Human Heart Drawings Illustrated By Kenal Louis

"Red Heart of Light"

Red Heart of Light Drawing

Light Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Illustration - Red Heart of Light

The red heart of light was created from Light Heart No.2, the second drawing illustrating the light heart. This art piece from the human heart drawing series represents the illumination of the human heart. Are hearts are capable of darkness or being bright.

I believe the slightest and most hurtful experiences can drive us to do many things that are wrong and become very stubborn individuals. Being hurt by another person is not something one can easily get over in a short period.

Symbolism of The Heart:

Being strong has to do with more than just being thick skinned. Having strength can be defined in many different ways.

Some examples of this would be being betrayed by someone you once considered a best friend or a very close friend. Another example would be getting heart broken by someone you loved, but come to realize the feeling is not mutual.

Drawing Elements:

Similar to the first heart drawing, the Geometric Heart this art piece also have a keyhole. The implied keyhole is a signature or visual element I’ve included in several of my line drawings in the past because of the mystery behind it.

The drawing features an optical factor in a light bulb and inside of the light bulb is a mushroom. The mushroom was something I included in the piece to make it less serious and somewhat comical. The final element and part of this drawing are the human eyes.

The eye of the heart I believe brings the heart to life and visually is a metaphor to symbolize that the human heart is alive… or better yet, the human heart is what keeps us human beings alive.

William Shakespeare once said, “A light heart lives long.”

Two Heart Drawings

"Light Heart"

Light Heart Drawing

This line drawing of the light heart was the first version of the light heart I created. However, I decided to draw another version of the light heart.

The other version would be entitled “Light Heart No.2”, this is the light heart line artwork that I chose for the coloring of the Red Heart of Light.

"Light Heart No.2"

Light Heart No.2

“Light Heart No.2” became my favorite of the two versions and was the chosen line artwork for the colored art piece although, both art pieces were published.

This is the original drawing that was done for the "Red Light Heart" with a pitt pen.

"Awareness Heart"

Awareness Heart Drawing

Cancer Awareness Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Art Piece #5 - Awareness Heart

Human Heart Drawing Created Out Of Inspiration To Bring Awareness

The “Awareness Heart” came to life after a discussion with a friend about creating something inspiring following Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I believe the month of February had already passed, but I thought maybe I could still create something visually appealing that is universal in the sense of awareness for multiple campaigns.

Symbolism of The Heart:

This human heart drawing is the universal heart of consciousness. The ribbon itself has become a universal logo for awareness in general. The heart is an abstract art piece that is emotional, dark, but light with hope.

I kept the design and movement of the lines in this artwork fluid and not too sharp. I believe curved lines with the crying eye what enough to portray what I wanted to with this piece of art.

Types of Awareness Ribbons:

There are many types of awareness ribbons.

People are always wearing different color ribbons to represent something that they believe in or support. These colors represent multiple and sometimes very specific meanings, not just regarding emotion but a purpose.

Many causes are represented by many colors. Your choice in choosing which color is right for you comes down to what you are supporting. The purpose of educating other people who are not aware of particular causes or issues is crucial. Below is a list of colors and a description of their

representation for multiple organizations and disease awareness objectives.

The 12 Solid Colors of Awareness:

Colors of Awareness - The Pink Ribbon
The pink ribbon is widely known for being associated with breast cancer awareness; this is also a symbol for parents who have given birth and also a symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

Colors of Awareness - The Yellow Ribbon
The yellow ribbon represents the military troop's supporters. The color has also been associated with the following causes.

  • Suicide prevention
  • Adoptive parents
  • Amber alerts
  • Bladder cancer
  • Hope

Colors of Awareness – The Red Ribbon
This color stands as a representative of the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS and HIV. It is a symbol also known as heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, DARE and more.

Colors of Awareness – The Purple Ribbon
The purple ribbon color is known for being associated with various forms of cancer; this includes Epilepsy, Infantile spasm, and Rett Syndrome awareness.

Colors of Awareness – The Blue Ribbon
The Blue Ribbon color is a symbol of drunk driving, education, child abuse, victims of the hurricane Katrina disaster, save the music, colon cancer, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta to name a few.

Colors of Awareness – The Green Ribbon
The color of the green ribbon supports the fight against childhood depression, missing children, environmental concerns, kidney cancer, Lyme disease, as well as worker and driving safety.

Colors of Awareness – The Orange Ribbon
The orange colored ribbon is an awareness symbol of Lupus, leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, Multiple Sclerosis, and self-injury awareness.Colors of Awareness – The White Ribbon

Colors of Awareness – The White Ribbon
White represents the color of innocence. Although the white ribbon symbolizes victims of terrorism, right to life, awareness of violence towards women, bone cancer, and adoptees,

White represents the color of innocence. Although the white ribbon symbolizes victims of terrorism, the right to life, awareness of violence towards women, bone cancer, and adoptees.

Colors of Awareness – The Black Ribbon
The black ribbon is known as a symbol of mourning, gang prevention, and melanoma (a form of skin cancer, which is typically due to a tumor of melanin-forming cells).

Colors of Awareness – The Brown Ribbon
This ribbon stands for the fight of those who are anti-tobacco. The ribbon is also a symbol of colon cancer and colorectal cancer (a form of cancer that starts either in the colon area or the rectum… also known as colon cancer or rectal cancer).

Colors of Awareness – The Grey Ribbon
The gray ribbon represents the color used for awareness of diabetes, brain cancer, and asthma.

Colors of Awareness – The Gold Ribbon
Gold from my research on the various colors and their representation to awareness is the symbol of childhood cancer.

Last, but not least are two mixed colored ribbons I wanted to include.

The Flag Ribbon and The Rainbow Ribbon
Both ribbons could be said to represent freedom, but they are representations of freedom in their own ways. The flag ribbon is most widely known as a symbol for both the victims as well as heroes of the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. It represents patriotism and support of US troops and fireworks safety.

The rainbow ribbon symbolizes gay pride and support for the GLBT community’s journey and fights for equal rights.

"Shade of Mystery"

Shade of Mystery Drawing

Cool Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Drawing – Shade of Mystery Heart

This heart is the heart of mystery entitled “Shade of Mystery”. It is the heart drawing representing the mysteries of the human heart. This art piece was created to be a representation of the coolness of our hearts.

Although complex, it is the organ we need to stay alive. Without the heartbeat, we cannot live.

Many things are interesting to know about the human body, and the human heart itself is also full of mysteries and is utterly complex and beautiful.

Our hearts are capable of going through a lot of heartaches and withstand stress at the higher intensity. It allows a flow of blood in the perfect way to allow us to function as living beings without hiccups.

Don't Overwork The Heart:

The heart is capable of adapting to rate changes caused by endurance exercises and strength exercise.

Some of the greatest athletes have passed and are no longer living because of heart failure, over exhorting the human heart not knowing the strain that they are putting on the heart.

Some of the great athletes who died of heart failure are listed below.

  • Charles Frederick Hughes
  • Reggie Lewis
  • Pete Maravich
  • Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero
  • Phidippides (Greek Messenger)

Overworking the heart creates changes that can mimic disease. Aside from the heart being able to withstand a lot of physical pressure, there is often a reference to the heart’s connection with the mind.

There have been religious references to the heart. Among the most recognized scriptures in the Christian Bible is:

The heart is connected spiritually to obedience, love, and willingness to service others.

People often credit the heart to bringing peace and love in their lives. The heart may be something more than physical; it may even be the root in which our spirits/souls are attached to in our bodies. I do believe that many of the things we claim to do with the heart are guided by the mind. Our brains may receive signals from our hearts and work perfectly with our nervous systems to make us feel certain ways, but none can function without the other.

Our brains may receive signals from our hearts and work perfectly with our nervous systems to make us feel certain ways, but none can function without the other.

Many have been born without a brain a lived, but were not the most functioning beings. It’s tragic to think about, but truly without both of these organs, one is not entirely rational.

"Precious Heart"

Precious Heart Drawing

Precious Human Heart Drawing

Human Heart Artwork – The Precious Heart

The “Precious Heart” drawing was created to be symbolic of the human heart’s priceless value. One of the most precious treasures we could have within us other than the very breath of life that we have.

The Price of A Human Heart

According to an article on Investopedia two of the most expensive medical procedures are heart transplants and heart surgery. A heart transplant can cost up to around $780,000. It is among the most complicated surgical procedures one can undergo with great risk.

The best surgeons that perform the most successful of these transplants have a long waitlist, preparation for the procedure that’s a lot of time and a lot of money. Heart surgery can be up to $325,000 depending on the complication and need for open heart surgery.

This is said to be expensive because of the follow-up required and necessary due to the level of complications.

This Heart Illustration Represents The Priceless Value of The Heart

Our hearts beat so that we can live. What is the value of the heart? I believe it is priceless, but in the real world especially in the medical world, there is a price on the human heart.

Calculations and The Heart

Insurance is the safest investment one can make to help with the massive bill and price tag it requires to take care of the human heart with these types of complications. Heart surgery is mostly cover 10-50% of the procedures. This may be more depending on your insurance plan with your provider.

The things that come into play in determining the value and cost of heart surgery includes the facility, the doctor, and type of surgery one is going to have done. Below are some examples of differences in rates, information cited from

  • For example, Pali Momi Medical Center in Hawaii charges about $31,000, not including doctor fee, for removal of plaque from blood vessels -- or $18,500 for uninsured patients who pay in full within 30 days, or $21,500 for those who pay in 60. Doctor fees can add up $5,000 or more to the final bill, depending on the procedure.
  • Heart bypass surgery typically costs about $70,000-$200,000 or more, and heart valve replacement surgery typically costs $80,000-$200,000 or more. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, the total cost of a heart transplant can reach almost $800,000 or more.

Human Heart Drawing  – Dark Heart

The “Dark Heart” was created purely to serve as the opposite to my light human heart artwork seen at the beginning of this article. The “Dark Heart” is a piece that is intended to represent the darkness in the human heart.

This idea by some may be perceived as a symbol of the dark place our hearts go after being hurt or after we as humans experience horrid tragedies.

Certain things happen in our lives can turn us evil. ​Going to a dark place were you become eager, unstable, and easily irritated is not good. The "Dark Heart" was created to illustrate this idea.

Being this dark can also contribute to individuals becoming isolated from society and distant to other people. ​

"Dark Heart"

Dark Heart

"Broken Heart"

Broken Heart Illustration

The Broken Heart Abstract Art

Human Heart Drawing – Broken Heart

The last art piece in the human heart drawing series is the “Broken Heart”. People experience broken hearts because they loved someone or something that either did not feel for them in the same manner or that something was taken away from them.

According to Life Hack, there are ways to get over being broken hearted. Some of their points are as follow.

First, You must make a choice

Make a choice to deal with the pain, without overworking yourself, falling to substance abuse or rebounding too fast into a new relationship. Why would you want to bring all this weight you are carrying into a new establishment you’ve made with someone you care for.

Secondly, Don’t Let Yourself Feel Guilty

Living with guilt is living with the pain. Let go of your guilt and remove it from your mind. If you allow sin to overtake you, it may lead you to a dark heart. Then bitterness arises, clouded judgment and misery eventually follow.

Lastly, Don’t Be Tough Hard On Yourself

Don’t be so concerned with what others who may know of your situation think of you, don’t be embarrassed because of the way you feel after all our emotions make us human. Remember Data From Star Trek.

Data was the android who long search and hope to become more human by trying to understand emotion and balance his emotional chip with his computer logic. As the Star Trek series and films were produced Data became closer to understanding what it felt like to be human.

I believe it is almost impossible to remove all emotion from us and remain living beings. Remember; don’t be too hard on yourself.

In conclusion, all human beings could live without a heart. I believe all of our hearts are connected to our minds in some way. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and the human heart drawings.