coffee. Depression also reduces the quality of life for some individuals. About 4.1% of individuals in the U.S. meet the criteria for clinical depression, this is a scary thought. That’s a range of 13-20 million people calculated from the population census from 2014-2016.

Coffee Could Save Someone’s Life

In another study individuals who drank 4 or more cups per day were 53% less likely to commit suicide, a link to depression (5). Michel Lucas, Ph.D. mention that caffeine provides boosts in energy as well as emotional feeling in the release of feel-good serotonin.

  1. Those who drink coffee have lower risks of certain types of cancer.
    One of the leading causes of death throughout the world is cancer. Coffee helps prevent liver cancer and colorectal cancer. This is not saying that coffee will heal or keep someone from getting cancer, but like exercising and eating the food, we should be eating it contributes good things for the human body.

Liver cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the world followed by colorectal cancer? Well, Coffee Drinkers have up to 40% lower risk of getting liver cancer. This is another reason why drinking coffee is good for you.

  1. Lastly Coffee Increases Longevity
    Yes, coffee helps bring some balance in health and have some pretty good benefits as you can see thus far. The sweetest part now aside from the raw bitter tastes of coffee with no sugar is that it could help you live a longer life. Observation studies were also conducted to support these claims.

Data says that there is a 20% lower risk of death in adult men as well as a 26% lower risk of death in women, over a period of 18-24 years drinking coffee. In a study, diabetics who drink coffee had a 30% lower risk of death during a 20 year period.

"Shade of Mystery"

Shade of Mystery Drawing

Cool Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Drawing #7 – Shade of Mystery Heart

This heart is the heart of mystery entitled “Shade of Mystery”. It is the heart drawing representing the mysteries of the human heart. This art piece was created to be a representation of the coolness of our hearts.

Although complex, it is the organ we need to stay alive. Without the heartbeat, we cannot live.

Many things are interesting to know about the human body, and the human heart itself is also full of mysteries and is utterly complex and beautiful.

Our hearts are capable of going through a lot of heartaches and withstand stress at the higher intensity. It allows a flow of blood in the perfect way to allow us to function as living beings without hiccups.

Don't Overwork The Heart:

The heart is capable of adapting to rate changes caused by endurance exercises and strength exercise.

Some of the greatest athletes have passed and are no longer living because of heart failure, over exhorting the human heart not knowing the strain that they are putting on the heart.

Some of the great athletes who died of heart failure are listed below.

  • Charles Frederick Hughes
  • Reggie Lewis
  • Pete Maravich
  • Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero
  • Phidippides (Greek Messenger)

Overworking the heart creates changes that can mimic disease. Aside from the heart being able to withstand a lot of physical pressure, there is often a reference to the heart’s connection with the mind.

There have been religious references to the heart. Among the most recognized scriptures in the Christian Bible is:

The heart is connected spiritually to obedience, love, and willingness to service others.

People often credit the heart to bringing peace and love in their lives. The heart may be something more than physical; it may even be the root in which our spirits/souls are attached to in our bodies. I do believe that many of the things we claim to do with the heart are guided by the mind. Our brains may receive signals from our hearts and work perfectly with our nervous systems to make us feel certain ways, but none can function without the other.

Our brains may receive signals from our hearts and work perfectly with our nervous systems to make us feel certain ways, but none can function without the other.

Many have been born without a brain a lived, but were not the most functioning beings. It’s tragic to think about, but truly without both of these organs, one is not entirely rational.

"Precious Heart"

Precious Heart Drawing

Precious Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Artwork #8 – The Precious Heart

The “Precious Heart” drawing was created to be symbolic of the human heart’s priceless value. One of the most precious treasures we could have within us other than the very breath of life that we have.

The Price of A Human Heart

According to an article on Investopedia two of the most expensive medical procedures are heart transplants and heart surgery. A heart transplant can cost up to around $780,000. It is among the most complicated surgical procedures one can undergo with great risk.

The best surgeons that perform the most successful of these transplants have a long waitlist, preparation for the procedure that’s a lot of time and a lot of money. Heart surgery can be up to $325,000 depending on the complication and need for open heart surgery.

This is said to be expensive because of the follow-up required and necessary due to the level of complications.

This Heart Illustration Represents The Priceless Value of The Heart

Our hearts beat so that we can live. What is the value of the heart? I believe it is priceless, but in the real world especially in the medical world, there is a price on the human heart.

Calculations and The Heart

Insurance is the safest investment one can make to help with the massive bill and price tag it requires to take care of the human heart with these types of complications. Heart surgery is mostly cover 10-50% of the procedures. This may be more depending on your insurance plan with your provider.

The things that come into play in determining the value and cost of heart surgery includes the facility, the doctor, and type of surgery one is going to have done. Below are some examples of differences in rates, information cited from

  • For example, Pali Momi Medical Center in Hawaii charges about $31,000, not including doctor fee, for removal of plaque from blood vessels -- or $18,500 for uninsured patients who pay in full within 30 days, or $21,500 for those who pay in 60. Doctor fees can add up $5,000 or more to the final bill, depending on the procedure.
  • Heart bypass surgery typically costs about $70,000-$200,000 or more, and heart valve replacement surgery typically costs $80,000-$200,000 or more. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, the total cost of a heart transplant can reach almost $800,000 or more.

"Pride Heart"

Pride Heart Drawing

Pride Heart Drawing

Human Heart Artwork #9 – The Pride Heart

The “Pride Heart” is the heart of the LGBT community. I created this heart because everyone is entitled to love who they want to and be affectionate with the one they love. Although we are in the year the 21st century, many parts of the world deem it illegal for same-sex interaction, never mind marriage and partnerships.

A Human Heart of Hope and Unity

The majority of the countries on this list are highly influenced by religion and have harsh laws when it comes to homosexuality.

On June 26th of 2015 marked a historic date in the United States, where the Supreme Court ruled that the act of discriminatory, anti-gay marriage bans across the country violated the Constitution. This ruling has changed history in the States, but there are many more marks that need to happen overseas.

A lot of the LGBT community strong supporters helped fight for the equal rights to dismantle the discrimination against same-sex couples. This issue has gone in debate and judged for decades.

This artwork is intended to represent hope, love, unity and support for the idea that love is love. A person should be able to be affectionate with whoever they please. When we say that it shouldn’t be that way, in return we are saying there should be no freedom.

The Pride Heart artwork is also available in Print and on T-shirts

"Royal Heart"

Royal Heart Drawing

Royal Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Illustration #10 – The Royal Heart

This heart is an illustration representational of luxury and the elegant class of individuals who are still among us on this planet. There are not as many kings, and queens as there once were. The royal families in England, as well as Princes in the Middle Eastern countries, are about all that’s left of modern day royalty in a traditional context.

The Luxurious Heart Art Piece In The Series

I believe in the contemporary day celebrities, popular public figures and living idols are the new kings and queens. I do not quite see every star as royalty, but I do see them as a luxurious bunch.

Not everyone who has a lot of money or wealth is publically known; in some way, their power and private lifestyle make these even more fascinating because their lifestyles are not based on popularity and flaunting their wealth.

Purple and gold have long been known also to be associated with royalty alongside the color green. This idea is my main reason for applying these colors in the artwork on the “Royal Heart”. This illustration and human heart drawing is another symbol of luxury as well as well in my collection of heart drawings.

"Melanin Heart"

Melanin Heart Drawing

Horus Ankh Drawing

Horus Ankh Drawing

Human Heart Drawing #11 – The Melanin Heart

Black beauty and this rise in melanin adoration/obsession inspired me to create this heart drawing. Melanin itself is the dark brown to the black pigment in the human skin, hair as well as the iris of the eye in both people and animals. It attributes to the tanning of skin due to exposure to sunlight.

Some things to know about Melanin are that it is capable of absorbing a significant amount of energy and doesn’t produce a high amount of heat when it absorbs energy. Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist Dr. Leon Edelstein have stated that melanin can absorb a variety of types of energy that surrounds both you and I. These forms of energy include energy from sun rays, x-ray machines, and energy that is formed within cells during the metabolism of cells.

Freckles that occur in many people of many different races are small concentrated areas that melanin has an increase in its production.

Afrocentric Heart:  

The drawing also has implied elements which attribute to African culture and a symbol of the Ankh. This symbol represents many things. In the Egyptian hieroglyphic characters, it reads “eternal life” and serves as a powerful symbol created by the Ancient Egyptian Africans.

The Ankh the past:

The Ankh have a universal association to material things such as water, the sun, air and well as the divine connection with the gods. Over time it’s become a symbol of life (mother, father, and child) and immortality, with encouraged belief that it is capable of unlocking the gates of death. The symbol is widely seen in many Egyptian arts in the art history of Egyptians.

More modern interpretations reference the symbol to biology as an identifier of the female, the element copper, the planet Venus, and representation of the female womb.

What is the origin of the Ankh?

The root of the Ankh is still uncertain, but it has many meanings and is used by others for a lot of purposes. This is the universal symbol of the “Melanin Heart”. Melanin is something that is not the most prevalent in cultures throughout the world but is essential in all of us. The rise in awareness as well as the understanding of the symbol of the Ankh, as well as melanin, has climbed.

Visually Creating The Melanin Heart

The colors chosen for this human heart drawing were thought about, and the implied gold was to make the heart drawing richer in value. Visually, I think the combination of the black lines makes the artwork more appealing for the viewers.

The "Melanin Heart" is also a symbol of confidence.

Of course, many things come into play in building confidence as a human being. Below are some points I put together I believe essential to helping any individual that is willing and wanting to build self-confidence.

These points are:

  • Act confident
  • Dress boldly
  • Speak with confidence
  • Always Think Positive
  • Make Things Happen

Act Confident

Body language in many cases is a universal language to those who are aware of it and understand human body gestures and signals from body language well. This is one of the primary things in every individual that signal boldness and belief in oneself or can show proof of insecurity in someone.

Your presentation to others shows them whether you believe enough in yourself. My brother told me once “why would anyone believe in you enough to invest in your ideas if you are not willing to invest in your ideas.” I first thought that this statement made no sense whatsoever, but it hit me.

People who are entrepreneurs and independent business owners took risks to get to the success that they have. Investing in yourself is sacrificing certain things and creating time for the things you want to accomplish and be successful at. Your money or the small things you spend your money on also can be an investment in yourself if properly managed and spent accordingly.

Acting confident will eventually help you begin to feel in control of your destiny in some way, this will help you make a better judgment on decisions you need to make, and others will become confident in you as well as belief in what you have to offer. This is an idea that can be applied to many things.

Something as simple as how you sit and your posture can significantly impact how you feel and how others also perceive you. A firm handshake, good eye contact, and great posture with whom you are exchanging words with.

So, key thing is to change your body language; your smile, speech, posture and eye contact are all factors that greatly impact your body language. Simply pulling your shoulders back can demonstrate that you are a confident person to the person you are engaging with. Smiling loosen you up, eye contact keeps you focused on each other, speaking slowly imply calmness and control.


Heart Drawings

Heart Drawings

The Bold Heart Illustrations

Dress to Be Confident

It has been said when you look better; you feel better as a person. Dressing accordingly in the right clothing and accessories to suit your industry and lifestyle will make you feel good. This is a simple way to boost confidence in yourself.

It has also long been said that first impressions matter when you are going to a job interview, and I believe the same is relevant for business meetings and individual success. There is nothing wrong with having your style and signature looks, but remain professional in your appearance and good things will come from it.

Speak with confidence

One of the ways to develop your voice and tone when speaking in public is by listening to your favorite speaker… If you don't have a favorite speaker, there are many great public speakers you can search. One of my favorites is Tony Robbins and the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. These are to speakers and motivational speakers I’ve learned much from in the past four years after really diving into their teachings.

Learn to be assertive with your voice without coming across as too aggressive. People will tend to listen to you with a more attentive ear when you voice capture their attention.

Always Think Positive

Something like this is very simple but very powerful. Training yourself to become an optimist is possible. I believe it takes time, creating a healthy environment for yourself and maybe finding new friends/colleagues while letting go of the ones that have had an adverse impact on your life.

“Bird of a feather flock together”… Although your best intention may be to inspire others and those that may have been somewhat less fortunate than you, the more time you spend with someone that is not productive, have no vision or attract negativity themselves, you may find yourself behaving or hurt by them.

So surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Don’t let failure consume you, but see failure as a lesson to learn from to not repeat the same mistake.

Make Things Happen

Lastly, make things happen. Certain things you cannot do all by yourself and need a mentor to help you and guide you. You may even need to build a team of individuals willing to work with you to achieve your goal. However, if you have a goal and mission don’t sit on it, but act on it.

"Transparent Heart"

Transparent Heart

Transparent Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Drawing #12 – Transparent Heart

The “Transparent Heart” features a lot of similar elements to the “Precious Heart”. This heart was illustrated to be a symbol of the genuine people we encounter in life. There are a lot of deceiving and not very truthful we run into in life, but those of us that are transparent hearted will always rise even if abused along the way.

Why Having A Transparent Heart A Good Thing?

The “Transparent Heart” is important because by being genuine you also get to attract and meet other real people who share similar visions and ideas.

This human heart colored drawing originally was going to be kept black and white, but I became a fan of applying color to the heart drawings that I was creating and decided to add various tones and hues to the art piece.

An Illustration of The Delicate Human Heart

"Musical Heart"

Musical Heart

Musical Human Heart Illustration

Human Heart Drawing #13 – Musical Heart

Music is in everyone’s heart. Music moves everyone’s heart, and music touches each and every one of us differently. Music has been used as a tool and art to teach as well as raise awareness regarding certain cultural issues.

Many musicians in the past have contributed to breaking barriers and influencing a large body of people.

Music Inside My Heart

One of the biggest names that come to mind was Michael Jackson. Michael was loved by many but shun by quite a few people after the skin color change occurred. Michael was a voice that traveled the world with his music.

Michael Jackson's Influence Through Music

I recall growing up as a child in Haiti knowing his music and singing English words before even learning the language. At the time I did not know what I was singing, but I know Michael Jackson’s music, and the Jackson 5 touched my heart.

I created the “musical heart” as one of the illustration in this 15 piece series because of my deep passion for music as well. Between 2009 and 2016 I’ve released over 50 recorded and written songs online for free and one song published on iTunes, Spotify, and various other sources.

All in all, I love music almost as much as I love art. However, came to the realization that art was what I wanted to wake up every day in my life willing to do. Writing music and creating music is another form of artistic expression that I enjoy, so much that I always find myself incorporating it into my art.

Ludwig van Beethoven once said, “Music can change the world.” Indeed, music has changed my world. I do not know what every day in this world would be like without music to listen to.

Human Heart Drawing # 14 – Dark Heart

The “Dark Heart” was created purely to serve as the opposite to my light human heart artwork seen at the beginning of this article. The “Dark Heart” is a piece that is intended to represent the darkness in the human heart.

This idea by some may be perceived as a symbol of the dark place our hearts go after being hurt or after we as humans experience horrid tragedies.

Certain things happen in our lives can turn us evil. ​Going to a dark place were you become eager, unstable, and easily irritated is not good. The "Dark Heart" was created to illustrate this idea.

Being this dark can also contribute to individuals becoming isolated from society and distant to other people. ​

"Dark Heart"

Dark Heart

"Broken Heart"

Broken Heart Illustration

The Broken Heart Abstract Art

Human Heart Drawing # 15 – Broken Heart

The last art piece in the human heart drawing series is the “Broken Heart”. People experience broken hearts because they loved someone or something that either did not feel for them in the same manner or that something was taken away from them.

According to Life Hack, there are ways to get over being broken hearted. Some of their points are as follow.

First, You must make a choice

Make a choice to deal with the pain, without overworking yourself, falling to substance abuse or rebounding too fast into a new relationship. Why would you want to bring all this weight you are carrying into a new establishment you’ve made with someone you care for.

Secondly, Don’t Let Yourself Feel Guilty

Living with guilt is living with the pain. Let go of your guilt and remove it from your mind. If you allow sin to overtake you, it may lead you to a dark heart. Then bitterness arises, clouded judgment and misery eventually follow.

Lastly, Don’t Be Tough Hard On Yourself

Don’t be so concerned with what others who may know of your situation think of you, don’t be embarrassed because of the way you feel after all our emotions make us human. Remember Data From Star Trek.

Data was the android who long search and hope to become more human by trying to understand emotion and balance his emotional chip with his computer logic. As the Star Trek series and films were produced Data became closer to understanding what it felt like to be human.

I believe it is almost impossible to remove all emotion from us and remain living beings. Remember; don’t be too hard on yourself.

In conclusion, all human beings could live without a heart. I believe all of our hearts are connected to our minds in some way. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and the human heart drawings.

Poem: "Heart Made of Roses"

Heart made of roses I send you my condolence,
I know you went through much heartache, so I offer to consul you;
Heart made of roses I write these words not to mislead you,
When the thorns grew out of you I know it must have been real painful;
Falling for many other hearts left you in a state of confusion,
Don’t know which one to choose so you run to me with love in delusion;
Was only there to help your heart beat,
Still, you have allowed others to make your heart weak;
Heart made of roses “I love you” I can no longer utter,
What we had have fallen at its time of latter;

Human Heart Drawing #16  

Heart Made of Roses Drawing

"Heart Made of Roses" was first published on Kenalsworld in 2012. Since then I've been updating the blog and it's gone through many changes in identity. 

Conclusion: The Human Heart Illustration Series

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