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June 18, 2017

Line Art Illustration – The Most Beautiful Drawings You’ll Love

Line Art Illustration - The Most Beautiful Drawings You'll Love


Esmeralda  Drawing

Esmeralda  Drawing

The "Esmeralda" Line Art Illustration

The Day of The Dead is a holiday celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico during Winter on November 1st and 2nd. I've always found this a fascinating holiday; not because I celebrated it, but because of the visual elements and designs the Mexican people used in creating their Sugar Skulls and Day of The Dead face painting.

"Esmeralda" is a beauty I drew with some facial designs illustrating her as a character who could participate in a Day of The Dead festival. Dia De Los Muertos is the name of the holiday in Spanish. Dia De Los Muertos Face Art by Letty Llerenas on Pinterest is a board I found online, that I used for reference to help me understand the movement/flow of the designs in this specific style of face art.

"Huda Kattan Contour"

Huda Kattan Contour Drawing

Huda Kattan Contour Drawing

The "Huda Kattan Contour" Line Art Illustration

Huda Kattan is the top beauty influencer on Instagram and Beauty Blogger and creator of Huda Beauty; a makeup line for nails, lashes and more beauty products. I stumbled upon her page on Instagram after posting a photograph I captured with the Hashtag #beauty. With millions of followers on Instagram, that's pretty much celebrity status for a makeup artist and makeup designer.

The line drawing of Huda Kattan took 12-16 hours to created. The line drawing illustrated Dubai, makeup and beauty materials as well as Arabic and Persian culture. It is one of my most intricate drawings when it comes to detail line artwork.

I've created a few circle coloring pages you can also download for free.

"Lost Beauty"

Lost Beauty

Lost Beauty Drawing

The "Lost Beauty" Line Art Illustration

This line drawing of the "Lost Beauty" is another variation of the "Esmeralda" drawing I created in honor and representation of the Day of The Dead holiday. Upon first glance, not everyone notices the complete facial structure and figure in this drawing. In a way, the curved lines make the drawing almost a puzzle and adds mystery to the artwork.



Drips Drawing

The "Drips" Line Art Illustration

"Drips" is a drawing I created at a co-work space in Council Bluffs, Iowa. At the time, I drew this line drawing I was residing at an artist residency called the Harvester Artspace Lofts.

The building was an old factory renovated to be a living space for artists of all kinds. Whether you are a musician, visual artist, photographer or even hair stylist all artists were welcome.

Drips is a commercial space that was attached to the residence building; Tres Johnson the founder and creator of Drips, would serve coffee or tea for donations and allow artists to come network, showcase their art with monthly art themes and DJ some good music in the space. I was sitting at Drips one day and brought my drawing paper and book; this is the drawing I created one of the days I stopped by at Drips.

"Misunderstood Butterfly"

Misunderstood Butterfly

Misunderstood Butterfly

The "Misunderstood Butterfly" Line Art Illustration

The "Misunderstood Butterfly" is imperfect. This butterfly drawing was done free-hand with no ruler or measurement tool other than plain eyesight. Therefore, the drawing is not perfect; I thought I would give it the name "Misunderstood Butterfly" because it is not perfectly symmetrical and is full of flaws in its creation by its creator.

Being misunderstood also correlate to being imperfect. ​

"Beauty of Lines"

Beauty of Lines

Beauty of Lines Drawing

The "Beauty of Lines" Line Art Illustration

"Beauty of Lines" like "Weaving Styles" was inspired by my circle of hairstylists and beauty specialists. For roughly 3 years I started to dive into learning fashion and beauty photography.

However, it wasn't something I could do as a living in Omaha. I figured it would have been best to relocate to a city like Los Angeles or New York City, in order to be successful and gain commercial work as an editorial/fashion/beauty photographer.

Although that's not the path I chose as a career I still have hopes that one day I will pick up my camera to create some fabulous photographs again.

Doing beauty shoots and fashion shoots are fun. You get to collaborate with gorgeous models, talented makeup artists and incredible hairstylists. This is what make the process fun.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder; in my art, I am the beholder and director of the work that I choose to create.

I believe clients, consumers, and customers will support your business if they like your point of view. Your point of view being your vision; I once learned from a fashion photographer that people will come to you out of everyone else only because they prefer your point of view... your style and creative vision.

"Zendaya's Neverland"

Zendaya's Neverland

Zendaya's Neverland Drawing

"Queen Zendaya"

Zendaya's Neverland

Queen Zendaya Drawing

The "Zendaya's Neverland" Line Art Illustration

Growing up Peter Pan was one of my favorite films to watch with Robin Williams. Something about the story plot and concept of a fairytale land for children was purely magical.

Zendaya was chosen to perform a song for the Neverland Soundtrack and performed the main feature song for the Broadway music soundtrack. Her performance of the song reminded me of my good childhood memories and moved me to draw this Neverland drawing. I would later share the complete artwork on Instagram, where Zendaya liked the drawing.

Following the "Zendaya's Neverland" artwork I created this illustration of Zendaya as a queen. The following drawing and Illustration of Zendaya was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, her song “Something New” with Chris Brown and a bit of creative vision.

About The "Queen Zendaya" Illustration

The Zendaya Instagram drawing Reached 1,900 Likes after she liked the artwork. Zendaya is a beauty and after listening to Neverland, I was inspired to create the following artworks of the remarkable talent and beauty. Zendaya is fashion, she is music, she is art.

You can view the full-color version of the Zendaya illustration by searching the Kenalsworld blog.

"Queen Taylor Swift"

Queen Taylor Swift

Queen Taylor Swift Drawing

The "Queen Taylor Swift" Line Art Illustration

Taylor Swift is probably the biggest star on the planet right now. I thought after creating a unique drawing of Zendaya it was only suitable to create one of the Pop music stars. I am a fan of her music and to follow her success as a fan a far is cool.

I've been a fan of Taylor Swift's music since she I heard her first album. I can recall I a lot of people making fun of Country Pop, but she made it work and she truly made it more popular. It's amazing to witness some of these musicians musical journey.

"Justin Bieber in Lines"

Justin Bieber in Lines

Justin Bieber in Lines

The "Justin Bieber in Lines" Line Art Illustration

In 2011, I developed this style of abstract line drawing with colors. I went on a rampage to create a lot of artworks in the style with vibrant colors. The following "Justin Bieber Drawing" is the second drawing I have composed of the following musician Justin Bieber.

A child star that has developed to a grown musician; though the spotlight has not died and continue to latch on to Justin, he still works to create hit music. I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber; I never got why people will follow others and the media based on their opinions and assumptions about celebrities and public figures.

"Malcom X in Lines"

Malcom X in Lines

Malcom X in Lines

The "Malcom X in Lines" Line Art Illustration

The "Malcolm X In Lines" drawing was created using a very similar style. The Malcolm X drawing is the second drawing I have ever created of a civil rights activist. The first artwork I created of an activist was in 2007 while I was still in high school of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have so much respect for the African American males that left their marks in history; who are still recognized and remembered still in the current day and age. As a Haitian black male, I believe they did not only pave the way for African American, but for all black nations around the world as the iconic leaders of the past.

"Koi of Balance"

Koi of Balance

Koi of Balance

The "Koi of Balance" Line Art Illustration

The "Koi of Balance" is another illustration I created inspired by Eastern culture. At first, I was not planning to color this piece, but experimented with the colors and found a combination that I liked.

Keeping the drawing in the golden realm was the main objective after completing the line art. I found a nice balance between the red tones to balance the artwork's color versus its black and white contrast.

The Koi Fish Symbolism

It is said that the koi fish has a powerful and vibrant life force, because of the creature's ability to swim against currents and to travel upstream. Some of the characteristics associated with the koi fish from the Japanese culture are listed below:

It is said that the koi fish has a powerful and vibrant life force, because of the creature's ability to swim against currents and to travel upstream. Some of the characteristics associated with the koi fish from the Japanese culture are listed below:

• Good fortune
• Success
• Prosperity
• Longevity
• Courage
• Ambition
• Perseverance

"Prism Prison"

Prism Prison

Prism Prison

The "Prism Prison" Line Art Illustration

The "Prism Prison" drawing was creative during my participation in a public art project at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE. The public art project was called the Flock House project by an installation and environmental artist name Mary Mattingly. I spent hours for 3 days in this small house built right outside of the art center.

The objective would have been to eat, sleep and wake up to create in this prism shaped box. However, it was extremely humid during the summer and also rainy some of the days during the weekend that I signed up to participate in the project. 

From the time I spent there for the three day weekend, I created two art pieces. "Prism Prison" was one of the artworks I produced in the outdoor living space, which felt like a prism prison.

"I Love You"

I Love You

I Love You

The "I Love You" Line Art Illustration

This may just be my assumption, but I believe every artist at some point in their life have created some "I Love You" art... unless they are very gloomy and have had a very miserable upbringing and negative lifestyle.

I have created several "I Love You" drawings in the past, but not quite so simple nor clean in design. Not fully sure what inspired me to draw this artwork, but it was created out of the thought of love.

"Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction"

Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction

Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction

The "Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction" Line Art Illustration

This abstract line drawing was the first in another series I created of high heels art. I created 12-14 different artworks of high heels. I envisioned them as dripping stilettos or melting stilettos.

Visually I thought it was interesting combining the colors and scribble line style. I've created several drawings in this style, which can be found in the portfolio section of Kenalsworld.

"High Heels Gold Abstraction"

High Heels Gold Abstraction

High Heels Gold Abstraction

The "High Heels Gold Abstraction" Line Art Illustration

"High Heels Gold Abstraction" is my personal favorite from the high heels artworks that I've composed in this style of drawing. The high heels artworks are suitable for offices, fashion boutiques and fashion lovers like me. This was a visual poem illustrated with line art and colors.

Art For Contemporary Homes

Modern living spaces are the most sleep and beautiful form of architecture.

Freshome is website and company that write about contemporary homes and their style of architecture. Their website features creative interior design, unique architecture, and the most beautiful modern home designs.

This style of architecture and home design is something I admire as an artist because it's a minimal approach to design. Some of the best graphic designs for brands are very simplistic and sleek. A logo for example in today's day and age is the most simplistic style of design necessary to create a memorable brand identity.

The Tools Used To Create The Line Drawings:

The materials that were used to created these drawings are listed below.
• Faber-Castell pens
• Permanent Sharpie Markers
• Bristol Board Paper

At the end of the post, you will find my Instagram account, which has several progressions of these artworks I created over time. This collection of line drawing artworks is one of the many series I've developed among various styles of art.

If you've enjoyed this post and like the artwork, please feel free to share the article, website, and art. The only request I have is that you please credit me as the artist.

Connect With Me on Social Media

Follow Me On Social MediaI am an Instagram lover because it's one of the most visual social networks other than Pinterest. The use of the two different social networks and applications are different. I use Instagram to share a lot of the work I create and that are in process. I will also tweet and share work progressions on my facebook page. Links are listed below.

I am an Instagram lover because it's one of the most visual social networks other than Pinterest. The use of the two different social networks and applications are different. I use Instagram to share a lot of the work I create and that are in process. I will also tweet and share work progressions on my facebook page. The links to my profiles and pages are listed below.

Don't forget to share the love and share the art!

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