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April 15, 2017

Line In Art – The Importance of Lines In Art Compositions

Why is the use of line in art so important? A line is considered geometry and was first taught about and discussed by mathematicians thousands of years ago. Who knows how far the use of lines in the creation of objects and products date? That is one thing I am not trying to figure out.

The Use of Lines In Art Is Fundamental

types of line in art

They saying reading is fundamental. Utilizing line in art is fundamental.

What is great art? What is art period? These are two questions that have sparked debates among creatives and even those that don’t really create. The reason being is everyone has an opinion and point of view in regards to what should be classified as “art”.

Line as an Element of Design and Art Element

As an artist, the understanding of how to use line in art is very significant. In some way, it should be second nature after countless numbers of drawing or painting exercises. You cannot create a circle or even a square without the use of line.

Lines come in different lengths, thickness, and sizes. One could say lines are sexy. Through different techniques, they can also be sharp and fuzzy while leading viewers in a direction.

Today we have many forms or abstract visual arts, but even with these abstract forms of art lines are still present even with it is not apparent.

For example, a canvas or panel on which an abstract medium artist creates their organic shapes and mixtures, a frame must still be built. Let’s say even if they did not create the artwork on a canvas, at some point lines will come in to be a part of the artwork.

You can’t run away from lines, just like you can’t run away from God. See what I did there with lines.

Seriously, lines are everywhere.

Why I Love Lines:

Now back to that introductory question.

Why is the use of line in art so important?

I could give you a lecture about line weight, types of lines, and design principles that work with lines… But I am not going to do that. There are so many articles online you could read on the definition of lines.

Instead, I am going to share with you from an artist’s point of view the importance of lines in art.

Take 3 Minutes To Watch these Elements of Art: Line Video by KQED Arts

The Beginning of My True Understand of Lines

See the following artworks:

line in art

If you’ve read my articles or blogs in the past, I always mention the backstory on how I started drawing when I was 4 years old. From that age until I turned about twenty I never knew how significant lines were in the drawings I made and created.

Whether I was drawing with a pencil, created abstract line art, or to digital paintings I never know how relevant and how much lines sort of directed the art I created.

As artists, we are the directors of the art we create. It is through our creative vision and point of view that we produce the beautiful artworks we create.

The master artists understood the importance of line in the artworks they created. Often their creative visions were premeditated and planned out. ​

A Personal Experience With Lines

I’ve been creating artwork for over 20 years now and I discover new things every year. Some of which are not necessarily known, but I learn something small that change my perception of drawing and painting completely. I believe the more you practice any drawing techniques and use of the principles in art they become second nature.

My understanding of lines did this for me through practice over time. Let me now ramble on.

Let’s Dive Into The Importance of Line In Art

Lines in art allow for better composition. The use of line in art allows us to frame, express, and imply texture. This could be through cross-hatching or shading.

The master painters knew how to use lines to their advantage when they were creating what we call in the present day masterpieces.

line in art

Why I love Utilizing Line in Art I Create

abstract lines in art

"Wave of Thoughts" - Abstract Line Drawing

In 2012 I developed an obsession with lines and the use of lines. I am not sure what sparked this fascination with lines. It started from experimenting with textures and I figured that I love drawing and from there tried multiple ways of creating art with online lines.

I have a previous blog post I composed with over 60 line art pieces I created. Even today I am still creating line artworks.

Goddess of Dreams - Line Art

This illustration which is a line drawing I created on bristol board paper is a complex and detailed piece I created. You can create something simplistic or intricate with lines. Depending on how you use the line weight, forms and direction you can do anything you desire visually with lines.

abstract lines in art
Goddess of Dreams - Line Artwork

Finding Line Art as a Form of Therapy

The process of creating line drawings I find very therapeutic. Often I’ve found myself coming home from work and the moment I sit down in front of my workspace I pick up a pen and start drawing.

There was a period in time I was working a highly stressful job and when I got home, although I was extremely tired I still found it in me to pick up a pen and just drew for 3-4 hours straight.

I never thought about the time; I allowed my mind to follow the lines and with no premeditated thoughts I created art based on how I felt through the line movement.

In a way, my hands just moved and my eyes just followed.

Something therapeutic as I’ve described also became an obsession. Although there is this deep appreciation I have for line art and the creative use of line in art; I don’t believe my analysis on the importance of lines in art is biased.

As an artist, I practice and express my creative vision through many mediums and in various styles.

The Circle Line Drawing Series | Defining Art Series in Lines

line in art of circles
line in art of circles
line in art of circles

The previous blog post I wrote about on Kenalsworld was about art series. Answering why artists should create art series and defining what is an art series. Towards the end of the article, I share a few other art series I have been working on and some that art ongoing like the gold and black Royalty Art series.

I found this cool SlideShare breaking down how line as an element of art is used in so many ways.

What’s Your Art Therapy?

Have you had this experience as an artist? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Maybe your art therapy wasn’t through line drawings. Maybe your form of art therapy was through creating abstract or digital paintings. Share your thoughts below.


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