Octopus Artwork Print Art Series

Octopus Artwork - The Most Beautiful Octopus Print Art Series

A collection of octopus artwork illustrations for sale inspired by the symbolism of the octopus. Shop and own the most beautiful octopus print series created with pen and ink on bristol board paper.

Love the octopus? Browse through these beautiful octopus art prints by visual artist Kenal Louis. 

The artwork that you see were created using an ink pen on paper. I’ve been drawing since I was about four years old and for a while I lost my way with this art form.

I found myself doing a lot of digital art and fashion photography, which was fine but I neglected the art of drawing. In 2016 I begin to draw a lot more and do a lot more artwork with the use of lines.

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Kenal Louis - The Artist

Influence of Photography and Design

Over the course of three years I have created a collection of human heart drawings, African mask illustrations, and shoe art. I’ve also worked as a freelance graphic designer and artist for hire. For a while I worked as a full-time web and graphic designer for a very established monumental sculptor in Omaha, Nebraska.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I drew my first octopus. I am not one hundred percent sure why I didn’t draw the octopus before that, but after learning about the many symbolic meanings behind a creature I became very fascinated with the octopus.

Octopus Artwork Prints Inspired The Octopus

Octopus Artwork For Pinterest

With the following octopus artwork that you will see on the page I challenged myself to create art that was symbolic to the creature. So far I have created artworks of butterflies, hummingbirds and of swans.

All of the artworks created of the octopus are symbolic pieces, but I also created them to be simple line at work. My vision did not include an overwhelming amount of details or shading to take away from making art fun.

Creative Expression Daily

My followers on Instagram know that I share art every day. Sometimes I’ll share a lot more stories than I do post because I don’t want to flood anyone’s time line with artworks.

I normally share the process of how I create my artwork step-by-step on the page and once in a while I create a short video showing me creating artwork. Like these speed drawings and speed paintings I post on YouTube.

The first artwork of the octopus is called the royal octopus. The original artwork was done with pen on paper, colored paper specifically. I ran out of regular drawing paper and only had yellow construction paper sitting around and I had this urge to create art. So I use the research that I had done to help me produce the artwork that you see.

The First Octopus Illustration

"Royal Octopus"

Octopus Artwork For Sale | Black and White Version

Octopus Artwork For Sale | Canary Yellow Version

All For The Process

As a creative artist you don’t always need the most expensive supplies or resources to produce great artwork. Part of being an artist is taking what you don’t have and what you have to make something out of it.

Whatever you have at your disposal you can produce with. But I do believe it takes having an open mind to know that you can produce art from almost any object and material that you have at home. I’m sure you’ve seen the many DIY craft tutorials on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Most in all of the drawings that I do I tend to focus online movement as well as motion. The way the lines move I will believe happens naturally and I do my best not to force the artwork in the direction that it doesn’t naturally want to go.

Lately, I’ve been creating a lot more abstract line drawings and digital art. The abstract line drawings are non-subjective, which allow me to create art subconsciously without over thinking or analyzing what I am producing.

Learning From The Masters

Art of the masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Michelangelo have pioneered what it means to create art. Art history is something that I am passionate about and have been inspired by as well. One of the periods in art history that I find the most fascinating is Egyptian art and post modern art.

In the first drawing you will notice the anchor which is a symbol of foundation. There are also Chinese characters for the symbol of strength and intellect incorporated in the drawing. The representations of the symbols are there to support the meaning of the octopus in the artwork.   

The Second Set of Octopus Artworks

"Octopus With The Key"

Octopus Artwork With Key

"Octopus of Strength No.2 Blue"

Octopus of Strength No. 2 Blue

They Got The Keys

The octopus also represents power which I symbolize in the illustration with a key. This will serve as a consistent element and a few of the other drawings you will notice throughout this page. Keys are known to unlock doors.

In a similar manner having to write knowledge can unlock the right door and opportunities in your life. Intelligence is the intellectual process which allowed us to be able to innovate and do things we would not know to do.

When you give a child a cell phone initially they are going to put it in their mouth or hit it on the ground. As time goes on, if  you give the child a cell phone again they may start pressing buttons because they feel that’s what they need to do. In those cases, if you’re not careful they could lock your phone. A child evolves and develops more intelligence overtime.

We as adults never stop growing until we decide ourselves that we are no longer going to learn. There is no age to stop learning and there is a vast amount of knowledge out there for us to consume in our lifetime.

You can learn a lot from a child as an adult and you can learn a lot from the octopus. In my studies of different animals, which serve as subjects for some of my artwork I’ve learned about their meanings like to Swan and the butterflies I draw.

Even cats have symbolic meanings and are creatures we can learn from. No, we can’t just sit and ask a cat to teach us but we can observe their behaviors in certain environments and periods.

Meanings of The Octopus

Here is a list of traits as well as characteristics that describe the octopus. The octopus have all of these abilities make it one of the most marveling sea creatures in the ocean.

  • Will
  • Magic
  • Unity
  • Evolution
  • Time
  • Regeneration
  • Potential
  • Intelligence
  • Unpredictability
  • Knowing
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptable
  • Reason

The Last Set of Octopus Drawings

"Octopus of Strength"

Octopus of Strength

Octopus of Strength ink Pink

Tools and skills

With over seven years of graphic design experience and four years doing photography, I’ve learned a lot about composition and art in general. I always say that photography help me improve as a visual artist because of learning about value and even working together with other individuals like stylist and makeup artist to create great images.

As an artist, I always strive to create beautiful works of art. I believe that the art that I create should attract others, but I also know that people want to relate to whatever artwork you create. Relate-able artwork is what sells not only what looks beautiful.

One of the ways I like to describe my artwork is as visual metaphors in a visual poetry. There is always a story to tell because I always have these initial thoughts about why I am going to create things that I do that are subjective. If it is an abstract art I am creating I give very little thought, but if I am creating artwork around the subject I take the time to learn about it and give it a lot of thought.

Art of life

Art is becoming more and more of a way of life for me. The more I learn about art the more I want to create it. It is also the thing that drives me and I see myself doing for the rest of my life. Being a notice to me is being expressive of your thoughts and emotions. Once in a while I run into someone who tell me that they could never do what I do, but I encouraged him that They actually can. Watch this TED video about how anyone can draw.

My argument is anyone who have thoughts can create art. As long as you have a mind you are capable of creating art. None of us walk around without emotions or feelings. Those are also very important traits to have in being an artist.

So far these are the octopus artworks I’ve created symbolic of strength flexibility knowledge and representational of the octopus.

The Series of Octopus Print For Sale

Octopus Merchandise and More

All of the octopus artwork that you see is available as prints through pixels and red bubble. There are even octopus merchandises that I have created like graphic T-shirts, shower curtains, and canvas wall art of the octopus.  

If you would like to contact me you can do so through the contact page for a custom artwork. I often get asked if I do tattoos and my answer is no. If you are interested in having an original artwork commission with a name or a quote feel free to reach out to me. The social network I am the most active on is Instagram. You can reach me through that platform's direct messaging or send me an email through the Kenalsworld contact page.

Thank you for taking your time to read and to view the artwork. In case you’re not able to purchase a print of any of the drawings, please at least share the page. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Artist: Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis

Art is My Passion

I practice art every day I get a chance to sit down and create. With everything going on in life regarding paying bills, having to actually live, stress and change I have to fight for this. Creating art is my passion and I hope over the next 25-50 years that this is will be what I do full time.

My dream is to open an art studio to hold exhibitions. When I open the studio I will showcase the artworks that I share on Kenalsworld in physical/social environment.

The artworks that I produced are influenced by my fascination with master artists like Pablo Picasso and  Jean Michel Basquiat among others.

Me Drawing When I Was 4

Me Drawing When I Was 4

I believe art is about expressions and emotions. It's quite a humbling experience when I receive messages via email or social media about people being inspired by my art. I hope to inspire the world through the art that I create and ultimately establish an art legacy for my family.