The Most Beautiful Michael Kors Shoes Drawing You’ll Love

A series of Michael Kors shoes drawings and conceptual illustrations created at the beginning of 2017. The drawings are part of a high heel art collection. This is the first blog post of 2017 on Kenalsworld.

High heels are something I became fascinated with in 2012 after exploring fashion photography and fashion design. After looking into the things of fashion and creative fashion, I discovered and thought that high heels were great for composition because of the rule of thirds. If you don’t know what the rule of thirds is I will explain later.

The First of The Michael Kors Shoes Drawing

Fashion Illustration is something I truly enjoy creating. I also love to explore Instagram and other Social Networks to come across fashion illustrators and the works they create. Fashion is diverse and since Avant-garde fashion became a thing, both photography and art have been impacted by the idea of Avant-garde.

The first piece from the Michael Kors shoes concept art collection was the primary illustration I created digitally. Creating each of the high heels from this series, I found 3 reference photos of Michael Kors high heels to utilize for the direction of the artwork. Every other element that was added came from the inspiration from previous abstract high heel drawings I had done.

The Rule of Thirds


The grid you see above is what is used in the rule of thirds, which I am going to explain briefly. In composition, this rule is referred to in design as well as traditional art. It is when the focus of the composition falls in 3 blocks of the 9 block grid. This could be across the middle, straight up and down on either the left or right side or diagonally.

I rarely create art or capture photographs without thinking about this. However, because I’ve been using this rule for so long it becomes second nature.

Michael Kors Shoe Illustration No.1

Michael Kors Shoe Illustration No.1 Contour Drawing

In this illustration, I wanted am an emerald color scheme and overall direction behind the high heel artwork. In 2016 I also developed an obsession with illustrating things in gold.

From illustrations of celebrities and public figures like FKA Twigs to Winnie Harlow. I created both of these ladies completely in gold and silver.

This is becoming a signature style I’ve adopted combining styles like Art Nouveau and Afrofuturism together.

The Michael Kors shoes series is inspired by the root idea behind the Royalty Art series I commenced in 2016 as well. Sprung from the idea that we are kings and queens.

I begin to create this series with the thought of what sort of shoes would the queens of Egypt or Ancient times wear. I came up with these 3 concepts from high heel illustrations based off of Michael Kors shoes and high heels collection.

The Second Piece From The Michael Kors Shoes Drawing Series

Michael Kors Shoe Illustration No.2

Creating the Michael Kors inspire shoes I was inspired by a series of abstract high heel drawing I’ve been developing over recent years. Culturally the high heels a smaller collection of artwork I created from the thought of fashion gods and goddesses.

These high heels and shoes are a reflection of expression and creativity. This first artwork was composed to be a bold, fiery, elegant, and luxurious high heel similar to the next few high heels you will see on this page.

4 Pieces From The Abstract High Heel Drawing Series

The overall direction behind these high heel drawings is somewhat abstract in composition. Whenever I draw them I do not think about them being actual heels that are wearable. However, I’ve shared these in the past on my Instagram and Facebook pages and people have commented and reacted well to them. I’ve even had some women say that they would wear the shoes and suggest I bring them to life.

As an artist, I live solely to create and bring visions to life but never thought of looking for a manufacturer to produce theses shoes. Technically I did not attend school to become a fashion illustrator, but I see the possibility. Creating these Michael Kors shoes conceptual drawings is an attempt at this idea.

Who other than the Michael Kors brand would I want to bring these ideas to life? I could think of a few more brands, but Michael Kors is a pioneer who I strive to follow in regards to his poise and drive.

Michael Kors Shoes Drawing Art Illustration

Upon first creating the beautiful Michael Kors shoes illustrations I created the drawings on a green paper, which I later photographed to work on digitally.

The Michael Kors Shoes Drawing Contour Illustration

Michael Kors Shoes Concept

Elegance is one of my top visual goals in creating art like this. Beauty is also a key factor in all of the art I do because I want the work that I create to appeal to others as an artist. Of course, I do create art for myself, but if no one else shares any interest in what I do as an artist I am failing to inspire others through my art.

 Michael Kors Facts

Karl Anderson Jr. (Michael Kors) has made a mark in the fashion industry with his designs in fashion all throughout. In 1981 Kors launched his women’s clothing collection according to (biography). He became a judge in 2004 for Project Runway until 2012. Another highlight among the many celebrities who have worn his designs is designing for First Lady Michelle Obama. Kors designed a design for her first official portrait.

Michael Kors | Source:

Kors Educational Background

Kors studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology but left school after two semesters. He worked for a French boutique called Lothar’s, which is credited to have allowed him to create his first collection. After being well-received for his designs he launched his women’s collection in 1981.

From there Kors continue to build his business and brand. High-end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue were the premier store who featured his collection. At the age of 23 while living in New York he introduced his collection to Anna Wintour editor of New York magazine back then to view his work.

His accolades are many and his designs are recognized all throughout the world.

Is it a dream to work with Michael Kors?

Yes, you bet it is. He’s built an empire for himself with his drive, creativity, and passion for innovating fashion. I believe this collection of high heels could spark a shift in the direction of high heels in the next years based on the reactions I’ve gotten from those who’ve seen the high heel illustrations.

The Last of the Michael Kors Shoes Illustration Concept

Michael Kors Shoe Illustration No. 3

After completing this last piece from the 3 drawings I thought is resembled a gladiator sandal, but the colors and composition in design elements broke that look. This shoe drawing and illustration is also the most colorful from the collection.

The series of the Michael Kors shoes illustration of high heels is luxurious, ancient, cultural, chic, and beautiful.

Nevertheless, I am proud of the designs and vision of this series.

Line Drawings of The Beautiful Michael Kors shoes Concept Artwork

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